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Elections in Svea Riga

Svea Riga
16-11-2004, 22:21
OOC: Surprisingly enough, since I have the second lowest political rights ranking, new elections is being held in Svea Riga. Love elections. The polls will be open X-numbers of days (until I see fit to close them). Enjoy the many colors of the Rigan political scene |':)

SFP – Svea (Riga) Freedom Party
Leader: Carl-Magnus Rödin
Political view: Communist/Socialist
Politics/Important agendas: Improve civil rights and stay in the CACE. Wants to improve funding for the military and have a more aggressive stance against nations that are considered a threat to Svea Riga. Wants to stay as a member of the CACE and also strengthen and make Svea Riga a more active part of it. SFP has together with (S) been in power since the dictatorship under Goran Perssons regime fell.
Expectations in the election: Is the clear favorite amongst the parties and it’s believed that only a change in politics or that the Social Democrats refuse to support them in the next mandate will take them down from power. Will end up as the biggest party as usual and form coalition government with the (S).

Preferred Models of Governance: A parliament divided in 349 seats, a proposal needs majority of the total votes to pass. A change of a law, any law needs a ¾ of the total votes available.

(S) – Social Democrats
Leader: Kim Bushek
Political view: Socialist
Politics/Important agendas: Wants to improve civil rights and political rights quite vastly. Give more funding to the social and education departments. Keep military budget as it is and begin to scrap the ABC-weapons program. Wants to stay as a member of the CACE but is interested to establish new connections with more right-wing nations.
Expectations in the election: Believed to go back a bit in the coming election, voters have abandoned the party and as a result the entire power-balance in Svea Riga is threatened. Will probably end up as second or third biggest party and support the SFP to establish a coalition government.

Preferred Models of Governance: A minister for each organ and every organ will have a council where the minister is head. The councils and ministers agree on their own issues but to pass the issue must get clearance from the President.

USSRR – United Socialist Svea Rigan Republic
Leader: Daniel Lundahl
Political view: Stalinist/Communist
Politics/Important agendas: An aggressive stance against outside nations, wants to build up the former glory of the Svea Rigan military force and also grant extra funding for the ABC-weapons program and develop new nuclear weapons. Wants to leave the CACE and establish strong relations with other more right-wing nations.
Expectations in the election: Have the strongest support among soldiers since the days before Goran Persson. The party can not challenge SFP or even (S) in matter of support from the population as a whole, but the support they get from soldiers is worrying, ties with the separatist groups operating inside Svea Riga have further weakened their support amongst the general population. Will probably become the third or fourth biggest party, won’t become a major factor in the inner politics of Svea Riga.

Preferred Models of Governance: A President with extreme powers and a Supreme Court that’s selected by the President. The President has absolute powers; his rulings can only be changed by the Supreme Court.

SRNP – Svea Rigan Nature Party
Leader: Tim Johansson
Political view: Democratic/Green
Politics/Important agendas: Wants to strengthen civil and political rights. Wants to divert the funds today going into the military to increase the support for environment and preservation of the nature in Svea Riga. Wants to stay as a member in CACE and take a more defensive stance against militaristic nations in the world. This party made huge success in the latest election and is believed to grow big enough to challenge the SFP.
Expectations in the election: Have a big chance of getting exceptionally more votes than in the last election and might form government if it gets the needed votes. Will probably end up second biggest party after the elections.

Preferred Models of Governance: Triangle rule, one President, a council and the Supreme Court. For a proposal to pass it needs the support for at least 2 of the 3 ruling organs. The president chose the council members and they decide the Supreme Court judges.

ND – National Democrats has been scrapped due to the insufficient support amongst the population. Another party has taken their place, the NSDP, National Socialist Democratic Party.

NSDP - National Socialist Democratic Party
Leader: Gustav Kasselstrand
Political view: Democratic/Socialist
Politics/Important agendas: Wants to strengthen the political and civil rights of the nation. Stay a member of the CACE but withdraw from the big scene operating more in the back not making much noise, divert funds from the Law & Order to social and educational departments. Keep military budget as it is and raise funds for environment and healthcare.
Expectations in the election: As a newly formed party with the strongest support amongst the elderly population in Svea Riga, the party is believed to get only a small total-percentage when the elections are over.

Preferred Models of Governance: Parliament with 39 seats, one president who with the help of his different departments can propose changes/orders which the parliament carries out.
Svea Riga
17-11-2004, 12:02