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Research into the integration of nanotechnology into life forms

The Mighty Quin
06-11-2004, 14:21
Announcement from Secret Lab Bunker in The Mighty Quin

"Yes, we are perfecting nanotechnology," said the man in dark in front of the screen
"we have scientists constantly working on it and expect the 20 year research to be completed by next year. When completed these "nanobots" may be put into a human body. There are currently two types of biointegratable nanobots that we have developed. One that acts as what could be called a super red blood cell, one type that work together and act as super muscle cell. Ofcourse we are working on many other types that shall not be released until the time is right."
end transmission
06-11-2004, 14:30
The Imperium is always interested in acquiring new science...Please, tell us more of these development. In return, we could provide you with powerful weapons and genetic technology.
The Mighty Quin
06-11-2004, 15:22
The blood "nanites" work in this way:

a person has them put into their body, it will take up all the original blood cells . These nanites act just like normal red blood cells only they hold about 20 times more oxygen. In other words a person could do strenuous exercise and not get exhausted.

The muscle nanites as said work just like muscle and the strands go straight into the area of the body. The strands are just like normal muscle fibers in that they are stimulated by the electical messages from the nervous system. The difference though is that they are made of different materials (a metal/plastic combination that is stimulated by electric charges) and are much more powerful than normal muscle tissue.

Any other questions?
06-11-2004, 15:26
IC: We are greatly intrested in this to see if the technology will be integratable with our developing of muscle, blood and brain drugs and chemcials to greatly increase the proformance of all our troops.

Can you give projected prices, costs, dose amounts, and if possible production rights to these nanobots?
The Mighty Quin
06-11-2004, 15:38
Nanobot alpha "The blood nanobot":

Full transfusion for a troop would cost 15,000

Nanobot beta "The muscle nanobot"

The price depends and varies. For a whole body with 30 new strands in each major muscle group it would cost 50,000. Mind you the effects from the nanobots strands are very potent.
06-11-2004, 15:46
OOC: That is WAY too much for a person to benchpress, your talking about picking up a car. The human bone structure cannot even take that. Better change it to 400-500 pounds.
The Mighty Quin
06-11-2004, 15:50
OOC: Actually in real life body builders can bench 400-500 pounds but I will change it to make it reasonable.
06-11-2004, 16:17
OOC: well ok, but your average 18-30 year old soldier cannot bench 400+, bodybuilders yes.