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Tailva troops parade in protest

18-11-2004, 20:27
IC: Today the king has been very inpressed by his military forces as they have been parading in royal square outside the palace in response to the recent blockading of Tailvas ports and seaways. "See the people of Tailva are strong and our not scared of anyone you can see the pride of the tailvian people more than ever today" said the king. Once again we tell you we have stopped are WMD plans so you must now stop your blockade.

look at link to see pictures taken of the parade.
18-11-2004, 20:30
Official Statement, Imperial Government

The nation of Tailva, having lost all national reserves and placing itself very deep in dept for no gain in nuclear weapons, does not now need to be blockaded. The Democratic Imperium hearby ensures the nation of Tailva that the blockade will be removed, through military intervention or, we hope, the involved parties backing off.
18-11-2004, 20:36
We are graetful for you support and will do all we can to try to resolve this iisue peacfully but we really need the blockade lifted as quick as possible are people are starving.
18-11-2004, 20:37
Official responce from Hardheads
Far be it for us to disagree with our esteemed colleages in the Democratic Imperium of Praetonia. Our fleet shall pull out within three hours, the pause intended to give them time to recover their airborne aircraft.
18-11-2004, 20:40

The Holy Empire of Shazbotdom will leave the area in 1 Standard Sol Day. We will then begin humanitarian missions to give the Tailvian people food and medical supplies. This humanitarian aid will be through the Shazbotdom Red Cross and none of the supplies will go through the Tailvian Government for classified reasons. If the humanitarian mission is comprimized in any way by the government of Tailva, it will be concidered an Act of War!
18-11-2004, 20:49
We will are very greatful for aid offers but they are not needed all our nation wants now is to remain peacful and to begin to rebuild our battered economy.
18-11-2004, 21:04
Breaking News ...... the Bustleholme Broadcasting Corp. Reports the following statement

[COLOR=Red]COLOR]After satisfactory negotiations with Tailva the Constitutional Monarchy of Bustlehome is here by withdrawing all military forces from Tailvan waters as of now. We call upon all coalition forces to do the same.

King Peter the 1st
The Head of State for The Constitutional Monarchy of Bustleholme.
18-11-2004, 21:21
The Holy Republic will stay on station with it's support vessels for the next 24 hrs. The support fleet that contains 2 fueling vessels and 2 hospital ships and their heavily armed escorts remains at the service of the coalition until no longer needed.His Emminence Prime Minister de Valera offers a small token to the the people of Tailva in the form of medical supplies.Our small fleet that remains peacefully offshore offers two(2) drop pallets of medical supplies from the HRS Ignatius heli carrier.If Tailva would clear her airspace for two of our HE 22 Songbird heavy transport helos we could make this drop along the coast(due to fuel constraints) at a pre determined point.In the spirit of goodwill the transports will be unescorted
Respectfully Rear Adm Douglas Alderman aboard HRS Acre FFG