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DRoEWT issues Maritime Advisory Zones for volcanic testing (contains map)

Evil Woody Thoughts
05-11-2004, 03:08
OOC: I've been researching this for quite a while; the original announcement of research in this area can be found here:

IC: All naval vessels traveling in the general vincinity of the Mid-Atlantic southeast of the Canary Islands are advised that the Democratic Republic of Evil Woody Thoughts will be performing volcanic testing in the area. We are attempting to create new islands through creating new undersea volcanoes and forcing them to erupt until they emerge above sea level. This presents a maritime hazard for passing ships.

The Maritime Advisory Zones shall be bound by the following coordinates:

6 degrees 30 minutes North to 12 degrees North Latitude
27 degrees West to 39 degrees 30 minutes West Longitude

These advisories are actually split into two separate zones as seen on the map below. Evil Woody Thoughts (and the region of Shagatopia) are located on an archipelago centered approximately 220 nm east of the easternmost Maritime Advisory Zone.

We will not prevent naval vessels from entering these waters but they do so at their own risk, namely the risk of a volcano erupting underneath them.

Map as follows:
Evil Woody Thoughts
05-11-2004, 03:24
These advisories remain in effect for the next 6 NS months.
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 10:56
The Democratic Republic of Evil Woody Thoughts hereby announces the test date for the first artificially-induced volcanic eruption ever recorded. The test will take place within the Maritime Advisory Zones and all nations are invited to send delegations to observe the proceedings. Due to safety concerns, we recommend, though we do not require, that all observers stay at least 20 nm outside of the borders of the Maritime Advisory Zones.

16 tests will occur simultaneously at 0415 hours, on 6 November 2014.

Ministry of Science and Technology
Democratic Republic of Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 11:00
To: Evil Woody Thoughts Test Leader.
From: Dr. Frank Debouche` JGST (Jurrik Geological Survey Team), President Krik Guztik.


A few selected personnel would like to attend the testing of this new device. We have a severe interest into it, judging as we are about to run low on land qualities for Growing our Crops. Please decline or accept our request immediately, as we would have to arrange Transport via a Military Transport. Also, could we bring our Thank you for your time.


The forementioned parties.
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 11:05
To: Evil Woody Thoughts Test Leader.
From: Dr. Frank Debouche` JGST (Jurrik Geological Survey Team), President Krik Guztik.


A few selected personnel would like to attend the testing of this new device. We have a severe interest into it, judging as we are about to run low on land qualities for Growing our Crops. Please decline or accept our request immediately, as we would have to arrange Transport via a Military Transport. Also, could we bring our Thank you for your time.


The forementioned parties.

Your delegation may bring its own security, provided that they do not bring with them any weapons of mass destruction. The Ministry of Economics has approved the notion of selling islands produced in this manner, but has declined to sell rights to the technology behind it. We hope to develop the capability to do this on an industrial scale within a few years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Democratic Republic of Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 11:13
As soon as the message was recieved, another message was relayed to the Ground crews at the Jurrik Flight Field. It was a governmental field.

Quickly, the men boarded onto the One CH-47s, it included supplies and alteast 50 troops that had been taught to defend the President at all costs. Quickly, it picked up into the air. Checking out the area and then noticed the Two F-16s that belonged to Jurrik.

A few minutes before the deadline.

They radioed in "Evil Woody Thoughts, unknown craft. This is Craft 00866AF88, Diplomatic Jurrik Craft. Do we have authorzation to land?"

When they did (hopefully) recieve Authorzation. They would quickly land and come to a full halt. The troops going out first to check out things. Securing the area and then President Krik Guztik would step off. A rather nice man. Wearing a pricey Armani suit and looking quite busy. Behind him, was the Legendary Scientist and Geological Surveyer, Dr. Frank Debouche`. Smuggled from a diffrent country.

It was going to be a wonerful day. A wonderful day indeed. This Science rivaled so many things.
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 11:22
Jurrik, you are hereby granted permission to land on the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier EWT $pitball.

During the last few months, specialized deep-sea "oil" rigs had been drilling deep into the Earth's crust in the Maritime Advisory Zones. However, they were not drilling for oil. They were drilling to reach the Earth's mantle, and at a depth of 23,000 feet, they found it.

These specialized rigs were not intended to bring material up from the depths of the earth. Rather, they were designed for implanting seismic explosives within it.

Meanwhile, on the oceanic surface, various dignitaries had gathered for the imminent fireworks display. Aboard the heavily-modified Iowa-class flagship EWT Independence, Admiral Douglass, Chief of Staff, Prime Minister Woody II, and Dr. Podolefsky, the director of the research project, gathered on the bridge with gleeful anticipation. The fireworks would be underway in a few minutes when the Prime Minister ordered the detonation of the seismic explosives.

The "oil" rigs were forfeit. Helicopters from the 2nd Fleet of the Evil Woody Thoughts Navy quickly evacuated all who staffed them before the remote-controlled detonation.
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 11:41
When the last of the "oil" rig evacuees arrived on the carrier EWT $pitball, the technicians on the EWT Independence ran through their checklists. When the green light was given, Admiral Douglass ordered the simultaneous detonation of 16 45-megaton seismic explosives, all buried 22,500 feet below the waterline.

Minutes later, Dr. Podolefsky received a satellite call from the geology department at Evil Woody University, and informed of an outbreak of earthquakes recorded on seismographs ranging from 7.6 to 8.4 on the Richter scale, in the general vincinity of the test area.

"Excellent," she thought to herself. She made the announcement over the broadband radio that the first part of the test had succeeded.

Minutes later, the water in the Advisory Zones furiously started to bubble, as the gases released in the undersea eruptions made their way to the surface. Everyone was issued a gas mask, just in case. For several hours, the dignitaries watched the bubbling from a distance, as visibility declined due to an increasingly heavy concentration of ash.

After five and a half hours, the first island finally poked up from the sea. Over the next hour, several volcanic craters emerged, and the spectators were treated to a dazzling display of fits of magma being thrown thousands of feet in the air. As the magma fell back to the ocean immediately surrounding the volcano, it immediately cooled into new land.

The eruptions continued intermittently throughout the day, and Dr. Podolefsky predicted that they would last for a couple of weeks. 16 detonations, and of those, 13 volcanoes had risen from the sea. Dr. Podolefsky declared this research project a success. However, she noted that after the eruptions cooled down, the new islands would have to be seeded with plant life, and it would be several years before they would be even remotely inviting.
06-11-2004, 11:53
Smiled, and after it was all done, took back off the Gasmask and handed it back to someone. He was curious. He let his Doctor and the other doctor talk, while he moved to the Admiral.

I'm curious about this. It seems quite...interesting. He spoke quietly, brushing off his clothing to remove the ash. "How much is the Cost for one of this Operations, to be done?" He was definetly well noted about this kind of thing.

He finally pulled aside one of the Survey Teams that was brought along with them. "Grab a Inflatable off the CH-47 and put it out to Sea. I want some pictures of that. Especially any Debris from the Area." The man nodded lightly and ran off to the CH-47 to organize his gear.

This was just flat out amazing. He had never seen anything like this done, but yet, it seemed to be dangerous at the same time. The Jurrik Land was enforced by X-beams and a Earthquake of 8.3 on the Reichter scale might be dangerous. The Simulations had only tested it up to 7.5. Hmm...
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 12:20
Admiral Douglass had been briefed on the volcanology project, but he had not become a geologist in his hour-long briefing. He knew that at least a couple of trillion dollars had been invested in this research over the span of two decades, but he had no idea how much the test itself cost. He had no idea what the drilling rigs cost, nor how much the seismic explosives cost. He did, however, know someone who did possess this information.

He turned to Jurrik's delegation and asked them, "I don't know the details of what you ask for, but would you like to arrange for a conference with Dr. Podolefsky, who supervised this project?"
06-11-2004, 12:25
President Krik Guztik nodded. Chuckling lightly and then spoke up. "Yes. I would perfer that. Thank you for referring." He nodded one last time. Saluting. Showing off Respect to the Admiral before he moved to the Doctors. The JGST Doctor and Dr. Poldoesky. He didn't say anything for now, not wishing to interrupt their chiming.

Though, he then noticed a few of his Officers on deck. Unloading Four Crates and putting them into the Raft. Each one marked with 'WARNING: HIGH EXPLOSIVE! DO NOT JOSTLE!" In English. He didn't say anything. It was Testing Equalivance. Though, first they would radio in to ask permission via the CB units they had onboard.

He didn't mind. Though, Two F-16s flew overhead. He glanced up lightly before noticing the Jurrik Underbelly. No need for fear, though they should have been back at Jurrik Nations by now, unless they were watching a Ch-47, which wouldn't make sense. He had cancelled all flights today. Today was a Designated National Holiday. It was a holiday for those who worked in the Factories.
Evil Woody Thoughts
06-11-2004, 13:01
President Krik Guztik, along with a few of his representatives, were ushered into a briefing room normally used for battle damage assessments. However, all sensitive equipment had been removed from the room. Soon, Dr. Podolefsky, along with her detachments, entered the room.

"Greetings, esteemed representatives of The Oppressed Peoples of Jurrik. President Krik Guztik, it is my understanding that you wish to know how much these sorts of operations cost, correct?"

President Krik Guztik answered, "Yes, Dr. Podolefsky. We are very much interested in finding out how much this sort of thing would cost."

Dr. Podolefsky shuffled her papers for a minute as budget estimates ran through her mind. After a few seconds, she went to give a somewhat detailed presentation:

"President Krik Guztik, we have spent more than three trillion dollars over the last eighteen years to perform the feat that you just saw. The cost of the tests that your delegation just witnessed was approximately $850 billion, and that does not include the costs of surveying the land, drilling magma drains into the volcanoes to render them dormant, nor seeding them. These operations, especially the second, will cost at least another half trillion dollars and will take at minimum two years to complete.
It has been further brought to my attention that your entire nation is underground, and that your X-braces have never been put under the strain of an earthquake of 8.4 magnitude, much less a series of them. This is why we performed these tests more than two hundred miles away from any inhabited land. While these earthquakes were certainly felt in Evil Woody Thoughts, they were far enough away so as to not cause any major damage. Several hours have passed since the earthquakes themselves, and we have received no reports of significant damage at all. It helps a lot if this isn't performed near existing civilizations.
It is the policy of the government of Evil Woody Thoughts to guard this technology closely, and there is not much more I can say. The cost of this undertaking remains to be seen, as we still have to do some terraforming on these islands, but it isn't cheap. While we cannot sell your nation the technology to do this, we could raise new islands and sell them to Jurrik; however, Jurrik must be able to afford it. Furthermore, we do not expect to be able to undertake these operations on a commercial scale for several years, and we still need to calculate the final price tag."
06-11-2004, 22:07
The President nodded lightly. Several of his troops shuffled into the room. Stepping up to the President and whispering. He then shared the whispering with Dr. Frank Debouche`.

Doctor Frank: We've heard that by our JSGT that your lava, doesn't have the same Conscientcy as normal Lava. Can you inform us, why? I'm interested in this topic.

Krik: Before you answer that question, I'd like to ponder, so could also send our JSGT home with a Dossier of this experiment as you might state it.

They both nodded lightly, awaiting the answer of why certain things were the way they were.



As the men in the rafts promptly chucked in two more C4 Packages causing small explosions to riddle out, they were surprised. Nodding their heads lightly, and jotting down notes and radioing back to the Main Troops who recorded the Experimental Notes. It was interesting. Very interesting. Though, upon waisting 50lbs of C4, they begun to coast back to the Main Ship. Radioing into the Captain. "This is JSGT, mind pickin' us up via the Boat Lift or the Flight Deck?"

They pushed the box overboard. It weighed about 18lbs so it promptly sank. No one would really care. THey would probably relate the explosions to that of a Volcanic nature.

Though, the JSGT was quite reckless in their actions, they awaited to be re-admitted back onboard.
Evil Woody Thoughts
07-11-2004, 00:49
Dr. Podolefsky considered the requests of Jurrik's President and Dr. Frank. After a few minutes, she granted approval for Jurrik to document this experiment, though she was somewhat confused by the reports that the lava from the eruptions "didn't have the same consistency as normal lava."

She turned to Jurrik's delegation and asked them, "What anomolies did you find?"
07-11-2004, 01:03
Ahemed and waited silently. Several members in Military Fatigues entered, and handed President Krik Guztik a small Notepad. He read off the few lines.

"Of what we could notice, Ma'am. Your little idea has multiple problems. The Lava Constiency should be MUCH more thicker. You have debris from other locations, which might hinder the cooling process. Also, you seem to have a Disruptive flow. They all need to go off at once."

He nodded a few times in self-approval. Adjusting his suit lightly, he relaxed in the chair. Gazing at the Doctor. His doctor then left the room. As if a Invisible signal was given. He leaned forward abit more. Awaiting her to answer his quesiton, and then he'd shoot out a Deadly one.
Evil Woody Thoughts
07-11-2004, 01:24
Dr. Podolefsky thought about President Krik Guztik's concerns. The abnormally thin lava had a fairly simple explanation, but the geologists from Evil Woody Thoughts had not even begun to survey the details of what had happened underneath the volcano. Yes, even though the experiment was a success, there was still much data to collect from it.

She answered, "As you know, lava thickness has a lot to do with temperature--as it cools, it thickens. This is the first time in recorded history that thirteen volcanoes have erupted practically right next to each other, and at the same time. Weather satellites estimate the temperature in some locales as high as three hundred degrees Celsius, as the heat from multiple eruptions can build up quite quickly. Hence, the lava is correspondingly thinner and will take longer to cool. We predicted that we would not even be able to set foot on these new islands for a month. Regarding your concerns about disruptive flow, our geologists will investigate the interaction of the volcanoes interacting (and interfering) with each other when they have full access to the islands."
Evil Woody Thoughts
21-11-2004, 22:50
Now that the eruptions have come to a complete end, and everything has cooled into firm land, we can issue our final survey results.

Final Survey Results

Woodymanjaro 7,940 square miles
Isle of Woody 5,402 square miles
Evil Isle 5,179 square miles
Whitfield Island 4,855 square miles
Elveshia Memorial Island 4,631 square miles
Isle of Aragorn 4,973 square miles
Mt. St. Woody 4,520 square miles
Evil Woody Island 4,318 square miles
Hatala 2,841 square miles
Snell Island 2,318 square miles
Beilski Island 1,737 square miles
Woodard Island 1,023 square miles
Halliburton I$land 691 square miles