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Random Kingdom founds new capital.

Random Kingdom
17-11-2004, 22:33
After Confusion City was eradicated by an ICBM attack, a new capital has been erected in New Hope, Enigma. This is the first time that the capital hasn't been the major state city, which in Enigma remains the city of Pointless Springs. It will be a replica of Confusion City with a massive memorial listing each of the confirmed deaths and a reference to those who go unnamed. This day will go down as a day of remembrance. The New Hope project, that should be complete next year, is drawing funds from the Administration budget and will contain slight changes to the designs to ensure that atrocities like this never cause as much damage.
18-11-2004, 00:42
The Pacitalian government sends its condolences for every single soul lost in the attack on Confusion City, and congratulates Random Kingdom for the industrious and high work ethic of the people on achieving a milestone - with the building of the new capital.
Random Kingdom
18-11-2004, 01:30
Thanks :)

OOC: Alexaander threatened to ICBM the capital but to make the war more interesting I RP'd it to actually happen, let me know if this is a breach of etiquette.
18-11-2004, 01:38
The nation of Boyctinius has felt your pain and wishes to build a monument in hounor of those who had lost their lives unnessicerily, just say when and where you wish it to be delivered.

Tar-Plantir, President
Present Day Comatica
18-11-2004, 01:49
We certainly wish that your new nation's capital will thrive like your original one.
Nieder Ostland
18-11-2004, 01:56
The royal house of Nieder Ostland sends its condolences to the loss of your capital, and all the lives lost, in that terrible event.

If you wish any help in building your new capital (may it last a thousand years) we are willing to send aid in the form of construction workers, machines or material.

Best Regards
Jurgen Schmidt
Minister of foreign affairs
20-11-2004, 01:33
A tall copper statue of a man looking to the sky sheilding his eyes on a large marble pedistal has been shipped to the government of Random Kingdom. On the marble pedistal is the name of all that died in the incident.