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Kyanges begins development on a new mech (FT)

04-12-2004, 05:46
The Excelsior Military Design Bureau of the Republic of Kyanges has announced its first project.
The LT prototype heavy battle mech.
Below is an artist conceptual drawing:
It is assumed that the mech's final design will be towned down in the interest of practicality.
(drawing by me)
No details have been released other than this picture, however, the image clearly shows a heavy armament of weapons, and that the designer took some aritistic license with the look of Kyanges's soon to be main battle mech.

Specs to be released when the design has been finalized.

OOC: I do realize that this mech would not be very mobile, if it could move at all. But I drew this sketch, and thought that with a little more development into the design, it could turn out to be a solid mech.
Please, any constuctive critism so far. Or, you could just ignore this like the n00b attempt that it is, lol.