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LFNR Newsbreak: First graduation of Military Officers.

14-11-2004, 23:45
From Lemieuxstad Federal News Reel

Today at Lemieuxstad's Land Forces Academy the first graduates of the Officer course were handed their traditional bow and golden arrow to commemorate their graduations.4 000 new recruits entered the course 1 year ago and have now become full paid active members of the Lemieuxstad Armed Forces.

The day began with a parade on the Academy's parade ground in front of emissaries from the Sultanate of Vastiva as well as President Lemieux and his coucil and General Dallaire the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.After it the graduates were able to exchange with fellow citizens on what it is like to be in the Armed Forces and an intense recruitment multi-media show was shown on 4 giant screens.During the following dinner and party the top ranked new officers attended an official meal with President Lemieux and his collegues from Vastiva.

On a sadder note Ltn. Tremblay a newly graduated officer was charged with drunk driving and negligible conduct as well as aggravated unintended homicide after he collided with a schoolbus full of kids after the evening long party of the Graduation Festivities.Ltn. Tremblay faces the death sentence by firing squad if he is proven guilty.

The new Officer Course was establisehd one year ago on 14th november and graduates normally finish the course approximately one year later on the 1st of october.While the training is very harsh each graduates has a degree or master in the subject of his choice being paid by the government after he finishes the course.

Plans are for a graduation of 2 500 graduates for the following years but this could be amended following the peculiar demands of the Armed Forces.The first 4 000 graduates will now work on training the first crop of 500 000 draftees which should begin their training in november next year when all equipment for the Infantry Corps would have been delivered and when the new bases across country will be opened.

Cynthia Devers, Military Journalist LFNR, Land Forces Academy.