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Massive USS Mobilization (Attn pls: Rudolfensia)

17-11-2004, 20:48
After threats made by Rudolfensia, the United States of Shalrirorchia has ordered all reserves throughout the home continent of Morningstar to be activated, and called for volunteers and retired soldiers alike. 22,740,000 troops in roughly 455 divisions are reporting for duty, marking an explosive growth in U.S.S. military strength.

Critical garrisons are being reinforced. The Navy is preparing to deploy 98% of available strength within the next 72 hours. The new Wraith interceptors and Super Crusader battle tanks are all being deployed.

This is by far the largest show of military strength the United States of Shalrirorchia has ever put on. The last major mobilization occurred under the now-defunct Most Serene Republic of Shalrirorchia, and entailed only about 1 million troops. The U.S.S. itself has never been involved in a major war since its' creation in 2003.
17-11-2004, 21:31
Weapons of the United States of Shalrirorchia:

M7- Submachine gun
A favorite of the troops in close quarters action, the M7 Caseless fires 5mm bullets. With a 60-round clip, the M7 is excellent for heavy assault operations, although sustained fire imparts excessive recoil.

BR-55 Battle Rifle
The most common assault rifle in the USS army, this wicked weapon has a 36 round clip and is chambered for 9.5mm rounds. It is typically used on three-round burst mode, although full automatic is also available.

M90 Shotgun
For when you need close quarters support. This combat shotgun is pump-action and holds 12 rounds before a reload is required.

AT-10 Rocket Launcher
Fires HEAT, tracking rockets capable of destroying enemy tanks or infantry clusters. The 3-round clip allows for rapid follow up shots to eliminate all opposition.

LR-15 (Eliminator)- Gauss sniper rifle. 15mm armor-piercing round capable of liquidating any target.

Grenade Launcher- Shaped vaguely like a tommy gun, this grenade launcher allows the USS Army to shower enemies with high-explosive fragmentation grenades. 8 round drum clip.
17-11-2004, 21:33
The Constitutional Fascist Republic of Antarcticia announced that it will send an undisclosed number An-1 flying-wing jet fighter planes and elite Reactionary Guards to assist the people of Shalrirorchia in their defense against the aggression of Rudolfensia. In a statement released by the Antarctican Military Coordination office, the Leader of the CFRA stated, "Our aircraft are the best, and our warriors are the most brutal and effective. Should conflict occur, they will use any means necessary to achieve victory. And they will have it!" :mp5:
17-11-2004, 22:19
The USS welcomes the new arrivals, and has an open airport to receive the reinforcements at Ramstein AFB outside of the capital of Shalcoria.
17-11-2004, 22:24
Standard common firearms of the CFRA:

9mm automatic pistol--standard 15-rd mags; kept by all.

9mm automatic carbine (same mags as pistol)--semi-automatic is kept by civilian militia; full-automatic version (submachine gun) specially issued. This weapon is normally combat-employed only by special teams or rear-area personnel. :mp5: :sniper:

5.56mm automatic rifle (AK variant)--semi-automatic is kept by civilian militia and normally used in active duty; full-automatic version specially and rarely issued. :mp5: :sniper:

7.62mm automatic rifle (AK variant)--semi-automatic only, in heavy and carbine versions. :sniper:

7.62mm bolt-action rifle (Enfield variant) and 7.62mm bolt-action rifle (Mauser variant)--these are widely kept by civilian militia, and are used in special-contingency operations.

12-gauge pump shotgun--3-inch chamber, with bayonet; specialty use, but may be held by all.

All citizens of the CFRA are mandated to keep and maintain the pistol and any of the semi-auto longguns (subject to some organizational regulations), save for those not at all suited for military service (these latter might be allowed to substitute the shotgun for the other longguns). The bolt-action rifles are encouraged to be kept, but only in addition to at least one of the semi-autos. "Specialty" items--such as full-automatic, "crew-served" arms, grenade-type weapons, and WMD's--are subject to legal restrictions (a Second Amendment-type guarantee exists in the CFRA Constitution).

"An armed society is a polite society."--Robert A. Heinlein
17-11-2004, 22:29

"CFRA air transports inbound, final approach. ETA of 2 minutes." the air traffic controller announced over the PA system. "Now arriving from Antarctica. Clear the runway. Clear the runway."

The Shalrirorchian base lit up. The air force base, like most Shalrirorchian facilities, had steel and concrete structures. The architecture was very modern, especially when all the blue running lights were added in. The runway's edges were paneled with electronic lighting systems that lit up in Shalrirorchian blue to denote the positions of the runways for the incoming planes.

"Honor guard, make ready to receive the CFRA Command Staff." General Warner's voice crackled over the radio.

As the transport planes made their final approach, Warner's team proceeded out in armored personnel carriers and a jeep.

"Ten HUT!" roared the master sergeant, and the troops snapped to respectful attention, each holding a polished BR-55 rifle.

Warner adjusted the cap that came with his dress uniform, and waited for the planes to finish landing.
17-11-2004, 23:18
Numerous CFRA transport aircraft arrived at Ramstein. Some were divested of their cargo--elite Reactionary Guard units with their 5-man armored assault vehicles, and a few helicopters, but most remained laden with their supplies and support systems. "Why unload the stuff? We can get to it where it is, and if it needs to be moved quickly, we're already packed," stated the CFRA's Shalrirorchian Expeditionary Force "obergruppenfurher" (Chief Group Leader), whose name was not disclosed.

"We are only a few, but if the fighting starts, our training and our absolute devotion to our mission will win the day." Reports have circulated in international circles of the RG having a record of "extreme" methods in conflict. :mp5: In response, the obergruppenfurher stated, "We do what must be done. Sometimes a small blade to a vulnerable spot is all it takes." :sniper:

The CFRA not being long on formality (the official CFRA wedding ceremony consists of the officiant saying, "You're hitched. Go for it!"), the meeting of the CFRA and Shalrirorchian command teams was abbreviated, and the teams quickly departed to secure facilities to coordinate their forces.

In the meantime, An-1 fighters began landing in shifts. An undisclosed number were to be kept flying cover over the base at all times.

"All pray for peace. But if war is to be, then the enemy simply will not survive," the CFRA leader said.

The world waits to see.
17-11-2004, 23:23
17-11-2004, 23:33
After threats made by Rudolfensia His Royal Highness King Peter 1st has advised the Ministry Of Defence for the Constitutional Monarchy of Bustlehome to look into sending some troops to help strengthen your forces.
We will send the Kings Royal Regiment, the Dragoon Guards and a small number of Aircraft to be based on the aircraft carrier HMS Charlemont.

More details on the precise nature of the deployment to follow.

Yours Sincerely
Richard Morris
Secretary of State for Defence
Scythia Hyboria
18-11-2004, 00:45
In a message recived by U.S.S. Persident, delivered by specail envoy of Scythia Hyboria: Our Forces are on Highest alert, at a moments notice this will moblelize 5 million troops with elements of air sea and land forces inculding eliete troops;

Navail: 3 BBN Ireland Class Dreadnaughts, 4x4 18" main battery, 20x2 secondary 5" 36 battery, 4x 20 Morta de Crimsion crusie missle lanchers, 30 x2 80mm anti air and 6 Phaonix (phalix desgin)guns,8x3 bone snap toppedo tubes, 100 demolisher depth charges.

3 CVN Nunda class Carries, 6x20 anti air Muder missiles 4 Phaonix guns ESW EESW torpedo defence, Air Wing, 3 sqadrons of fighter aircraft 10 FF, 5, anti tank/sub HS, 10 A/F multi attack craft, 5 multi attack B/F craft ea. 1 support squadron, 10 defence A/T craft, 5 AWACS craft.

100 troop transport 10,000 Marines, officers and men ea.

6 HCA Lough class Cursiers 3x2 14" main battery 4x1 3" 40 rapid fire secondary battery 2x10 Morta de Crimson missle lanchers, 2 Phaonix gun

12 CA Shade class Cursiers 2x2 10" main battery, 2x2 3"40 rapid fire secondary battey 2 phaonix gun

36 DD Prince class Destroyers 1x2 3" 36 main battery, 1x15 anti air Murder missiles 4x3 Bone snap torpedo tubes 1 anti sub HS

Air Force; 150 High Altitude Sonic Bombers 30,000 ton payload 20 maga ton yelid, 400 Troop trans post long range 250 Para Asult troops ea. 100 A/F escort fighters, 100 FF muti task long range fighters, 300AHS attack Helocopters, 100 long range transport HS (for eleite troops)

Army; 200 hevay Aromed Tank Arghma class (modified Panzer 4 design) 200 Light battle tank Tyrone class (modified Abrams 1 design) 100 tank buster Ard Ri class, 100 moblie attack Earth Shaker missles, 100 mobile bee sting defence missle batterys

100000 regular alsualt troops w/standard wepons and Shade body armor(able to withstand most small arms and high impact armor pierceing weapons)
10000 Eliete Troops Scythia Hyboria Knights,

In addition to this first responce 3 more divisions will be sent totaling a little over 5 million or 1/3 of Scythia Hyboria's combined Military
It also inculdes verious support and Logistics not mention, but only inculdes eleite troops in first responce.

I Recconmend our Amssidor and Diplomatic team be sent first to resolve the crisis, once commited Scythia Hyboria will not withdraw.

King Austin
18-11-2004, 03:57
The USS President thanks all allies for their contributions of defensive strength. We believe that now that the Allied forces outnumber the proposed forces of Rudolfensia that we can force a diplomatic solution.