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Distress In Tal-falas

Tal - Falas
17-11-2004, 00:21
Begin message 06:15
The environmental party (EP) has set off biological weapons. request assistance. 200,000 dead since yeasterday. The EP controlls half of the capitol. President incapacited, please help. without assistance General Steel Jans will retaliate agains the EP with nuclear weapons.
THIS IS NOT AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT, REPEAT, THIS IS NOT INTERNALTIONAL, but the military does not yet have the equipment to travel through the infected areas.
End Message
17-11-2004, 00:33
To: Government of Tal-falas
From: Jarridian President
Re: Aid

Attention! We will aid you and give you the resources necessary for you to reclaim your capital and clean up the bio-mess. However, we must request that you not use nuclear weapons. In order to secure the harmony of your own nation you must not use any more weapons of mass destruction. Once we recieve word that no nuclear weapons will be used, we will move in promptly.

-President Jarrod Branam
Tal - Falas
17-11-2004, 18:23
with regards to the Jarridian President.

The Secretary General and acting leader of Tal-Falas would like to thank you for your offer. The use of nuclear weapons against our own soil is totally abhorring to the entire staff except those few who wish to be rid of the extremist environmentalists. However we will keep the nuke happy generals in check provided aid comes swiftly. we may not last much longer.
17-11-2004, 19:39
Do not fear, help is on the way. Immediately, peace keeping forces will be mobilized to Tal-Falas. The following forces are enroute and should arrive within 2 rl hours:

500,000 Men
40 Modern Armor Divisions
20 Tank Divisions
35 Radar Artillery

2 Carriers
4 Battleships
4 Cruisers
6 Destroyers
2 AEGIS Cruisers

50 F-14
50 F-15
75 F-22
20 B-2
35 B-52

50 Cruise Missile Batteries (10 ea.)

This is what we will provide at the moment. In the event that our forces are overran, we will be sending in back-up. Jarridia shall not falter in returning your nation to peace and end civil strife.
Tal - Falas
18-11-2004, 01:20
From: The Minister of Foreign Affairs
To: The President of Jarridia
First off I would like to say Thank you for your quick and powerful response. the Nation of Tal - Falas is in your debt. The general ,Steele Jans, who wished to use nuclear weapons, has been imprisoned on charges of conspiracy against the Homeland The extremists have been halted and it will be only a matter of days before the worst is over and we will then be able to get on with every day life. However I do have to request that once the fighting dies down that you would withdraw your troops. their presence although very sorely needed has started some high ranking officials talking of the weakness in our government and some are being questioned as we speak about a rumored coup. however, rest assured that once our president revives out of acoma that there will be much gratitude for what you have done for his people.

Field Report:

TAL - FALAS (capitol city)
1/4 of the city, South of the Disdan river, including the Ministry of Defence building, is still under the controll of the extremists.

(200 miles south of the Capitol)
The South lands surrounding the Rainforests or also under the controll of the extremists. This includes three townships of nearly 450,000 people.

Two Imperial Brigades are on their way to the forests to try and re-take the mining operations. the other three brigades are staying in the capital due to the heavy casualties from street fighting. in our last reports the extremists numbered near 120,000. We will not accept command over your troops and wish that no other nation would ever accept command over ours. So your troops are your to command and we will share whatever intel we gather so you can deploy tham according to your own strategies.
18-11-2004, 01:58
The nation of Boyctinius has heard of this conflict and is willing to help. The 1st Mobile Cavalry Corps consisiting of 100,000 troopers have been airdropped near the capitol city and is under your command, just say so and we are ready to help. Also, if we have also sent six A-45 Pelican dropships to be used at your descresion.

Tar-Plantir, President
18-11-2004, 02:04
--Begin transmission--

The council has approved the decision to send five hundred of our finest KrekkenGuard elites to assist, armed and armored with the latest technology. Feel free to do with them as you wish. Their armor should negate the effects of any biological weaponry.

We will withdraw the troops withing a month.

-Supreme Charmain Comrade Stern-
--End transmission--
18-11-2004, 04:49
Mobile Cavalry troopers are drooped off behind enemy lines and are in the process of working their way towards the center of the city. Casualties have been minimum, The last report given to me said that they have encountered heavy resistance along the southern shores of the Disdan river. Is there any intel that might suggest a weakness in that stronghold?

Tar Plantir, President
18-11-2004, 05:00

Golencian Intelligence is sending you an overshot of the City. We are marking Guard Locations and the suspected headquarters on the map. We hope this helps you.

Director of the Central Intelligence Ministry
Rick Aragon(presidents brother)
Dougtopian States
18-11-2004, 05:25
All United Nations members should take note that the mere posession of these biological weapons is in violation of UN Resolution 16 and that steps should be taken to bring these criminals to justice.

The Commonwealth of Dougtopian States extends its condolences.
18-11-2004, 05:54
Jarridian forces have taken their places along the shores of the nation. They began to move out like clock-work. B-2's flew in first, bombing the fortifications of the aggressors. Our first wave of cruise missiles were fired and their targets were carefully chosen to ensure no civilian would be injured.
18-11-2004, 05:57
The Last Golencian Fleet Departed and was seen off the coast of Tal - Falas the Aircraft Carriers have put all Aircraft on Alert 5
Tal - Falas
18-11-2004, 06:16
Download from Ministry of Information mainframe

The city of Tal - Falas is divided by the river disdan with 1/4 on the south side and 3/4 on the north. there is a small island in the middle with numerous bridges connecting the two sides of the city. To be exact 2 bridges on the south side and 3 on the north.

The resistance could easily be broken if concentrated efforts were focused on the areas around the bridges from both north and south sides of the river. our generals request that the troops from jarridia stay in the capital city to ensure the successful recapture of the city.

Incoming transmission
Source: southern province

"This is general Thorenson, heavy resistance in the rainforest. We lost contact with the outpost at the Uranium mines in the center of the forest almost 8 hours ago and have been unable to physically reach the mines to ascertain their...."


Transmission lost

ATTENTION The secretary general requests that all remaining forces, Except for those fighting in the Capital, be mobilized towards the southern rainforest. The Rebels must not be allowed to use any of that uranium it is highly refined for use in our power plants.
18-11-2004, 08:10
Transmission via satcom systems//
Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is Colonel Boyd of the 3rd mobile cavalry company....(Explosion followed by gunfire).......our pelican was shot down while in the process of assulting the island in the middle of the river......(gunfire).......we are holding position ona small grassy knoll near the southern edge of the island. we are compleatly surrounded and have lost contact with 2nd platoon. They were to take the southern most bridge but we didn't see them go Terra Firma........(gunfire)......we really need some help here. requesting pickup............*In background*"get some guns on that position...NOW!"...............also requesting attilery barrage on grid 82, that'll slow thier advance untill help can get here...........
//Transmission end//

Troopers have broken through the river side fortress and has taken heavy casulties. Encountering ever more resistance.

*Message to all Mobile Cavalry not engaged*
You have orders to move with best possible speed to the southern rainforest. Coordinate with MCC headquarters. Landing zone designated LZ-Liberation.....all allied troops please coordinate with MCC headquarters so that there is no confusion, and a unified strike can be orginized.
18-11-2004, 18:08
Jarridian casualties are estimate at are 5,000, but our armed forces are continuing to make progress into the interior of the nation. We have lost a total of 15 F-14's due to anti-aircraft. The number of ground forces numbers at a total of 120,000 and will remain at this constant in hopes of ending this situation soon.

To: Involved Nations
From: Presidential Palace, Shelbin, Jarridia
Re: Temporary Coalition

It has become evident to those of us here in Jarridia that many nations have entered this conflict to deter not only a possible coup, but also the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. This pleases us greatly. It is always wonderful to see nations come together in a united cause and to help their fellow nations to combat the evil within. At this time, I would like to offer the establishment of a temporary coalition to end this revolt and restore Tal-Falas to its rightful condition. Those interested in creating this, and fighting alongside Jarridia will recieve grand honor and the chance to become part of the WWA (Westwood Alliance). I hope you will see my viewpoint and allow us to combat these cruel warriors.

-President Jarrod Branam


Jarridian Military forces have been able to establish a headquarters within the capital city of Tal-Falas. Further operations will take place very soon to end this conflict once and for all.
18-11-2004, 18:28
The Commonwealth of Wintrees will deploy its International aid task force into the Tal - Falas area:

Task Force Kraytic

- 20th Special Operations Brigade
- 17th Parachute Infantry Brigade
- 13th Air Assault Brigade
- 10th Air Assault Brigade
- 8th Gurkha Infantry Brigade
- 127th Logistics Regiment
- 128th Logistics Regiment

General Haric, OC 13th Air Assault Brigade, acting OC Task Force Kraytic, requests an area of responsibly as well as pre-designated assembly points before they arrive.

Also the task force will turn the following units over to the Tal - Falas government for use in civilian aid:

- 4th Royal Army Medical Regiment
- 5th (Chemical) Royal Army Medical Regiment
- 6th (Bio Toxins) Royal Army Medical Regiment

If the situation gets worst, “heavy” assets will be sent.
18-11-2004, 22:51
//Transmission via satcom//
Help needed, colonel Boyd is dead and we are taking heavy casulties.....(gunfire).......attilery barrage did nothing, we found 2nd platoon slaughtered near the bridge. There is a laest fourty of us left, hurry, ammunition is low.
//Transmission end//

Troopers have encounterd haevy resistance close to the main govenrment building. advancing still, but prgress is getting harder due to rodeside bombs.

50,000 troopers have been diverted to LZ-Liberation, and will move in tomarrow at 600 hours
18-11-2004, 23:32
Golencian Amphibious Assault Ships touch the shore of the Island in the middle of the River. As the doors drop down 25,000 Trained Golencian Marines rush off and unto the island. They immediately open communications...


The Golencian Marines have arrived. Please give us exact coordinates of your current position as well as the Coprdinates of the assaulting enemy so we can call in an Air Strike. As soon as we find you and your men you'll be rushed onto an Amphibious assault Ship and taken away to your destination.

General Powell
Tal - Falas
19-11-2004, 01:49
--Incoming transmission--
This is general thorenson. we have recaptured the city of Muto and are setting up a base of operations. however the cities of cirialis(100 mi W. of Muto)) and Menos (150 mi NW. of muto) still lie in the hands of the extrimists. casualties from our offensive on the rainforest positions were extensive the imperial guard dead are 45,000 and 27,000 wounded. I wish I could say more but our equipment is being effected by the remanents of some toxic weapons.

---End Transmission---

The Secretary general heatfully welcomes the help from Win Trees and assigns taskforce Krayatic toe the city of Rendevat which lies 250 miles to the north of the capital. This city is the back-bone of our agriculture and it must not be tarnished. but the medical regiments Win Trees has sent will be directed towards Muto and the battles in the south where intelligence says biological weapons seem most imminent.
19-11-2004, 01:51
//Transmission via satcom//
Our position is on the southern most hill on the island.....(gunfire).......we have a broken arrow situation and we are attempting to regrounp at the crest of the hill at the pelican wreakage. Thanks for the help, we were about to charge at down the hill with sabers drawn.
//Transmission end//

2nd battalion has made it to the goverment buildings grounds and are holding position untill an coordinated assult can be orginized.

3rd and 6th battalion have set off from LZ-Liberation and is encountering little resistance.

"today, president Tar-Plantir has announced that he will be handing the country over to vice president J. Boyce while he will go to Tal Falas and take personal command of the MCC. He said that his decision was based on the loss of the close freind of the presidential family, Colonel Boyd. He will arrive tommarow at noon to take command."
19-11-2004, 02:59

Hold! Do not move! Air Strike enroute. Our Marines are coming up your rear do not fire! We'll escort you back to the Landing Craft!

General Powell

The Golencian Soldiers rushed in stealth hoping to get to the hill soon while Air craft dropped several bombs on the enemy which were inflamed immediately. The Aircraft made it home safely and bough the soldiers time.
19-11-2004, 04:06
Golencian Marines reached the Hill at last. Enemy war cries could be heard from the other side of the mountain. "Allright boys we're going up that hill there and we're gonna help those ellas trapped up there, out." The Marines climbed the Hill and met up with Boyctinius Troopers.

"Allright i've got 500 up here to support you the other 24,500 men are down the hill waiting to escort us outta here." The general waved his hand and several men came up with new weapons. "Allright we have enough ammo here for the M4s we're supplying your men with. We'll need them shooting as well. So you ready to go?"

With that the General stared at the commander and awaited his response.

OOC: This is the first time Golencia has used the military.
19-11-2004, 04:21
Jarridia has taken another 500 casualties today, but a sense of accomplishment was in the air. The Jarridians marched towards the river valiantly. They readied themselves to march across and liberate the warring part of the city. They charged towards the river, before they began to cross the bridge a wave of bombers dropped their loads onto suspected hostile locations. The revolutionaries could not meet Jarridian Air or Man power. This nation would soon be liberated, and peace and prosperity would yet again reign.
19-11-2004, 04:29
The Grand Duchy of Savuroun is sending three companies of NBC teams with full decontamination gear, MOPP level 5. While this is all we can spare at the moment due to unstability countryside, more non-combat troops will follow.
19-11-2004, 04:29
Smoke billows from the grassy feild at the bottom of the hill, dead bodies lay strewn across the face of the hill. The remaining troopers from the 3rd company slowly work troughout the bodies and make a startleing find, Colonel Boyd's body, mangled almost beyond recognision, several fall to their knees to weep for their beloved leader. Lt. Howard, the new commander walks up to the scene and begins to issue orders.
"Get together a burial detail, and for god sakes bury that man immedeatly" He said as he bent over and and snapped off Boyd's dogtags and holds them tightly in his hands. A tear slowly rolls down the mans dirt encrusted face.

several minuets later.......

Lt. Howard walks up to General Powell.
" Sir, 3rd Mobile Cavalry company reporting for duty. We are prepared to move out when you are"

Casulties: 360 dead out of 400 troopers.

4th company sent to help to capture the rest of the island

Our advance into the southern forest has been halted by heavy resistance. Not much intel has been gathered on this region to asses enemy troop numbers.

Battle hardedned 60th Mobile Cavalry Corps(100,000 troopers) have been airdropped six miles of Cirialis and begins setting up a base of operations. Base officially named Fort Columbia. 3 heavy battle tanks have also been dropped in with a small contigent of Hum-vees.
19-11-2004, 04:38
Gener Powell Immediately orders a group of 200 Men to bury the fallen soldiers. "We'll have a landing craft for you when you're done."
Powell walks to Lt. Howard "I want all your men to move out now. You've seen enough dead men for now, let my men handle the burrying process. Does your government want Colonel Boyd's corpse flown back?"

The General turns and orders the small medical group to tend to the wounded. "Make sure the ladning craft will be ready for us!"

General turns back to Lt. Howard "Your men did well."
Tal - Falas
19-11-2004, 05:30
General Thorenson stands atop his personal tank surveying the Beautiful rainforest in front of him "to bad" he comments to his lieutenant "this would have been a beautiful area for many years to come" with that he closes the hatch on the tank and signals the all out advance to the 3rd Imperial Brigade. the limited artillery left to the Brigade unleashes hell on the outskirts of the forest. The general stares coldly ahead, "this assult must not fail, we must recapture the uranium mines"
19-11-2004, 08:19
Under the cover of a heavy fog, Troopers cross the Goverment buildings grounds with their sabers drawn, prepared to exact revenge apon the enemy. Troopers reach building and an enemy guard lets out a shot but is quickly cut down. A Bugle sounds charge and the sound of sniperfire and yelling fills the area. Enemy troops are flung aside with ease as troopers force their way into the building killing any who oppose their advance. within minuets the building has been reclaimed and the Boyctinius Mobile Cavalry Flag raised above the structure ina signal of victory.

*Island battle site*
Lt. Howard looks at the general.
"Yes sir, the goverment would like him to be shipped home" He pauses" People will look apon this battle and laugh as though it was a foolish mistake, how will future generations view this action, as a valiant attempt to end a war, or a fiasco that will go down in the history books as the worst military blunder ever?"
Lt. Howard leads his 40 battle weary troopers down the hill to the nearest landing craft.

3rd and 6th battalion link up with imperial Brigade and continue the push into the forest.

Tar-Plantir arrives at Fort Columbia and begins plans for an assult on Cirialis
19-11-2004, 15:57

"ladies and gentlemen the President of the Holy Republic of Golencia."
The president walks to a podium with a look of shame upon his face.

"It has come to my attention that the Holy Republic has Proclaimed its stance with military action in Tal - Falas:
The Golencian Military men currently in Tal - Falas are not to intervene with their affairs. Golencian troops must ONLY be used for the rescuing of trapped soldiers. Any order for the troops to go to war will be considered treason and the violater will be jailed and remain jailed until the Tal - Falas incident ends.
I attempted to veto the proclamation but they handed it back to me with the required votes to override me. I will do anything in my power to see to it that our troops help out more in the Incident, however for now only rescue missions are permitted.

Thank you and good day."

With that the president left the room and went back to his office and sunk in his chair. He sighed and stared out the windown for hours.
19-11-2004, 16:16
Only hours after the official declaration Golencian F-35s were airborne and heading for the Uranium Mines.

*On the Ground*
25,000 Golencian Marines charged through the landscape and made their way to the Uranium Mines.

*On the Sea*
The Golencian fleet made its way around the coatsline to bombard enemy installations on the shore.

*In Golencia*
An Infuriated senator storms into the Presidents Office. The President turns and faces the senator as the senator yells "Why are General Powells men on the move!?"
Smilining President Ruben responded, "My Supreme Power that the Holy Republic invested in me wont end for another week. I can do whatever i want. I rendered your statement null and void."

Startled the senator turned and left the office.
19-11-2004, 16:49
To: Tal Falas president.

I am proud to announce that the capital city of Tal Falas has been for the mostpart reclaimed and you capitiol building is now free to be reoccupied by you government.

4th Company has effectively taken three bridges on the island and are effectively holding the enemy off.

3rd and 6th battalion have captured a uranium mine. whenever Tal-Falas personell wish to come and reume work there, they may.

Tar-Plantir has finilized plans for his assult, any who wish to jion in this assult and anyone with further intel on the city of Cirialis will be accepted.
19-11-2004, 16:53
The Golencian ground troops divert their attention to the assault. The air strike remains underway. Golencian soldiers must hurry because now that Golencia is involved in it's first war they may be called out of the area.
Tal - Falas
19-11-2004, 17:40
With the help of the Golecian Military and all other allies. The Final group of Uranium mines have been recaptured.

--Intel on Cirialis--
The City of Cirialis is one of the most prominent cities for Art and literature in Tal-Falas. it is home to more than 50 universities and half of the 800,000 people who live there are College students or are attending the universities for some reason or other. The high concentration of liberal thought has caused this city to be a headache for the government since as long as anyone can remember. we believe that this is where the extremists have based their operations. there are no major defensive advantages the city has no walls and is fairly spread out. However it is only accessible from tree sides as it backs into the Forest. President Tal-Plantir has full reign on the invasion of Cirialis. But we do have one request, that you use as little artillery as is humanly possible. the city is home to the greatest collection of Falosian architecture and it is more of a sentimental request. BUT, if it is ABSOLUTELLY necessary then you have our permission to level the city. We are not sure if these extremists have any more bio weapons or if they have taken any uranium from the mines.

--In the Capital--
The President Sulla Conrad has awoken from the toxin induced acoma and wishes to make a statement,
"Countrymen and comrads at arms,I would like to take this moment to thank all of our brave boys in uniform. The Fighting men of Golencia Boyctinius Wintrees, and Jarridia have all earned my everlasting gratitude and respect. Rest assured that the Empire will return the favor if ever it is necessary.
19-11-2004, 17:48
Transmission To Aflicted Nation
(You see an elderly man step out of darkness)
"Hello, I am Prime Minister Judah Ben-Gurion of the Holy Empire of Bleshazzaria. We are willing to send our HAZMAT teams to your nation, so that we may help clean-up the damage caused by these terrorists. We are sending:
10,000 HAZMAT troops
500 Medical Doctors
May we bring about peace in your nation."
(He steps back, and the screen shows the National Flag)
Transmission End
19-11-2004, 18:15
Order of the President: All Golencian Marines are to enter the city ant take it with the help of the Allies. The Goelncian Warships and Aircraft Carriers are departing for Hawrthorns homeland.
19-11-2004, 18:26
The outskirts of Rendevat:

"Right then, lets see what we've got," said Brigadier Melic, OC of the 8th Gurkha Infantry Brigade and phase 1 of the move into Rendevat.

Captain Durich unfolded the map which had been marked with likely enemy positions in the city, as well as their own forces. "The rebels have the city in a Iron grip, 10th AA on the north side of the city have reported a total lack of refugees heading out of the city, this suggests they've got some serious manpower in there, must be spread all over the shop though if they're keeping the population under control."

"We shall set up here," said the Brigadier, pointing to a river running east to west, south of the city. "This'll be our defensive line, manned by 8th Gurkha. 10th and 13th AA will advance down into the city from the north, hopefully we'll shake them up in the process and force them out into the fields and general open ground to the south."

"Yes sir."

"Get on the radio with Colonel O'Neil, he'll take command of, humm Battle group Cobra, yes I like that name... It'll be made up of 17th Para and 20th Special Forces. We'll hold them in reserve at our defensive line."

"Yes, sir."
19-11-2004, 21:04
Three pelicians fly low over the city of Cirialis checking enemy positions. An explosion rips through the air in front of them and the pelicans evade it. Enemy tanks roar through the main street of the city. The pelicans drop down to treetop level and release a torrent of 50 caliber armour peircing rounds, shreding the tanks.
Elsewhere, Pelicans drop several companies of troopers into various pionts in the city and set out, meeting little resistance. Troopers also follow behind heavy tanks and Hum-vees as they slowly make their way through the city's suburbs.

*In the capitol*
Troopers slowly make their way to the edge of the island, the island has been liberated. All resistance within the city has been nutrelized.

*In the south*
Troopers have been rerouted to Fort Columbia.

Today, a day of national mourning has been issued for the burial of Colonel Boyd. People are glued to their telivision sets as they watch the cerimony. Surviving 3rd company troopers stand in dress uniform saluting the lowering casket.
20-11-2004, 00:16
The City of Rendevat:

At the crack of dawn, 10th AA, supported by 13th AA, moved into the north of the city. The lead elements where soon in sustained gun battles with the rebels, who where holding key positions in the town. By mid-day 10th AA had only managed to clear a few of the most northern districts of the town.

With the northern offensive being bogged down in heavy fighting, Brigadier Melic ordered battle group cobra to penetrate the city via the highway to the east, in support of this operation an artillery strike was carried out by the 8th Mobile Artillery and the 1st Gurkha Artillery on the east of the city.

By the end of the day, battle group cobra had secured the east of the city and had linked up with the 10th AA in the north of the city.

Brigadier moved his HQ to the courthouse by the end of the night.

Friendly dead: 23
Enemy dead: 500

The following units are being deployed to the area:

- 4th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion (FT-4)
- 5th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion (FT-4)
- 5th Infantry Brigade
- 11th Special Operations Brigade
20-11-2004, 01:31
Little casulties reported, and as asked little if any artillery is being used in the northern city of Cirialis. 40% of the city has been reclaimed without much incident. A startling descovery has been found! All the inhabitants of Cirialis are dead, we suspect bioweapons. We will continue our advance into the city but with a sharper eye for anything else that seems suspicious.

To Tal Falas president:
Do you wish us to send troopers to take the place of the departing Golencian Marines so that a continued offensive can be maintained? How many troops to you have left in your military, we are willing to send aircraft, tanks and other war materials to your aid if needed.

Tar-Plantir, President/General
Vice President J. Boyce
21-11-2004, 04:13
25,000 Golencian Marines march back through Tal - Falas. 5,000 go to rejoin the Assault while another 20,000 Await orders from the Tal - Falas President.

OOC: The war i was supposed to have was one sided so I decided its overwith
Tal - Falas
21-11-2004, 04:57
To: all Allies in Tal - Falas
From: The High Council of Tal - Falas

We wish to inform you that you may begin to withdraw your troops if you Have other pressing affairs of state. The main objectives have been attained and if you do not wish to risk any more causualties, be assured that we will remember you with honor. The two major hotspots are Cirialis in the south and Rendevat in the North The Imperial guard is still over 600,000 strong and new equipment will be arriving within the next couple of days as will as the 300,000 reserves we had activated. the extrmist force is now estimated at only 50,000 which is only a third of its starting strength.. will give more later but we have some pressing issues to attend to.
21-11-2004, 06:42
Golencian Marines go on the march. General Powell has rejoined their ranks and is leading them to Cirialis. They hope to meet up with other allies and take the City quickly.

10 B-2 Stealth Bombers accompanied by F-22 Stealth Fighters are beggining entrance of Tal - Falas air space, and will land at the Makeshift airport created by the Marines.

To: All Allies in the Region
From: General Powell
Subject: Taking Cirialis

Im planning on calling in an air raid on the City to hit the enemy hard. After
the bombers make thier run i want everyman willing to charge into the City
and hopefully they'll fight victoriously in urban Warfare. Please let me know
which of you are willing to dedicate troops to the assault.

General Powell
21-11-2004, 22:43
To Allies:
Glad to see you back General Powell. The MCC has 40% of the city already under control. Form up on our flanks and we will attack as soon as the bombing run is over. All MCC trropers still able to fight have been rerouted to the city on preperation of the assult(100,980 troopers)

Golencia, you will have a flight of Pelicans to cover your bombing run(8 pelicans)

To Tal Falas President:
Now that the incedent is over, our people have asked me to ask you a favor. A great number of people wish to errect a statue in hounor of the troopers that fell at the fighting at the island to be placed on the hill where Colonel Boyd fell. I know it is a lot to ask for, but I would hate myself as well if I did not ask.

Tar-Plantir, General/President.
22-11-2004, 01:25
I am sorry to announce this but Boyctinius troops may need to be removed from the feild. Attacks on our country by insurgents that can be linked to those here that we are fighting have begun to rebell in our country. One city has already been demolished by a small nuclear detonation. All those who wish to help are welcome to it.

Tar-Plantir, Presidetn/General
22-11-2004, 01:36
5,000 Marines are being extracted from Tal - Falas and are in flight to your country. 20,000 Marines remain here and will help finish our mission here. This makes it 3 conflicts our military is currently involved in.

We hope that we can end all conflicts peacefully and quickly.
22-11-2004, 03:43
To: President of Tal - Falas
From: General Powell
Subject: Tal - Falas
We need information on all the remaining hotspots. Please give us a
report ASAP!
24-11-2004, 01:35
Boyctinus is removing all troops from this engagement.

Total losses:
1200 MCC troopers dead
400 MCC Injured
18 Pelican dropships
2 battle tanks
6 Hum-vees