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Deal Signed with PRaetonia - Japan [EARTH II]

16-11-2004, 20:30
This morning, Hogsweatian Officials signed a deal with Praetonia concerning Japan. After much arguing, the following was agreed.


Hogsweat will transfer the sum of 2.5 Trillion USD to the Praetonian Embassy in Praetonia at the dawn of each new year.
Praetonia reserves the right to cancel the deal at any given time.

Military Deployments
Praetonia may deploy up to, but not in excess of, the following:

Twenty Ocean-Going Naval Vessels, Two Aircraft Carriers, Five Submarines, Twenty Gunboats / Corvettes.
Two Squadrons of Interceptor Aircraft. Long range aircraft: Eg, Tu 160/B-52 are not allowed.
Two battalions of infantry, and up to 100 Artillery support unit. Infinite number of logistics. No Armour.


Let it be noted that as of the Praetonian signing, and the official transaction of 3.5 Trillion USD, that the Peoples Socialist Republic of Hogsweat officially owns the sovereignty of the state of Japan.

---- Signed, Josef Dorsal