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The End of An Era, Birth of the New Empire (Future, Openish)

15-11-2004, 14:16
Morningstar Prime, Outskirts of TESUOA - The Eternal Soviet Union of Arenumberg

A City, innocent as any, New Deasana was a colony, prosperous and lead by the government to flourish as a prime trading outpost on the skirts of the Union, near the border of the raging Psionic nebulae, but not too close as to be in any danger, not from the nebulae, at least.

"..And that is when the Confederate forces overthrew the Dominion Government, leading us into our greatest era of all time, with the Commissiriate guiding us, and our great evolution, we ha.." The Teacher was cut off midsentence, as the school room shook, the childrens forms rippled from the shaking, as the room came to a stop, bits of dust and dirt falling from the cieling, followed by a small chunk of rock.

"Children, everybody, you know where to go, please, in a orderly line.."

Outside, people regained their footing, looking into the sky, the cities shields glared against the onslaught, three powerful beams pushing it to its limit, but that wasnt what worried the citizens, hundreds of dark shapes hung in the sky, if they could be seen from the ground, they must be huge. Hundreds more little black specks appeared, coming for the surface, the occupiers, if the shields fell. But these people were not here to occupy, they were here to destroy.

The shields finally gave way, their blue glare shattering and breaking as the beams made countact with the cities skycrapers and houses, people ran, and were consumed by the hundreds more beams that struck the surface.

The Dropships, landing everywhere, followed by drop-pods, vehicles, a whole invasion force.

The Colony could never get a word out, nor did it have a chance.

Before the day was out, every being on the planet was slaughtered, any and all.

27 Million Beings to the loss of no Invaders.

And this planet was but the first to become a place of bloodshed in the fall of the union.
16-11-2004, 00:38
OOC: Tag. If I cant kill you on Zeus, I can bloody well try here.
16-11-2004, 09:53
OOC: Sure can.. Just dont get blown to pieces by the psionic nebulae, then the defences.. might post again soon :)
17-11-2004, 02:52
OOC: Russia(s) proving to be even lousier than myself at sticking to combat RPs, so might as well shift some attention here. Before I post though, do you have plans already for the invaders or am I free to take that spot?
17-11-2004, 09:24
OOC: You sure can, if you've managed to suddenly construct a huge super advanced fleet i have no idea about, maybe you enlisted some friends?