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President Timothy Harlick Assasinated

03-12-2004, 01:36
Monoma Broadcasting Channel - MBC

Phoenix, Monoma - Today is a day that will live in infanmy, as our president, Timothy Harlick, was shot down on a trip to visit the construction of the new airport in the city of Hemo. He was shot by Roger Clemont, a man who believed the country should be capitalist. He will stand trial in 10 days. The nation mourned the loss of their president as police forces carried his body away from the scene. He was 38.

Timothy Harlick was a loving husband, a kind father, and a great man. The funneral for our beloved president will be held in 9 days. The assisination also leaves the country without a president.

For a two weeks, the Senate will run the country. In that time, cannidates will campaign, and an election will be held. Monoma's policy of it's political officials being elected is sacred, no one dare violates them.

The Canidates are:

Cathrine Soma - The late President Harlick's vice president, she plans to carry on his goals for the country. That means continuing down the socialist path, a path that helped pull the country out of a terrible economic problem. Cathrine believes in a very open relation with countries. She also will keep funding police and educational forces. She supports all civil rights, but believes the more fanatic political groups need to be put down. If elected, she will be the first female president of Monoma. She is favored to lose.

Andrew Morack - This 4 year Senator and 15 year general has thrown his hat in the ring. He, like Cathrine, also believe following the socialist path is the right thing to do. He believes that more funding needs to go to police, and less to educational and social fundings. He is also adament about building up the military, and building up the supply of nuclear arms, and making military alliances with other countries.

Moris Hanin - A 10 year Senator, Moris Hanin believes that the country is going in a totaly wrong direction. He believes some aspects of the economy, such as the automotive and technological industries, should be under a capitalistic foundation. He is also an isolationist, believeing that he should cut off ties to outside countries and build up a strong defence for Monoma. He also belives that taking away some civil rights would not hurt; for example, he is determined to get the banning of books to actualy happen, something that has never occured in Monoma before. He is the most unpopular of the cannidates, and it is forecasted that he will lose.
San Lucia
03-12-2004, 01:43
The Kingdom of San Lucia sends our condolences to the loss of your president.

-Ludwig von Hausen
San Lucia
03-12-2004, 02:33