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OOC: Requesting help from experienced storeowners.

02-12-2004, 21:39
OOC: Hello all,

I am intending to trying to cut my own slice in the market of the NationStates Arms trade, but I am a little stumped on starting a storefront. Particularly, how do you work out the costs of the manufacturing of the weapons? Obviously, this is pretty important because then you can set prices and make profit. (:D)

Any other advice would be appreciated.

Regards all.
02-12-2004, 21:40
Well, usually you can google a site or something to find some prices...I don't have them bookmarked right now, but maybe someone else does.

Also, you can guestimate and get comments.
02-12-2004, 21:50
Thanks for the advice, Witzgall. :)

Bump for any other comments? :)
02-12-2004, 21:58
For specs or stats on existing real life weapons, these are 3 good sites:
Global Security (
Federation of American Scientists (
Army Technology (
Snake Eaters
02-12-2004, 22:05
If you want information on personal weaponry like rifles (M16, AK-47 etc) use Seriously, it is brilliant
02-12-2004, 22:10
Wow. The first Dec 2004 nation I've seen.
02-12-2004, 22:28
Hey, many thanks for all the websites, guys. :D These'll really help.

Regards all.
02-12-2004, 22:54
I believe there is an

not sure though...possibly a too...
02-12-2004, 22:56
I believe there is an

not sure though...possibly a too...

Correct, its a sort of web-ring they have going on.

As for your store-front, I'd say go for it!

PS: Links to pictures also do wonders for me, maybe a tip for you.