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War with Morivia (Invite only)

02-12-2004, 19:34
War has been declared on the Nation of Morivia. For hostlie treats agaisnt Kelmdorp and its allies.
07-12-2004, 17:03
OOC:next time, rp your entrance.

Ic: General Dieter Munz stood in his office. his face set in a twisted sneer. " the past our army was weak and boasted about troops that didnt we shall show the world our power!" Pressing a button on his desk, he spoke into a microphone "Assemble the army! Bring up the 280,000 Kelmdorp troopers, ready the state for a draft, and contact our allies in Kelmbapboo! The agressors in morivia shall be pulmled into the dirt!"


Generalissmo Birnlaz walked out onto a very large stage, and saw the great army of Catapract before him. 150,000 men, cataphracts, and light infantry. "My people. Long have we stood in the sadows! Long have we, the great people of Catapact, we have been beaten! opressed! and driven out by those we wish fight! Now i ask of you, stand by our allies! Fight for the great Kelmdorp!" Several horns sounded, and the whole of the army cheered. "forth now to Glory!
08-12-2004, 04:34
General Santiago stands on her podium in front of many cameras and reporters breaths deeply and procedes to say "People of Morivia, I speak to you today to relay the truth. Long has Morivia been a peaceful and quiet nation after the battle for independence from the evil Kelmbapboo. But now I stand before you, still free, still alive.....but surely that might change....I bring to you a word of war. Long has Morivia been hounded by Kelmdorp and when we finally hound back ....THEY MARCH!!! They and there allies have all the intention of destroying our PRIDE, OUR LIVES, OUR NATION,AND OUR FREEDOM!!!!We as one must ensure that does not happen..As I speak our forces assemble. And I ask you,people of Morivia, to help this effort, to help this struggle. I know the odds are against us....but we will not lose without a fight...go..go now and fight take up arms and fortifications ....and by all means make them welcome to hell" At this word she steps down from the podium and a man in black steps up to the podium and says" Santiago will not be answering any questions at the moment her place is with the troops".
08-12-2004, 05:01
"bring up that fuel!" "Los los los!" ammo, bring more ammo!" The sounds of the 1st army core of kelmdorp reading for war could be heard for miles. Tanks roared to life, trucks filled with infantry began to pile out. Arty cannons, the gaint A-66 12 ton rocket cannons to be exact, were put onto lorries and drove towards the main line. K-12a2 fighter attack choppers flew over the trucks, protecting them.

General Munz simply grined. "Most wonderful, soon, blood will flow the like the great river.....yes......wonderful...."

In Catapract, men mouted their "horse's" gaint, mechcanicly altered horses. They donned suits of high grade depleted urainium and steel. The horses where givin suits of steel and kelvar. Men picked up vibro spears, and great steel sheilds. a general of the field spoke up, "Men of Catapract!, the hour is dire, our needs great! Forth to Glory!"
08-12-2004, 17:15
(playing as Ellbogendie Untertasse) "Fight for your wives, Fight for your Corporation, Fight for Ellbogendie Untertasse!" Shouts President Glenn Reiner from his second story balcony overlooking Mann st. as Thousands of troops armed to the teeth march towards the border of Ellbogendie Untertasse. "What kind of wepons do we have." Glenn asks his military adviser. "Our troops are armed with mainly M8s an some israli made sniper rifes. Every solder has been trained to use both."
"Exelent. What about our armor."
"Modified Hind Ds And A10s on air support plus abrams on the ground."
"Good. Morvia shall burn to ruble from our 100,000 troops."
Ellbogendie Untertasse
09-12-2004, 23:18
I fixed the problem and now im ready to fight
10-12-2004, 19:31
Santiago chimed her intercom to dial General Karlheinz Stockhausen.
"What can I do, Ma'am"
"Tell me what we got going for us"
"Well, weapon wise, not much. We got the MS-94 battle rifle, then there is the HM-12 shotgun. Then we threw the new MS-298 lever action grenade launcher. Armor wise, we got the 87 APC, the 229 heavy tank with the 27 inch gun, the 785 anti infantry machine gun tank, the 9998 AAPC dropship, the 985 heavy attack helicopter gunship,and the low orbit tactical fighter. We have cleared the minor cities and sent the non-combatants to the USSG. The straglers were shot as you ordered. the major border cities are harboring traps and troops just as you ordered. The main force is holding out in the major cities inside our borders. The underground 50 inch artillery cannon have risen to the surface, are operational, and are ready to fire upon the intruding infidels.And the horn of sorrows has been found in the ruins of the last great battle."
"Great, the overall numbers"
"100,000 well trained troops, 25000 elite royal guardsmen,and 25000 partisans.150000 in total."
"Well,does'nt look to good for us....but by all means do not faulter....and welcome them to our hell."
At this note she turned her intercom off and sat back in her chair, unbutton her jacket, lit a cigar, and remembered the better days of morivia.
Meanwhile in the border city of Frunt just as the first enemy shells hammered down upon the doomed heads of the morivian troops getting ready for the battle, alone upon a hill over looking the city a solider stood there smiling, for he knew what he ment to the war.Off in the distance the clouds rumbled their lonesome song across the plains...perfect weather...he thought to himself.He knew that everybody was getting ready for the slaughter...not the slaugther of the Kelmbapboo...but the slaughter of Morivia, the slaughter of themselves. But in this thought he knew that every fighting morivian accepted this fact...especially himself...for he, a lone insignificant man, in his hand held the hope of morivia....the horn of sorrows....well come to hell kelmbapboo...welcome to hell...
14-12-2004, 16:22
Seventy four Type A twin rotor choppers flew towards morivia. Over 600 men, the cream of Kelmdorps army. Standing inside one of the choppers was General Munz, wearing his custom body armor and holding a very large assault rifle. "Sir, the city of frunt is in sight" Munz sneered. "Wonderful. Prepare the men." the trooper turned round, then left.


The A-66 unit began to open up on frunt. 500 guns, on moble mounts tore into the city. The Rip of rocket engins tore in the sky. The cannons would fire, then move to prevent most counter attacks.


The first of the choppers touched down, and the Kelmdorp troops poured out.
They cut down a few enemy troops, then proceeded into the city.

The Cataphracts moved into the easten side of morivia. 25,000 strong. They ignored the citizens trying to flee and simply rode past. They had a bigger objective.
Maronites of Cyprus
14-12-2004, 16:29
The Holy Republic Of The Maronites Of Cyprus Is declaring war on Morivia.
Morivia poses as a threat to the stability of our economic and strategical interest in the region. We therefore join the anti-morivia league and we declare war o morivia.
14-12-2004, 18:20
As the horde of Kelmdorp troops tore into frunt, the 1st core army of kelmbapboo moved arcoss the border in the west. almost a million men, tanks guns and planes. There objective was a large city known as Stacticxtos, a major industrial city for moriva.


Meanwhile in frunt:

Four KD troops moved towards a bombed out hotel, and came under hevay automactic fire. "Hans, you take Hamma and go to the left, ill take Johnsa and cover you!" The KD troops opened up with their rilfes, and made the morivai gunners duck and buckle under the firepwoer.

ill re post in an hour .
Ellbogendie Untertasse
14-12-2004, 18:43
"Hali-loohya, its raining men" shouted general hamund from comand post on top of herigosa hill. with the enemy city of frunt in site from his window.
The site of nearly a hundred plane darkend the sky over the doomed city. Solders began to pour out of the planes in masses. It really was raining men. about 2000 men began to drift to the earth ready to fight. from miles away the sounding of anti aircraft fire rang out. planes began to fall and smoke could be seen every where. it was chaos.

10 low fliing planes holding snipers and anti armor cannons made their way to the far side of frunt and landed near a small strip of trees. They began to set up a baracade to keep enemy reenforcements from the capital from reaching frunt. it was a small force but large enough to slow them down.
Socialist Serbia
15-12-2004, 11:06
From: Socialist Serbia, Secretary of war
To: Kelmdorp and allies

Having seen no real evidence for Morivias supposed threats, we feel that it is our duty to move to her defence against Kelmdorp and her allies.

1,000 of our men are being mobilised along our eastern coast, along with 25 T-26 and 12 KV-2 tanks.

Standard-issue weaponry:
Gewehr 41 bolt-action rifles
Panzershrek rocket launchers (1 per squad)
MG-15 machineguns (1 per squad)
15-12-2004, 22:25
The 600 KD troops had taken some losses but continued to push back the morivians. The fighting was terrible, with many losses on both sides. As the battle raged, general Munz was handed a letter.

"What??!? Morivia has an ally in this war?" munz reached for a radio and sent a message back to Kelmdorp. "This is Dieter munz, we need to call up a few thousand more men. Take them from the 1st core army if you have to. Out."

Meanwhile in the east, the cataphracts reviced notice of the enemy army. But pressed on.
Ellbogendie Untertasse
18-12-2004, 04:51
Troops in frunt are taking heavy calualties but have now dug in and set up a defencive perimiter inside the city. They are now holding out waiting for a linkup with kelmdorp troops and armored units.
meanwhile... The 21st and 22nd armord divisions poared over the border and overran several small towns outside major cities and continue to romp about the countryside destroying anything that the morvian's could use in their war effort while they also capturing citizens and forcing them to fight on our side.
18-12-2004, 06:52
The Federation of Rianon is pledging 10,000 troops for the defense of Morivia.
18-12-2004, 22:42
"Sir, Ellbogendie Untertasse's armys are raging across morivia and seem to be facing little or no reistance. The catapracts are pressing on, and the ist core army has reached Staticxtos. Frunt has reached a stale mate, and our forces there have been reduced to 300 men. And a nation called Rianon has moved to morivias aid." Munz looked at his feet and said "Shit. We might have to bring up the Southkelmdorp troops, tell the goverment there to be ready. Bring the 2nd, 31st and 12th armoured cores up to the front. Tell the 1st core army to destroy Stacticxtos.


"Roger that, open fire!" Three hundred tanks opened up on the city, A66 cannons poured shells onto the morivia defenses. "Good, prepare the infantry" no later then 2 seconds after that order was said, a morivan couter attack happened. Morivia arty fired on the tanks, and infantry came rushing out of trenchs. "SHIT SHIT SHIT! Fire the missles!" rocket tanks fired their loads into the oncoming horde. The battle already cost KD 30 tanks, and it would only get worse.


Outside staticxtos, 200 miles away a very large black jet tore across the sky. Inside where 200 of kelmdorps best special forces. Their optecive was the city center. to nuke it into the dirt.
18-12-2004, 23:05
19-12-2004, 00:16
After officially announcing it's wartime alliance with Kelmdorp, the Democratic Republic of Tinsuvilia has launched fourty C-141B Starlifter loaded with 200,000 Tinsuvilian Eagles (Paratroopers) armed with XM-8 assault rifles, four grenades, and a FN Five-seveN pistol to drop their cargo along the Kelmdorpian frontlines to assist the Kelmdorpian effort. They are expected to be on the ground and ready to fight in 2 (RL) hours time. Also being deployed is the 23rd Tinsuvilian Armored Division, consisting of -800 M1A3 Abrams MBTs (Improved Armor and Propulsion systems for longer range.)
-450 Light Armored Vehicle-25 (LAV-25) (Multi-purpose available in specialized models. Specify model(s) desired.)
-200 M113A2 APC's
-100 Paladin/B Self Propelled Howitzers (Improved Rate of Fire.)
-45 M270 MLRS Mrk.II (More Precise Rockets.)
-45 M6 Linebackers (Improved Gun Guidance.)
-60 Arc Avengers (upgraded with AA Laser Systems.)
-1000 HMMWVs armed with TOWs
-50 Patriot ADS (PAC-3)
-4 KC-135R Stratotankers
-350 V-22 Ospreys
-400 CH-47 Chinooks
-1,500 Five Ton Supply trucks
-20 M88A2 Heavy Recovery Vehicle [HERCULES].
These forces are being transported in thirty-five C-130 Hercules airplanes and are expected to be war-ready in Kelmdorp in 8 (RL) hours time. The final launches were that of fifteen B-52 Stratofortress bomber planes and 10 B-2 Spirit stealth bombers. These are expected to land at the main Kelmdorpian Airbase within 3 (RL) hours, and they should be ready to commence bombing runs on Morivia an hour later.
19-12-2004, 06:42
furnt was fucked and they knew it....the small command force was planing a counterattack against the forces cutting off the rear...the were weak there....captain corsair thought to he self as a sniper helo flew over fire rounds at the building there were in only to be cut down sharply be antiair fire...."sir rianon has sent a small force to help us"...excellant just what we need more people to add to the chaos..the enemy knew what they were doing...frunt didnt how many people are left in frunt..
"750 known...and scouts report a kelmdorp shipping convoy 10 miles out of town..accordding to their last transmission"
"what happen"
"they ran into a spec ops load zone....but the last word of the radio was a gurgled *nuke* in the mic i dont if it was air escaping from his punctured lungs or what"
"..GET ME STATICXTOS!!!" was to late wave of bullets rom a strafing plane riped through the building expoloding the privates head strikeing the other four people in the neck head and torsos...blood flew everwhere ....corsair fell in a pool of it relizing it was his he acheingly grabed the comm and slowly said to his field commander "this..s..s is i..i..i ...t.. .t..e..l..ll the s..soilders .f..f.find frunt...a..ll..fift..ies" then it all went black.....
"what the hell does he want use to do" screamed feild commander Lyle Grubbmann on the top of his lungs at his guard....
"i dont know you talked to him"
he walked outside bullets ripped passed his head...he breathed heartally inwards and said
"alright men pass it down the lines to get small we are dropping fifties on frunt get me the co-ordinates of the front im dropping it there"
Artillary commander was sittins atop a fifty inch shell smoking a cigarette when a runner showes up
"Sir..grubbmann just ordered artillary on these co-ordinates"
"Well why the hell should I care just do it why the hell do you have to bother me"
"well the co-ordinates are frunt"
*choke* "What are you sure!!!! check them again Grubbmann always been bad with math"
"I did there correct"
......moments later the massive and accurate artillary shell shot of toward the upper sratosphere to rain the fire hell upon frunt
"GO GO GO" yelled the troops aas they moved through the trench works around the invaders....
shells ripped throught the air heading to either side of the new front a small disttachment of men moved stealthly to the side of one tank shot the gunner and threw charges in side shut the hatch and ran away then watched as the hatch open and body parts flew out. a tank must have saw them as a shell slammed in the ground near them shredding them with shrapnel.....Major Kyle Rydell watched this through his binoclars...and cursed to himself....that plan diddnt work out..two tank shells slammed into the building next to him...suddenly expolsions came from the back of the tank column about 250 rianon troops spear heading an assualt from 2500 morivian troop 50 tanks and 30 airships that had followed the 1st since they crossed the border....rydell happy with the way thing were going had the weird feeling this was all a diverson...
19-12-2004, 16:24
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19-12-2004, 23:52
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20-12-2004, 00:09
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20-01-2005, 22:47
Basicly, this is wayyy to confusing to pick up again at random, so lets restart, after this post right here. Yeah

General munz pressed a big button that said" Restart"

Boom. Ok there you go, we be restarting
29-01-2005, 21:02
OOC: umm.....i was thinking about changing era's...I dont know much about muskets or what not and the tactics that come with them....i know modern era and medievil type era tactics and weaponery

It feels good to write in a forum again...i am soo ready for this
31-01-2005, 03:58
Yeah. Who knows, maybe. BTW its me ryne, it logged me in as glenn for some reason. I decided that Munz is a little....well insane. OR he just has a disposition. Yeah.

But anyway.

First post. Yeah.

Ic: General Munz had once more decided to attack the bastard state of morivia. The 1st, 35th, 91st and 52nd armys of Kelmdorp have been mobilized for war. Over 6 million men from kelmdorp alone. "Bitch boy, send telegrams to Catapract, Allahsguard, and that other funny named nation to get ready." The generals orderly simply said "Yes sir!" The General looked out his window towards the marshalling yard, where he could see the Kommandos gearing up. "Muhaha. This is fantasic! YOU! The other bitch boy, fetch me my sword and cloak, its time for a speech!"
31-01-2005, 19:49

As Leader of Morivia, I call a war council with the head of state of kelmdorp.
In recent light of the situation, Morivia and its allies call for a one week preperation period. This letter has been sent to the head of state of Kelmdorp in hopes of the saving of Morivia for the time being. As we speak Morivian civilians are evacuating out of the cities into the fresh Empire of Natherion, arms are being forged, supplies are enroute, and my allies are marshalling their troops. In a week we will discuss the opening battles. Hopefully Morivia will not be another battlefield.
The Emperor of Morivia

OOC:I need a week im to busy else where
01-02-2005, 04:16

This time of war has left many without homes, many without food, even some without families... I write this letter as formal request to all whom this concerns, to let the Empire of Natherion remain a neutral party. We may take a stand on one side or the other later but for now we wish simply to give shelter to those who need it. I Emperor Nathan, ask all of you this as a favor, a war debt of a kind. Whatever your course of action, the Empire of Natherion refuses to take arms.

The Emperor of Natherion,
01-02-2005, 04:31
I hate peace. That country whatever it calls itself claims they have peace. Down with it. I will come to war with every citizen who is capable of carrying a weapon of any kind. :sniper:
*~ Dictator of Axoniarlickona ~*
01-02-2005, 22:00
Kelmdorp will not addhere to your request, and we are moblizing now.

Ic: As thousands of troopers of D.S.Q.C.T (Drop shock quick combat troops) readied themselves for war, the 52nd core of Catapract marched into the marshalling yard. Five thousand armoured Cataphracts, Ten thousand Infantry, plus five hundred tanks, four hundred guns, and one hundred and fifty five seven ton trucks. Along with all the needed equipment. The great Catapract general Bernlaiz rode up to General munz, who had just came down from his room. "This is it Bern? Men and tanks? What about planes missles?!" Bernlaiz looked at him and said "They are coming with the 35th army of Catapract, they will be here soon."

A hour later, the first waves of D.S.Q.C.T's straped into their dropships and moved towards morivia, hell bent on blowing alot of stuff up. To put it bluntly. Then, the Catapracts mustered. They straped into steel chain mail and kevlar armour suits, and mounted their steeds. "Riders of Catapract, here we stand now, united as one! Forth, and death to our enemys!" the Five thousand made way towards the borders of Rianion, crossing via Southkelmdorp.
02-02-2005, 04:56
OOC: could you post that military calculater thingy. I have no idea what the hell my numbers are...Axoniarlickona seems like big douche faces picking on nate or what ever the hell...and whats the total number for all you goddamn armies

Ic: The Emperor of Morivia sat slumped in his throne staring into space, bothered. "Munz lost it did'nt he" he asked his advisor
"Hes been insane since birth, its in his blood, you of all people should know that"
"Hmm, Marshall the troops, land mine the borders, pull all SAM sites up. propell the first battalions forward toward the oncoming troops..leave none alive...send 3,000 Imperial guard in defense of Natherion. Rally the allies in defense of thier own nations...there is no one is safe in the Morivian Planescape."

Meanwhile 500 miles away ...half of a battalion of Heavy Assault Armored troops move swiftly on the flank of the apporaching 35th army on a suicide mission with the soul purpose of inflicting massive causlties on the approaching troops..none will return...they new that.....just 25 more miles to go..and life will be complete
02-02-2005, 19:45
Ic: General Daniels McGee of the Natherion army, stood before his men with a sad look upon his face. "I imagine" he said "this much how the great General Douglas MacArthur felt when he had to lead his men into the second World War." He slowly took off his hat and laid it on the podeum. "Men, The greatest defense is a strong offense and that is the veiw of Emperor Nathan." "We take this stand today to show that we will not surrender, only die!" "I will not lie to you men, this could very well be the end of our country already, and certainly the end of our lives" "I don't expect to return, and I don't think you should either..." "men... you are dimissed from all duty for the next 12 hours, make the most of it..."

General Daniels stepped down from the podeum and left the men in silence...
03-02-2005, 02:47
The HAAT's moved swiftly towards the 35th cataphract when a message came over the radio "Soldiers of the empire call off a intercept the 56th they pose the greater up with the rest of the battalion after a small bonbardment of the 35th with your tactical missles...these orders are not arguable..move now or face remote detonation at the hands of the emperor."...Shit thought the captian...he order the troops to raise there missle hubs up and then ordered the barrage..then swiftly moved east towards the 56th...The Captian smiled at this..said nothing and hit the boosters

Scout group 1 of the 1st order of the death knights of Morivia (1 of the 1) was directly next to the 56th on a cliff head above...peering thourgh his binoclers major bahkan ordered his private to paint the target...he aimed his laser designator know all well in a few seconds Morivian artliiary would rain firey hell upon the bastard enemy.....the laser dissappeared and they knew it was time to get the hell out of there....then the HAAT's would make their move on the unsuspecting enemy..
03-02-2005, 03:05
I guess school counts as an invite :)

The SuperHappy Funtime Empire of Dontgonearthere naturally condems all sides in this terrible conflict. The pointless waste of men and equipment astonishes us. Honestly people, when will you learn?
Thus it is our descision to accelerate the conclusion of this conflict via any means possible.
See here:
So, we will sell BOTH sides any equipment they choose, no markup. That ammounts to approximatly %35 off.
We feel both sides will express a good amount of interest in these items in particular:

All suits come with:
Shoulder mounted flashlight, recharg cable, maintenance kit, battlefield repair kit, spare battery.
Suit batteries typicaly last about three days and can be recharged in a standard power socket. Recharging typicaly takes about an five hours, but can be hastened with the use of larger power sources ('official' power ports usualy charge in about an hour)


The GCS MKI is a light combat suit for those who want a bit of speed on the battlfield. Its main function is to scout, perform hit and run raids and act as a skirmisher during pitch battles. It features full NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection and is sealed against hostile environments, including sand, water and space.
Cost: G4,500
+1,000 for Jumppack
+2,500 for space navigation addons (multi-directional jets, magnetic boots, local navigation system)
+5,000 for Stealthpack (Low-noise/light jumppack, x50 zoom feature, retinal/fingerprint reproduction, fibre-optic cloak, camo-paintjob)


The basic combat modle, tough and ready. It enhances strength, speed and gives you a bit of protection from small arms, as well as the NBC and hostile environment sealing.
Cost: G6,000
+1,250 for Jummpack
+4,000 for space navigation addons
+5,000 for Space Marine addon (Hull cutting charges, close combat blades, auto-mapper, magnetic boots and night-vision)
+5,500 for Commander pack (Longcom communicator for multi-channel talks, better armour, stronger, faster.


For those who really want to come out alive, and are willing to pay well. This is the ultimate in battlefield protection. Like the MKI and II it has full NBC and hostile environment sealing, it contains an automatic update for the local navigational maps, very heavy armour, and is EXTREMLY strong.
Cost: G10,000
+3,000 for jumppack
+6,000 for Space naviagation addons
+7,500 for Commander Pack
03-02-2005, 03:47
The General of the Galardan Royal Army, Sir Nathaniel Ludovic, stood before his officers and dozens of news cameras. Slowly his gaze swept around the room, to where it seemed that he met the eyes of each man. Pride swelled in his breast, never before had he seen such a fine group of men. They would lead their men through Hell to destroy the radicals facing them.

"Gentlemen, we have recieved word from our allies of a hostile invasion made by the nation of Kelmdorp. Our treaties have effectively bound us to the fate of the Empire of Morivia. I doubt whether any of us will survive, but we will make a river of the blood of our enemies. We will not retreat! We will not surrender! We will fight to the last man, until the enemy must climb over a mountain of bodies! DEATH TO THE INVADERS!"

At this last call the officers stood, applauding, cheering, and repeating the phrase over and over again until their throats grew sore and they could not continue.

Across the nation, the soldiers of Galardan watched the broadcast. Though they knew their fates were sealed, every one of them left off their preparations to scream the call.

A new battle call has been made for the Galardan Royal Army. It was sure to be short lived.
Ellbogendie Untertasse
03-02-2005, 06:09
Amist the flashing of hundereds of cameras and defining applause of the press a lone man strolled slowly to the potium where which all the cameras were directed. It was newly elected General Klinez who made this walk. You could see the sweat mustering on his for head, but his slightly evil grin drawed atention away from it. "Citizens of Ellbogendie Untertasse" the man spoke." I come to you with grave news. The country of Morvia has comited several acts of hostility against our great nation." this was evidently not true."Our great ally of Kelmdorp has declared war on Morvia and it is our Duty to join them in a riechous battle for dignity." The speach went on... explaining other meaningly resons to go to war. The real objective was land and spoils from it.

Mean while as The news hit Ellbogendie Untertasse TV the large number of reserves were called up for service and armory, infantry, and air force bases came to life. Within a day 500,000 shock troopers were prepared to moblize.
They were followed by the 5000 Russian T80M2 tanks. They were planning to advance on the eastern flank of their kelmdorp allies. It would take them a day and a half to reach them.

The Fleet of F/B-22s began preemtive strikes on the Geographicly improtant city of Worinstein Pop: 273,000
03-02-2005, 06:11
The 35th catapract core had stoped for a moment to refuel all transports and armoured units, when a scout fighter reported a message "Bravo 1 this is Delta 3 incoming incoming"

PFC Justinian had just broke out an other one of his sisters homemade cookies, hard as a rock and a little burnt. "But hey," The PFC said to himself "Shes only six" just as he reached for a bite, a missle slamed into a troop carrier next to him. "INCOMING! EVERY BODY MOVE!" Justinian ran as fast as he could to the command tank, only to see it in flames. "Mother of god, theve really done it this time" As missles rained into the core, fighter jets ripped towards the nearest site of the blast, tracking the attackers.

OOC 150,000 are in this core, and your a attack took around five thousand lives, tirty six hundred wounded. fifty missing.
03-02-2005, 19:37
The First of Rianon, Kota de Moran, addresses the assembled troops before depolyment. "This is an historic day in the history of Rianon. Today, we brace ourselves for an invasion. The nation of Kelmdorp and its allies have declared war on us for our support of Morivia and her allies. We must do what we can to protect our families from these invaders. Some of you will remain at our borders to form a line of defense against any invasion. The rest of you will join with forces from Morivia to crush the invaders before they can reach our borders. While many of you may not return, your sacrifices will not be forgotten. Good Luck and God Speed! Rianon will live on!"

As de Moran finished her speech, a cheer rose from the 500,000 soldiers.
03-02-2005, 23:45
Or bump...whatever :P
04-02-2005, 03:30
The Captian known only as "One" notice fast blips on his radar coming close their direction.."move into the forest and spread out....turn coolers on and engines off...maintain radio silence...Sixty-seven jamm radar around our position and thirty-five listen in on radio and broadcast it to my radio translate it"...the feed came in a few seconds later.."no where in sight sir".."blow up the forest ."if they are down we'll get'um"...shit..he chimed in the radio "GO GO GO...lets move people"..he powered his suit up and charged up his boosters and moved quickly east towards the waning battleground....the forest was instantly set ablaze with a sticky fire and flaming shrapnel...that bomb..dammit why that bomb One had thought to himself....screams of burning soliders were heard over the well he said..the remaining 300 HAAT's raced east hopfully getting there before the jets returned

the Death Knights waited 10 miles down the road from the appraoching 56th...the trenches smelled of fear..the heat did'nt help...the deserts of the borderlands were relentless...Commander Hugh Gourdon stared at a landmine that lie 10 feet in front of him knowing that the mile in front of him had a few here and a valley that opened up into morivia...the land of his pride..honor and beauty that he sought to protect...all 10,000 of the troops that where with him breathed carefully for every breath could be there last

OOC: Lets change the percentage of people in the military to 1%..just to make it easy to calculate....which means morivia has about 6.5 million troops
04-02-2005, 21:59
Morivia, Kelmdorp, TG me with any orders. Anybody else, you can use the commoners entrance :P
This is a bump. I will enter once I get the required orders and an excuse to drop some supplies.
05-02-2005, 07:04
"Roger that, droping mk 63 bombs on target." the fighter bomber droped one large bomb into the forest, while other fighter fired missles into the mech like units. a missle slamed into one of the units, driving it alll the way back into another. a massive explosion happened mintues later.

The 56th sent up a thousand dismounted catapracts, armed with kar 1001 assault rifles. "Hey major, whats BAHH" The trooper flew high into the air, in little red chunks. "MINE FEILD!"
Ellbogendie Untertasse
05-02-2005, 18:52
The first massive wave of Ellbogendie Untertasse's troops were aproching worinstein. they were lightly armed to be able to move quickly. The 500,000 troops rolled in to the city without a single shot. they began to set up camp in the town square... confused. as they began to let their guard down, a wall of rockets and bullets rained down on the unsuspecting troops. they scrambled or cover. over 6000 were cut down in the first minutes. the troops began to organize and form small perimiters. but it was unknown wether they would survive the night.
05-02-2005, 23:23
OOC:it would help if we knew where worinstein is...and whos buttfucking your troops
06-02-2005, 04:15
The empire of Natherion, is turning over its command of the natherion troops to the empire of Morivia
Ellbogendie Untertasse
06-02-2005, 17:17
Srry. I was doing this late at night (the usual excuse) and I was tired from paintballing so...
the location is 50 miles east of the kelmdorp troops in morvia. And since Im in morvia, I you should be able to assume that its morvian troops. no one else said they were moving there so... duh.
06-02-2005, 20:11
Rianon has given control of her military to Morivia for a more uniform assault and defense.
08-02-2005, 00:53
As the catapract army stoped in the mine field, Captain Justintine picked up a pair of binocuars. "Sheite muslim, looks like morivia set up a good defence. John, get kelmdorp on the phone. i want the 46th down here with mine sweepers and arty. Jim, give me your scatter bomb." The captain threw the bomb int othe field, blowing up dozens of mines. "Good, this should" He took a step forward, and in flash of light; lost a leg.

Meanwhile in kelmdorp, General munz walked up to stand. Dressed in his full battle armour and his chest alight with past medals, he took off his field cap, and looked at the men in front of him. 7 Kelmdorp fighters tore across the sky, in fantasic display of might. Munz sighed once, then spoke aloud.
"My people. Once more the power and the fury of Kelmdorp has mustered. Six million men, SIX MILLION OF YOUR BROTHERS, SISTERS, have been called to arms! We must fight! Fight for honour! Fight for Glory! FIGHT FOR KELMDORP!" The kommandos cheered and ran into their mere hours 120,000 men would hot drop into morivia, behind the lines to begen kelmdorps role in the war. "I want fighter cover stacked to 70,000 feet, tanks and mine sweepers, the whole deal!"

Munz took off his suit and sat in chair. He was about to page his servant, when two pistol shots rang out. munz fell over, dead. "Hmm. Maybe now, we stand a chance." Holstering his weapon, bernliaz grinned. Then decalerd himself ruler of Kelmbapboo.
Ellbogendie Untertasse
08-02-2005, 23:45
"Where is the air support!" screemed Lt Tyler M√ľnove at his comm man as shells wized by his head. Mike replied "They should be here any second. I don't know what took them so lo..." He paused. Tyler ,confused, punched him in the side and blood oozed from his mouth. Just then explosions rang out all over the city. The air support finally arived but they were to late to save Mike.

Meanwhile, General Klinez made gave his last good wishes to the 432nd, 156th, and 155th armored battalions as they moved out to secure Worinstein and safe guard future troop movements through the mountain range that Worinstein lies in.
09-02-2005, 01:20
Worinsteins pshychonaut corp. moved every hour to indivdaul pockets of resistance inficting causualties as they went along...all the meanwhile keeping them speartated. They never stood a chance...until the air support came in.
Captian Aaron Duiker of the Phychonaut Corp. said loosley to his troops "Those fuckers will ruin everything" Bombs ripped thourgh the street. Phychonauts moved quickly from building to building trying thier best to dodge the bombs. Trying. The 150,000 phychonauts where instantly reduced to 140,000....when the bombs stopped the fight simultainously started back up again. Aaron loved the troops he was station to..he once saw a private on a fifty laughing his ass of as a he mowed down a pocket of infidels. He smiled came their armored support.

Mecha group 42 of 2nd Armored corp moved swiftly into Worinstein blasting the little resistence the faced...the whole core of about 50 mechs and 250 tanks plus 5,000 infantry support in powered armor armed with the lastest high powered gauss assualt rifles.

Hugh Gourdon of the death Knights looked through his binoculars and quickly ducked...They threw a cluster bomb on the feild...mine shrapnel rained on them..the man next to him made the mistake of looking up..a gunshot stopped the screaming and silence was once again heard thourgh the trenches..he looked through his binoc's a expolsion was heard..the enemy officer blew his leg off....Dumb Fuck he smiled and chuckled...not totally ignoring the droning of engines heard from above...still smiling he screamed to the back lines "Bring up the AA a barrage of flak missles."....He thought deeply wondering what would become of him and his troops withen the next hour....he looked through his binoculars...100 yard...just 100 yards bewtween him and the first infantry battle between Cataphract and Morivia
10-02-2005, 02:51
OOC: Sorry I haven't been too involved with this in the last few days. I just got out of the hospital with pneumonia
10-02-2005, 02:57
A bored executive assigned to make sales in the current conflict taps his fingers on the desk, staring blankly at the screen...which is also blank. After a while doing this, he decides he has had enough.
He quickly pushes his rolling office chair back.
The chair (By a strange coincidence) has just had a set of rusty bearings replaced. It rockets backwards into the corner office window, shattering it. The sudden overpressure sucks the man out of his window, were he falls over a thosand feet to his death.
On landing he struck a car full of company lawyers on their way to an important case involving the GLACORP Party String and its highly acidic nature, the lawyers died instantly.
And there was much rejoicing.
11-02-2005, 19:06
in reply to rianon post #51

OOC: are you ok...pneumonia is not fun...but does this mean you are going to take command of your troops again??
11-02-2005, 19:34
7,500,000 troops marched through Mehria, the capital of Galardan. At their head were the Gladiator Corps, the most feared soldiers in the Galardan military. Raised from birth to fight and all having seen action suppressing the rebels in the mountains of Thengalu. 2,000,000 now marched, faces, scarred and grim, frozen in an expressionless mask. They carried with them an AR-15 with M203 grenade launchers attached, 10 extra clips of ammo, and 4 Mark2 hand grenades, along with their normal packs of water and rations and a 20-inch knife/bayonet. The rest of the troops carried a mixture of SAWs and M-8 assault rifles, as well as two grenades and a 10-inch knife/bayonet. Travelling with them were 500 88-mm artillery, 1000 Challenger 2 tanks, and 300 Comanche attack helicopters. They were off to the border of Morivia to bulwark the defenses against Kelmdorp. They were, at last, going to war.
13-02-2005, 02:09
in reply to rianon post #51

OOC: are you ok...pneumonia is not fun...but does this mean you are going to take command of your troops again??

OOC: I am somewhat better but still very weak. Therefore I think command of my troops shall remain in your capable hands.
16-02-2005, 03:57
Colonel John Malcolm looked through his binoculars at the city at the foot of the hill he was standing on. He saw the Morivian Pshychonaut Corps as they ran for cover, and he saw the Catapracht forces advancing under heavy covering fire. A grin stole across his face as he imagined what it would be like for those poor bastards on the field. He then turned, and nodded his head. At this simple signal 50 of the Galardan artillery pieces were uncovered, the camo netting that had hidden them from the enemy bombers drawing back. Within seconds the firing coordinates were found, the guns adjusted, and the first shells tore through the air. Colonel Malcolm turned back and observed the results of the artillery strike, and he laughed. Through the binoculars he saw Catapracht infantry flying through the air from the explosions.

Sergeant Pelias Anderson spat out his wad of tobacco and gave the order for his troops to advance. He commanded one of the many squads of men that would go into the city to fight, and to die. 100,000 infantry, a quarter of them Gladiators, marched in, with 25 tanks rumbling within their ranks to provide armored support. "Come on you dirty sons-of-bitches, move those feet, you don't wanta be late to the slaughter do ya?" With this call, the true test of the Galardan military was about to begin, Galardan was in the war.
Ellbogendie Untertasse
17-02-2005, 02:42
As the screems of men dieing, the wizes of bullets flying and the roar of explosions eminated from every part of Worenstein, General Klinez sat at his safe cozy desk, on the radio. He was making the final preperations for his trap to take Worenstein. At the cost of hundereds of lives, Ellbogendie Untertasse's troops managed to draw 95% of the Morvian armor in to the cities center; right in to a pocket surounded by snipers and anti armor crews. They held their fire.
In the distance, A quarter mile east of the city, The 155th and 156th armored battalions were amassed.
The Tank Commander George Poskeret's radio spat out static
"Go ahead" Poskeret said to his radio.
"Operation Dead Tree is a go"
thats all that came through. "Alright men, lets move!" Poskeret yelled to his commerades. The two battalions pressed forward in to the city toward the backside of the pocket. Anti armor and snipers unloaded on the weaker tanks and expossed solders. As expected the Morvian Armor units opened fire on the buildings. Then The 155th and 156th roled up from behind the tanks and unleashed hell. The Morvian armor units were being slautered and they were under attck from all directions. To the last few Remaining Morvia fighters Poskeret demanded a surender.
18-02-2005, 03:08
OOC: dude you cant control what happens to my troops i decide pretty much just fought thet whole battle...there is no way that you could pull 95% of my troops in to the city center with me or my troops going" hmm i think they are up to somthing"...have you read the forum " what god moding is" in the international incidents?? we obide be those rules..or at least i if you have not read them do so please...if you have obide by those guidelines....andjust to let you know you could even kill off 95 % of my troops we out number only have two battalions...i have about 150 there...a battlaion is only 1000 men
and galaradan you are doing just about the same thing ellbogendie is doing....cataphract has yet to enter morivia they are all out side and held up about 1000 feet from my troops to the north....and i thank you for controlling your troops...and sorry for nagging im a little tired and strung out
Ellbogendie Untertasse
18-02-2005, 19:57
Srry for not being very spacific... i ment the Mecha group 42 of 2nd Armored corp. and i didnt mean to do what i did. i wasnt thinking very clearly.
... Where the hell is ryne... he hasnt posted in like forever.
19-02-2005, 00:05
Discussed with Morivia at school, for a nice bribe it seems I have 'discovered' evil plans by his enemies to launch a terrorist attack.
Not to treat you all like newbs, but YOU CANT USE THE ABOVE ICly!

Live, open transmission:
"Attention nations, yes, all you little midget fellows. This is Dontgonearthere General Tal'al Aziri, Al-Khali Fast Reaction Forces. It has recently come to our attention that your unfourtunate nations have made some truely disgusting plans to attack our fair...desert. Anyway, thanks to the brave actions of a Morivian envoy who delivered this information, we now have the information we need to act.
It need not be said that our military is larger than most of the nations involved, and if you resist our tanks will grind your lands into mud, dust, or the local equivalent.
As of now a force of seventy centuries (7,000 men) is gearing up to land in support of Morivia. Naturaly, we have provided footage."
At this point the camera facing General Aziri cuts out, switching to a view of Al-Khali Legion XI, four thosand troops of assorted types boarding a number of huge transport ships.
At front are a number of tanks, ranging from smaller FLASH types to six huge Goliath class uberheavy tanks. Behind these are a number of infantry groups, arranged in squares and decked out in full combat gear, they follow the tanks in what looks like perfect lockstep, moving like one man. Next is the small Mobile Infantry corps, powered armour all around. the ten suit squads arent as impressive as the massive infantry sections, but look a good deal more deadly.
Now the sound of all this is drowned out, a flight of Avenger fighters soars by, close above, performing the sort of manuver only a large flying wing is capable of doing.
The camera pans left, out on the ocean a number of large and unpleasant looking ships sit, one or two appear to have been constructed mostly of guns.

Back to Mr Aziri.
"As you can see, your fate is pretty well sealed. Surrender now and the pathetic scraps of land you call nations may be spared the fate of those who resist us, which generaly is extremly unpleasant.
This is just the merest sampling of our armed forces, as we speak the militias are being called up, this will free more troops up for duty in the current combat zone. And trust us, we CAN kill everybody in every one of your nations, nuke them until they are glowing glass plates, sow the glass with salt, nuke it again, pour oil on it, set it on fire and salt it again. We do not do so because it would not be economical. Bullets, salt, oil and nuclear weapons cost money, do you see.
So, if you give up now we wont do this, we will merely occupy your nations for an indefinite period during which you will compensate us for the expense of mobilizing our army.
That is all, feel free to send us your surrender notices whenever its convienient."

Now, Morivia, can you TG me with the names of all the nations I just declared war on? Thanks ^_^
20-02-2005, 00:35
21-02-2005, 18:30
kelmdorp is the biggest threat now....i can take care of cataphract
Ellbogendie Untertasse
22-02-2005, 02:44
Im not sure if im going to stay in this... I might withdraw if Kelmdorp continues to remain inactive. he hasnt posted since the 7th...
28-02-2005, 18:48
+++++++++++------TO ALL ACTIVE NATIONS AT WAR---------++++++++++

Kelmdorp and I have gone into a counsel for peace. Kelmdorp's leader wishes to end this war because he is lazy. Plus this war was FUBAR anyways. We're going to go into a, hopefully, very long peace pact. Plus one of the nations in the war is going to go to war with someone else. Hopefully other people will comply and leave Morivia alone, an age of peace is at hand.