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A rebel Force gathering in Kazaki

04-11-2004, 23:41
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"Well,uh,general sir we have reports of a rebel uprising in the south right near the old capital, Gename. It should be nothing,uh,we'll send in one of the Special Forces units to quell it. Oh and,uh, they have this tape they would like you to watch. Don't worry the security boys already cleared it." A fidgety man said. Glancing up at the man he was speaking to he stifled a laugh.

"Galley you dirty piece of crap. You woke me up at four in the morning to tell me that? It couldn't have waited until after I had awoken?Ahh no mind it I was to have gotten up anyway." A man in a bright black bath robe and slippers mumbled.

He motions for Galley to sit in a chair and mutters something about getting dressed. He lurches along towards the bathroom,still groggy from sleep.
Looking in the bathroom mirror he inspects himself.

"Well Thompson ol' boy you aren't as young as you used to be. This position is making you look old. Oh well the Queen wishes I fill the position so be it. But there was nothing in the job description about four A.M. wake up calls."
He proceeds to wash up and get dressed. Finally he walks back out to find Galley gone.

"Where the hell did that man go? He always looks so scared around me. Hmm I wonder why." Suddenly he hears a beckon from the office adjacent from his room. Walking into the room he finds his staff of advisors ready and waiting to view the movie so he sighs and takes his place and motions for the movie to start.

OOC: You can decide what the movie shows I guess
04-11-2004, 23:46
"We have something you might be interested in," questioned the Emmisary,"this tape we have aqquired seems to point to terrorist training in neighbouring Angwana, we have for many years belived they have hauboured terorrists, and we also fear they are suplying them with weapons grade plutonium, we alread have forces on the border for a pre-emtive strike, but we request your help."
04-11-2004, 23:55
A messenger comes into the office as the movie is about to start playing.

"General Thompson sir!"A quick salute "We have a lead in the rebel forces and where they may be getting weapons and being harbored. Botsgolia just sent us this" With this the messenger reads it,"But sir we are not sure of the validity of this statement we would have to request further information as to why they think this. But the Council reccommends we send a few thousand troops as a goodwill sort of thing."

Thompson nods and slowly says" Go ahead send the 89th to Botsgolia. They will surely do some good. But be sure to tell me if any of them are killed or threatened while there. They will be supplied with reinforcments if this should happen"

The messenger turns and walks out to wire a message to Botsgolia.

To: Botsgolia
From: Kazaki High Council
We are sending the 89th regiment to your nation. They consist of 7500 troops with a special forces unit attached to them. The special forces consists of 30. They will be backed up with only what they would normally use, that is the tanks and a few support helicopters. If anymore assistance is needed do not hesitate to ask. For now any help would be appreciated in gathering information about the rebel cell and possibly taking a few for questioning.

Edit for the sake of I forgot to add the numbers of the 89th
05-11-2004, 00:26
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