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Novaya Brazil to Begin Nuclear Program

Novaya Brazil
16-11-2004, 01:11
OOC:After searching through many threads on the forum, it occurs to me that most poeple dont accept small nations to have nukes, however most countrys that are small and make nuke threads act like spammers and/or bad posters, so please dont like flame me.

IC: NBCN (Novaya Brazil Communist Newscast)

This is Pedro Stal here for NBCN. As many of you know the first ever Novaya Brazil Nuclear power plant opened today in Trisha Village outside of Rio De Jeniero. The socialist vizier Alexi Cutev held a grand speech for the poeple of Brazil.

New footage shows of the vizier atop a podium, behind in lays the stack of a Nuclear Power Plant billowing smoke.

"This is a grand day for the poeple of Brazil and the Brazillian Socialist party. After 3 years, Trisha Nuclear Station is finally open. We will now be able to continue further Nuclear research to make us a leading power around the world, domesticly, militarily, and politicaly. Behind me is the fruit of the labor of thousands of Brazilians, this is just the beginning, soon, nuclear arms, fusion stations, will all be ours, no country will stand oposed to Novaya Brazil, Hail Novaya!.

*Crowd erupts in appluase*

Vizier walks off to stand behind to guards as well as an advisor.

Back to news.

"However, not all our happy this day as violent envirmentalist as well as peacekeepers have tooken to the streets in attempts.....the officer in charge of screening our broadcast had ordered me to ceese on that topic. Anyway on to Grovlins for sports then stay tuned for a brand new episode of 'Who Wants To Be An Immagrant".

OOC:We are looking for nations to help us in our Nuclear research and armament, we are looking to pay and offer our freindships and services to all nations willingly.
The eternal-dragons
16-11-2004, 01:25
---------Encrypted Message to Novaya Brazillian Leaders------

Although we have greatly disbanded our W.M.D taskforce......For a reasonable price we would be willing to send some of our stop nuclear experts to help you develop your reactors and uranium enrichment......However if we agree to this we expect to have access to some of your resources which we ask you to specify....

Your truly

Jecht Ackbar
16-11-2004, 01:29
Novaya Brazil,

A serious commitment to safe, clean nuclear power is commendable, from an environmental viewpoint. In addition, the recent conflict in Aligned Planets has shown us the importance of small nations, as well as large, owning nuclear armaments as a bargaining tool.
To this end, we will accept any sufficiently qualified Novaya Brazilian student wishing to study physics in a Slaytaniccan university, and will train a number of technitians and scientists to oversee the running of your nuclear power program at no cost to you. We wish no disasters.
We wish to trade embassies with your nation, if this is to your desire, with a strong possibility of supporting a nuclear weapon project in the near future.

Jeff C Gorevomit, Slaytanicca

OOC: Sorry man, I don't think my nation would give a dictatorship nukes at this stage, even a communist one (ok, maybe.) Saying that, 100 of my nukes are currently rusting in Cherry Ridge's waters. I think you'd know about this IC. They're disabled but you could salvage some technology from them (and turn this back into a PR disaster for my PM :)). I'd act fast though, I'm gonna try and get them back soon, if CR hasn't already.
Novaya Brazil
16-11-2004, 04:09
Thanks both nations for your genorosity to the Brazilian poeple. All your kindness will be noted. Eternal Dragon, you may have free trade of a fraction of our Uranium and/or Buaxite resources as these are our chief export.

IC Also we would like to point that we do not wish to salvage nukes from the sea or possibl start some kind og disagreement between this Cherry Ridge or other nations.
Novaya Brazil
16-11-2004, 06:49
The eternal-dragons
19-11-2004, 00:48
Now that it has been agreed, we shall send over a taskforce of our top Nuclear scientists to help your own team develop their own Uranium enrichment programs, whilst also helping you build reactors etc.Therefore two days from now they shall arrive along one of your Airports by private jet, accompanied by a squadron of Hind's for obvious security purposes. Upon completion of the project they shall return safely to our nation.

As for the trade links, we shall open up our ports for you two transfer your resources by ferry to our country. We also hope this is the start to many great things.

Yours truly Jecht Ackbar
Novaya Brazil
20-11-2004, 02:31
Thanks everyone for there help.