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Growing argument, between San Lucia and Saint Beuttocillei over Oil fields

Saint Beuttocillei
04-12-2004, 01:19
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Callamoni, Saint Beuttocillei

At the Parliment Building, tensions are flaring between the Kingdom of San Lucia and the Republic of Saint Beuttocillei. Both sides have failed to reach a compromise and war seems to be the probable outcome.

The Oil fields were discovered two months ago, by the San Lucian based Dredsco Oil Incorporation. Over the past 2 months, Dredsco has managed to build a fully functional, state-of-the-art Oil rig that is now pumping out almost 700,000 barrels of premium crude oil. However, our own politicians are claiming that the oil fields are in Saint Beuttocillei's waters and that only their industries have claim to the fields.

The people of San Lucia were appalled by this claim and are defending Dredsco's rights to the area. San Lucian Economist, Haiser Orangensaft claims that " Saint Beuttocillei is just jealous of her more prosperous neighbor and wishes gain economic superiority over the Small Kingdom."

Yet many, protest San Lucia's claims. "We wont let the greedy conservatives of San Lucia wrestle away this valuable resource." says protester, Victor Balogini.

Now Saint Beuttocillei is threatening to deploy its 1st Fleet to the fields and solve the conflict by force. We have yet to hear a response from San Lucia. Many on both sides now brace for war.
04-12-2004, 01:24
el tag-o
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 17:04
The Kingdom of San Lucia believes that a conflict over these resources is ridiculous and a more peaceful solution can be reached.

Dredsco has already offered to charge any nation interested in buying this oil, at 30.000 USD a barrel. Furthermore, any other oil company is welcome to extract oil from the remaining areas of the field.

So let our nations be sensible and try to negotiate like businessmen, not tyrants.
The eternal-dragons
04-12-2004, 17:21
Northern Albanian Leaders:

Upon hearing about this new so called "Oil field"....We have decided that it would be fitting to invest in the oil fields....Therefore we are enquiring as to the price of setting up our own oil rigs within the region.....And if you accept the offer we shall also provide you with military and economic protection in case of attack.......

We await your reply

Jecht Ackbar
Sel Appa
04-12-2004, 17:29
If war becomes necessary, Sel Appa will gladly support San Lucia's rightful claim to the oil.
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 18:07
Northern Albanian Leaders:

Upon hearing about this new so called "Oil field"....We have decided that it would be fitting to invest in the oil fields....Therefore we are enquiring as to the price of setting up our own oil rigs within the region.....And if you accept the offer we shall also provide you with military and economic protection in case of attack.......

We await your reply

Jecht Ackbar

Our company will charge you a flat rate of 100 million USD for your own peice of the oil field. We are willing to negotiate on that price, as well.

- Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia
Saint Beuttocillei
04-12-2004, 19:40
Dredsco Oil Refinery Facility JP-1006

After slowly crawling through the tall grass for several hours, John could now see the outer perimeter of the compound. Pulling out his binoculars, he slowly scanned the main gate.

The gate itself was your typical chain-link fence, standing about 10 ft., with barbed wire curled around the top. The main gate, which was also chain-link was flanked by two small, wooden Guard-posts. Behind the gate, stood two large guard-towers, each of them containing one M240G Medium Machine Gun.

The rest of the facility consisted of several large building complexes, made out of metal and six large oil tanks, filled to the top with thousands of gallons of crude oil.

Slowly setting down his binoculars, John pulled out his hand-held radio, set it to an encrypted frequency and began to softly speak to the rest of his comrades.

" This is Panther 2, We are in position. Requesting update. Over."

" Cuuuukkk...Cuuukkk...this Panther 1, set-up and ready to in posi..Cuuuk..tion. Over."

" This is Panther 3....CuukK...We in position as well. Over."

Excellent, everything is as going as plan, John thought to himself.

" Alright then, on my signal, take out those guard towers and blow the gate. Lets show these capitalist pigs what fear really is."

John set down his walkie-talkie and motioned the 8 other men in his team to prepare themselves. Pulling out his LAW and loading a round, John set his sights on one of the guard towers. As his Adrenaline began to peak, John pulled the trigger and sent the round flying down range towards the tower.


Within seconds, his other comrades followed up, firing several more rocket rounds into the complex. Moments later, 3 dozen paramilitary soldiers charged from their positions.

Security Chief, Franz Heinkel was just finishing his second cup of coffee when saw a large explosion rip through the guard tower, nearest his office.

" What the F***KIN H***!!!"

Franz spit his coffee across the room and leaped for the door. Rushing across the compound, he managed to reach the armory, where many of his soldiers were now suiting up. Pulling out his FN2000 and Kevlar Vest, Franz suited himself up and quickly shuffled to the center of room.

"Alright men, I want Alpha Team on me. We'll move down to the living quarters and hold there. Bravo Team will need to set-up positions in these buildings, so when the enemy moves in from the main road, they'll be able to hit them from behind. Charlie Team will hold their position across the road from the living quarters. Delta Team will guard the holding tanks. Lets move out troops."

Quickly filing out of the armory, each fireteam moved to their positions to await the oncoming enemy.

"Alright men, wait for my signal."

Things had been going well, all the guard towers have been destroyed and the main gate was blasted open. Now they only had to get to the main control center and holding tanks to plant there explosives.

" This is Panther 2, rendezvous at the main control center and make to eliminate anything that moves. Over."

" Got that Panther 2. Proceeding to the control center."

John order his men into an Arrowhead type formation and quickly advanced into the compound, towards the main control center. Resistance seemed to be almost non-exsistant...

Machine Gunner Bill Henderson was beginning to grow impatient "Sir, our enemy is fell within range. Should we fire."

Annoyed by this comment, Franz hastily replied " Not yet, solider. Wait until there real close. Then we'll slaughter them."

Finally at less than 25 yards, Franz gave the signal to open fire. Three of the eight enemy troops fell dead on the pavement, their blood-soaked bodies riddled with bullets. The other five hit the ground and began to open fire.

Pulling out his radio, Franz shouted into the receiver, " BRAVO TEAM, OPEN FIRE!!!" Suddenly a round tore through Franz's left shoulder. Despite the excruciating pain, Franz fought on.

Bravo team, Immediately opened fire on the unsuspecting enemy. Within seconds, only one of the combatants lay alive, writhing in pain...

How could have this happened? John thought to himself. Everything had been going so well and then...then..fallen apart.

Several rounds had torn through John's chest and he was now drowning in his own blood. Using his last drop of strength, John grasped one of the HE grenades on his chest and pulled the pin...

Franz slowly got up to view the carnage, when he noticed the grenade.

" #@^$%^$!!, GET DOWN!"

Unfortunately, by the time any of his troops heard the command, the grenade went off sending out a high-concussion explosion. When the dust cleared, Franz stumbled to his feet to see several of his own men laying lifeless on the ground, their flesh blackened by the flames.

Rallying his remaining troops, Franz rushed to the holding tanks to eliminate the rest of the enemy.
The eternal-dragons
04-12-2004, 19:53
Our company will charge you a flat rate of 100 million USD for your own peice of the oil field. We are willing to negotiate on that price, as well.

- Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia

====Encrypted Message by N.Albania==========

We will accept that offer..........However we would like to enquire once again how much land we would exactly own......On another note we would also like to invest money for purchasing the main shares of your oil company, and once again if accepted we shall deploy military and economic infrastructures within your country for defensive purposes only......

=====End Transmission=========

Shengjin Airbase, located along the coast of Northern Albania:

It seemed that indeed the Albanian airforce would become involved in military operations once again, as at the airbase various personal were scampering to their jets and fueling the dogs of war alike, obviously preparing to depart.
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 20:15
*Message to N Albania*

Once the transaction is complete, your nation would receive about 15 sq km of the field to drill in. The total area of the Oil field is 113 sq km.

Our company is on the San Lucian Stock Exchange (SLSE) and our current share value is at 31.00 USD a share.

Its nice doing business with you.

Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia

San Lucian Weekly News--

This just in! Several dozen paramilitary soldiers attacked one of Dredsco's largest oil refinery, damaging various areas of the compound.

It appears as if the attacks were organized and carried out by the People's Socialist Front: a well funded, well trained paramilitary organization responsible for many other attacks against San Lucia. They brutally attacked the facility, destroying several sentry posts and killing 6 guards.

However, Security Chief Franz Heinkel managed to rally the defenders and put up a successful defense, killing all of the PSF's troops assaulting the compound.

President Emanuel Gregory of Saint Beuttocillei has already released a statement condemning the acts of the PSF. Yet, many in San Lucia believe that this was another attempt by Saint Beuttocillei to pressure Dredsco Oil into giving up its claims to the newly discovered Bologna Oil Fields.

Now, military forces all over the region are preparing for war and it seems that San Lucia will be caught right in the middle of it.

And now for the weather with Hanz...
The eternal-dragons
04-12-2004, 20:31
====Encrypted Message to San Lucia======

We shall wire the funds soon...However we would also like to buy perhaps at least 90% of shares of your company as this would be a prefered choice considering we our partly socialist ourselves...Therefore if we aquire the company the attacks would most likely cease and then Saint Beuttocillei would have no reason to attack....

We will also lend a hand in military operations if needed...
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 20:45
My associates do not want to lose control of the company, but are willing to add one of you representatives to the Board of Directors.

Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia
The eternal-dragons
04-12-2004, 20:50
======Encypted Message to San Lucia======

No we have no means of stopping your day to day running of the company as it appears impressive if not amazing at the very least.....However we were thinking more along the means of becoming a sleeping shareholder in which we owned most of the shares...But you make most of the day to day strategies...

We will pay great amounts....As well as providing your nation with rich amounts of military and economic aid such as our vast sources of Uranium.

====End Transmision====
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 23:21
Alright, then we will agree to this proposition of yours. However, we do require that you pay us an extra 1.5 billion, along with the price of buying 90% of our current market shares.

Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia
04-12-2004, 23:51
Slaytanicca is extremely interested in purchasing land for the purposes of drilling. We would be grateful, if considered, that we be given your terms of sale. We would certainly commit naval forces to protect your industry, as well as our own rigs, and could draw up a mutual assistance pact if you wish.
San Lucia
05-12-2004, 00:12
For 100 million dollars, any nation can purchase 15 sq. km of the Bologna Oil Field. The area produces an average of 700,000 barrels of premium crude oil.

Furthermore, the deployment of military forces is not needed at this time. But we do thank you for the offer.

Henriech Uberman
CEO of Dredsco Oil Inc.
San Lucia
05-12-2004, 00:52
This is excellent news. We are wiring funds immediately, and sending our navy to secure our land. We shall keep navy presense in the area to secure our interest, if this is acceptable.
The eternal-dragons
05-12-2004, 16:34
Northern Albanian International bank




TOTAL: Initial Payment of 1.5 Billion


Official Statement by Northern Albanian Leaders:

The money has now been transferred upon the initial agreed payment of 1.5 billion......The next payment shall be sent on a yearly basis to the total equal to 90% of shares.........Our uranium and plutonium deposits our also on their way now to your ports as part of the deal

To aid your fight in the area we shall be sending a small force consisting of

12 MIG-29
12 F-16
24 B-52 Bombers

Upon landing at one of your airports they shall be placed under your command to suppress rebel movements

Yours truly
Jecht Ackbar