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The Foreign Policy

Fascist Confederacy
17-11-2004, 01:51
Fascist Confederacy's Foreign Policy

After new leadership claimed rule over The Confederacy, it has come to the attention of the Committee For State Security and to The Czar, that a new foreign policy needs to be established. We found that the goals in our last where all met as promptly as possible. The following is a rather quick over-view of the Fascian foreign policy, our alliances, and nations in which we hold diplomatic relations:

(1) To ensure the safety and prosperity of all Fascist Confederacy citizens within the nation and in its many colonies and protectorates.
(2) To spread Christianity (Christian Identity) throughout the world.
(3) To dispose of the lesser.
(4) To stamp out heresy.
(5) To give economy, humanitarian, political, and military aid to allies and likewise nations.
(6) To stamp out the use of illegal drugs, which are an abomination to God that only weak and ignorant beings fall prey to.
(7) To expand our borders.
(8) To further trade with nations abroad
(9) To show the peoples of the world their mistakes, and correct them.
(10) To support Whites around the world.

[As stated before. This is merely a quickly composed overview.]

The Central Powers
The United Trade Association
The Pact Of Steel Alliance
The United Racist Front
The Right-Wing Collective

Diplomatic Relations:
Decisive Action
The Island Of Rose
Foolish Pesants
Fruity Loops

[Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone. Some of the diplomatic relations are also members of alliances I'm in.]