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[ANNC Report] NSSA Forces Invade Neighboring Nations

15-11-2004, 06:50
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Approved by the government filters, the Avadrian National News Corporation as well as the other Avadrian news agencies began to cover the sudden and unexpected invasion of neighboring Vondoa. As well the international community began to react with minor protests and angry comments towards the Avadrian government.


The ANNC logo flashes on the screen before cutting to the image of an enthusiastic, brown haired, middle-aged anchorman.

"Just moments ago, we have received word that the NSSA forces stationed along the border between Dankorov and Vondoa have advanced into the nation of Vondoa."

The obviously excited reporter said. Upon receiving word of the invasion, the man appeared to almost jump out of his seat. It was obviously a huge story. Little did he know the magnitude of the coming story.

"The estimated troop strength of the NSSA soldiers is roughly 10,000 men. That includes sixty three Panzer Mark Sevens and an estimated three-hundred air cavalry units."

The reporter adjusted his tie and cleared his throat.

"Our own Cecil Habbard is on his way, preparing to link up with NSSA enroute to Advara.

More on the story as it develops"

The reporter said before going on to other news. It was obvious he wasn't nearly as excited about the economy as he was about the NSSA's invasion of Vordoa.


However the invasion wasn't initally olanned or agreed upon by the NSSA as a whole. Only the most influential members were behind it, the plan being headed by Avadria, and masterminded by Minister Kurgen. Already, soldiers from the Avadrian regular forces were advancing down from the mountains towards the Vondoan captial of Advara.

The attack was expected to last no more than half a week at the most. Then they could move the NSSA forces towards the Rialian border as well as position their forces in Faldreia towards the Rianian border. All that was left would be a simple matter of persuasion to convince the Kingdom's governments to join the NSSA. That or risk becoming another part of the Avadrian Empire.

NSSA Insignia

Regional Map Showing the NSSA-ODNS Factions
16-11-2004, 05:14
-Fifteen Minutes Later-

After the anchorman droned on about the stock exchange, the mildly interesting look at the early phases of the Kurgen Line, as well as a report on the NSSA's equipment, a look of excitment washed across his face.

"This just in, our frontline reporter, Cecil Habbard, has linked up with NSSA soldiers advancing towards Advara."

The camera cut to live feed of the young reporter, riding in the back of jeep, as they drove pass a column of gray-blue tanks.

"Yes, We have linked up with NSSA Feldgruppe 2-74." The jeep hit a slight bump in the road, throwing the reporter temporarily off balance. "From the looks of their nationality patches, this combined unit is mostly Avadrian, although there is a large sum of Dankorovian and Hildoan troops mixed."

The jeep continued along, pulling close to a column of soldiers marching. It slowed down to match their pace and Cecil leaned over, microphone in hand to do a brief interview.

"Sir… Sir… How do you feel about this?" He asked, the camera focusing on the young soldier.

"I don't think I take orders" The soldier replied laughing. One of the other men raised his fist up into the air triumphantly, already predicting a victory.

Cecil looked somewhat irritated at the simple response, but he had been expecting something along those lines. The camera turned to face while finished.

"That's all for now as we march to Advara with the 2-74. The next report should be coming straight from the hot zone" He said, sounding excited about the scoop.
16-11-2004, 21:25
"Thank you Cecil..." The reporter said still excited from the whole matter. He was especially excited about the next piece of news that was to be broadcasted.

"We have received word from our reporters covering the Bereznia-Hildoan stalemate, that the Hildoan government has called for NSSA forces present in the region to mobilize. As well we have recieved word that the ODNS has begun to mobilize troops in support of the Bereznian people.

We expect to see early gains by the NSSA forces, however once ODNS forces arrive we expect to see the conflict return to stalemate status."

The reporter said, happy about the story, but the underlying message was grim. The NSSA-ODNS involvment in the conflict could threaten to rip the region apart, the fighting spilling over into other regions.

Whether it was part of Kurgen's plan or not, it would still open up new, 'soft' ground for the Avadrian's to plant their flag.
25-11-2004, 03:01
In the following day, NSSA forces marched proudly into the city of Advara where they linked up with Avadrian forces who had arrived a day earlier. Hardly a shot was fired, the Vondoan government cooperating fully. They had been ensured by the Empire that their cooperation would guarntee the safety and well being of their people for years to come. Little did they know what they were agreeing to.

The Vondoan captial of Advara was handed over to the Avadrian's and the NSSA forces marched north towards the Rialian border. Meanwhile NSSA soldiers began to assemble along the Rianian border, awaiting the orders to advance.

Of course it wasn't in the NSSA's plan to actually invade either kingdom. Merely to flaunt their power and force them into taking a side.