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Political Upheavel

The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 00:55
Rose International News Network
"The Only Neutral Newstation in the World"

"This is RINN, and I'm Sarah Bulluck." the newslady said. "The Commonwealth is undergoing a huge political upheaval. Arnold is near the Parliamentary building, Arnold?"

Shift to Arnold, the Rosian Parliament Building which looks like the British one, appears. Arnold is at the gates.

"Yes Sarah. Two new parties popped on the scene. As some other nations might know, it is a beureucratic process to become a party. You must have 5% of the Island's support, which is hard. The petition is then sent and approved. And as you know, Rosians are very loyal to their parties."

He cleared his throat. "The new parties are, the Rosian Liberal Imperialist Party and the Rosian Roman Internationalist Party. Both parties are new and fresh on the Rosian political scene."

"And what do they represent?" Sarah asked.

"Well." Arnold said. "The Rosian Liberal Imperialist Party is a moderate choice for the Rosian Nationalist. They are Libertarian and Nationalist with a dash of Royalty. The leader is "Imperial Chancellor" Fredirick von Hattensberg."

He yawned. "The Rosian Roman Internationalist Party is a different story. They want to turn the Empire into a federal super state. This is a bastion for extreme Nationalists who think Rosians should rule and extreme Internationalists who like the idea of a United World Union. Their leader is "Emporer" Quintillius Varus."

Sarah replied. "Amazing. And the names of some parties are being changed too?"

Arnold chuckled. "Yes. The Rosian Corporate Party has just changed into the Rosian Libertarian Party. And the Fascist Party turned into the Nationalist Party. The 6 Rosian Parties will be eligible to run for the Presidency. Also, the Protectorates of Prospero 4, New Rose, New Roska, New Rosktai and New Red will be able to participate in the election of the new President. So they will be important factors during this election season."

"Thank you Arnold." Sarah said. "Sergei has planned a debate between the 6 Parties to happen. It will occur outside in Red Square. Sergei does not give a damn, because he can't run due to the Rosian Constitution. Thank you, and wait for updates."

((OOC: Ask the new political parties questions. Or, ask the old ones questions. Just reply.))
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 01:03
03-12-2004, 01:07
Lisa Cornellis stood up.

"This question if for the Rosian Liberal Imperialist Party."
She Cleared her throat.
"What is your stance on foerign policy? Are you going to become isolationist, or take a more active role in the world? This is very important to Inkana."
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 01:14
Orcha Yultanov, leader of the Red Party.
"Major" Alexei Vitca, leader of the Militant Communist Party.
Adolf von Roska, leader of the Nationalist Party.
Robert Chavez, leader of the Libertarian Party.
Quintillus Varus, leader of the Rosian Roman Internationalist Party.
Frederick von Hattensburg, leader of the Liberal Imperialist Party.

The debate has started. These 6 leaders were assembled on a stage outside on Red City, Red Square. The President himself was moderating the debate. New cameras from all over the world were on the future leaders. The elections in a few month, would decide who'd run the world.

Frederick cleared his throat. "It's quite simple. First I'd rename the nation to The Imperial Commonwealth of The Island of Rose." He chuckled. "All kidding aside, very simple. I would quit every Alliance the Island is part of, minus the Empire of course. They are a burden to us. I would also become even more active in international politics. I would ally the Island with Imperial allies such as Praetonia or Generia. I would also conquer any land that would help the Island. Other then that, just a few modifications to the current system of foreign policy."

He coughed. "Bad cough."
03-12-2004, 01:30
Smith, the same person who had rather recently led a fleet against TIOR, now stood in the square, thinking.

"Well, question for all the parties. What's your stance on xenointerference, that is the interference of aliens, in the affairs of Earth?"

He thought a moment and looked around.

"And second... ah... is there a bathroom around here? I gotta piss, bad."
03-12-2004, 01:32
*secret transmission to all the candidates (seperately though)*

I will back any candidate that sends me mercenaries and healthy newborn children.

The Great Leader Li, of the People's Republic of MassPwnage.
San Lucia
03-12-2004, 01:40
Reporter Isac Fredrikson quickly rose out of his chair

" This to Nationalist Candidate, Adolf von Roska. What economic reforms would you implement during your time as President?"
Generic empire
03-12-2004, 01:48
Generian International News reporter Mikhail Greghorov stood as the candidate finished answering the questions of the last reporter.

"I would like to ask all candidates what their stance is on current relations with the Empire, and how they would like to change those relations if elected."
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 01:51
(Response to Neo-Mekanta)

The candidates raised their brows. "Eh?" Yes they all said that.

Sergei shook his head. "We got a sci-fi nerd, great." He said to himself. "There is no bathroom! You should've pissed earlier! Nearest one is at the People's Library, and that's 5 miles away. Good luck running!" He shouted.

(Response to San Lucia)

Adolf von Roska cleared his throat. "Private property but with heavy Government control.... oh come on, standard Fascist crap! Don't you know your stereotypes?!" He smirked. "I'm kidding. Businesses would be run as they want, but if the Government would request a contract, they'd have to accept. I would also lower taxes, then our Comrades in the Red Party did. 90% to 50%. Which is a good start. I'd also focus most of the money towards Defense, of course. Houses and welfare would still be provided, so the reforms in my opinion would be moderate."

He fixed his hair, he smirked. "I don't bite."
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 01:57
(Response to Generia)

Orcha Yultanov: "Our relations with you would remain the same. No change to our attitudes towards Generia will occur."

Robert Chavez: "I will not ally the Island with a nation that has an unstable history and has a record of limiting rights. I will not ally myself with a dictatorship."

Adolf von Roska: "The only relations we need are relations with ourselves. That didn't sound right."

Quintillius Varus: "The only allies we need are the Romans, the rest are weak nations. The Romans will turn your pathetic nation into a Colony."

Frederick von Hattensberg: "I would be honored to further relations with such a prestige nation. An Empire should be friendly with its fellows you know?" He chuckled.

Alexei Victa: "Die Generian scum, blah blah blah. You know, the Militant Revolutionary bit is getting old... I mean. DIE IMPERIALIST, THE PROLETARIAT SHALL KILL YOU!"
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:02
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:13
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:25
I'm so alone.
03-12-2004, 02:27
OOC: If your candidates would reply to my leader's request....

The People's Republic of MassPwnage representative: How would each of your presidencies benefit The People's Republic of MassPwnage?
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:32
((OOC: Umm, unless you have a wire to their head, they can't receive your call.))

All the candidates gave out a generic "Since you are a new nation to international politics, we will all stay neutral to your nation."
Generic empire
03-12-2004, 02:36
the Generian reporter stood again.

"I would like to ask each candidate a hypothetical question. If a mime fell in the forest, would it make a sound?"
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:45
Sergei sighed. "What does that have to do with the fate of Rosian politics?!"

Orcha Yultanov pondered. "Well it would scream... but nobody hears you... oh God..." He was lost.

"It wouldn't scream but it'd be dead! Dead! Done, over with!" Robert shouted.

"Okay... die Imperialist scum, die Imperialist scum..." Chanted Alexei Victa.

Adolf von Roska raised his brow. "Uh huh."

Quintillius rolled his eyes. "He did that to piss me off..."

Frederick chuckled. "It would scream, then die. So yes it would make noise. I just wasted my time."
Generic empire
03-12-2004, 02:48
The Generian reporter checked his watch.

"Alright, one more question. Does anyone have change for a five?"
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 02:52
Sergei threw 5 Roses at the Generian. "Knock yourself out. Next question!"
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 03:11
03-12-2004, 03:21
A Izistani journalist stands up from the back of the room and speaks:
"A question for all of the parties please: What are your views on Rosian space travel?"
OOC: This can be applied to the space program or sub-orbital craft.
The Island of Rose
03-12-2004, 03:26
(Response to Izistan)

Orcha Yultanov: "Space will be a major factor if I am elected. A Rosian spacestation will be designed, and hell maybe a trip to Mars!"

Alexei Victa: "We focus first on the People of the Earth, then the People of Space."

Frederick von Hattensberg: He smirked. "We can get all the space we need by getting land. But seriously, it will not be a major factor if I am elected."

Adolf von Roska: "Yes, spread Rosian power to the sky. This will be a major factor during my Presidency. If I am elected of course."

Quintillius Varus shrugged.

Robert Chavez: "I will not waste the Island's money on a frivilous thing such as space."
03-12-2004, 07:14
HNN's Rosian Political Correspondant, Janet Vega, takes her turn.

"This question is for all of the parties: What are your positions toward Hamptonshire, the HDC, and the newly built HDC-Rosian Production Complex?

And, what do you see in the future of Rosian-Hamptonian relations?"
The Island of Rose
04-12-2004, 04:05
Robert Chavez: "If I took Presidency, the HDC Complex would be left alone, and I will continue the path towards better Rosian-Hamptonian Relations. But I will work on making Rosian products instead of using HDC products, which are good by the way."

Orcha Yultanov pointed at Robert. "What he said, but I'd import more."

Adolf von Roska: " I would nationalise you, and then take over your assets.You being Hamptonshire. I would also disconnect relations with the Hamptonian Government."

Alexei Victa pointed at Adolf. "What he said, but in the name of the Proletariat."

Quintillius Varus nodded. "I would slowly break off relations with the nation of Hamptonshire and negotiate the nationalization of the HDC Complex. The Commonwealth doesn't need another conflict. Rome and Rose comes first."

Frederick von Hattensburg chuckled. "I agree with my esteemed friend Robert here. But I would also try to import specific products, and not an entire Navy unless our esteemed coleague Sergei." Sergei chuckled. "Maybe products such as a special project. Not everything would be Rosian, I would take a moderate approach."

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04-12-2004, 04:14
It was time for TNS's reporter to ask a question:

"A question for all parties: If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success? "
The Island of Rose
04-12-2004, 04:22
Sergei leaned over to the microphone he had. "I request that the Tyrandinese reporter ask a serious question. And yes it would be a success, but what if it sold? Would it be a failure?"
The Island of Rose
04-12-2004, 04:41