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Rath and Storm

Harmonia Mortus
30-10-2004, 04:43
Yes, I know the title is a ripoff, but it sounds cool :P
Think of this as Earth VI for Futuretech nations.

The Keeper Charnel sat, if that was the right word, on his throne. It was quite large, made of a single piece of black metal and whoever said 'You can build a throne of bayonettes, but you cant sit on it for long' would have had a heart attack looking at this monstrosity. It was rather spikey, sharp angles and pointy bits.
Not the Charnel minded much, he didnt have any nerves.
More to the point, he didnt have a body.
There was an object there, a body. Not really his, this was summoned from the æther. It was basicaly a sort of meat-puppet. But even IF Charnel chose to feel pain from the body (sometimes he did, it was nice to feel things sometimes) it wouldnt have bothered him. Anyway, his servants didnt like being addressed by voices from nowhere, a few had started hearing OTHER voices, which told them to do things which Charnel did not will, such as throwing themselves from the top of the mountain.
The puppet wasnt occupied at the moment though, it sat slumped on the throne, one of the wicked looking spikes had pierced its left forearm, there was no blood, but the Keepers court had adjourned quickly that day, something about the blank stare of an empty body with a spike in its arm unnerved them.
To Charnel...
He was sitting (metaphorically)...nowhere. A vast blank expanse of infinity, infinite space, infinite possibility. This place was Empty. The capitol letter was deserved. This proto-universe was totaly and wholey nowhere, noplace, utopia.
This was the start.
Charnel concentrated, feeling the full forces of 275 million souls, the power of the lands, the beasts, he would need it.
Charnel put his will forth.
There was a flash, and a hole exactly one nothing of an inch wide, one nothingth of an inch tall, and one nothing of an inch wide became the first thing to occupy any space in the universe. Slowly, so slowly, it grew until it was roughly the size of a baseball.
If Charnel had had a forehead it would have been beaded with sweat, if he had been human the pure power flowing through him would have incinerated him in half an instant thus negating the need for a forehead.
The ball continued to grow, now it was the size of a large beachball, a car, a house, a town, a city, a country, but it didnt stop. This was a world in the making.
Back in Harmonia streams would run dry, animals would die, the air would fry, and throughout the nation beings simply froze, imobilized by the amount of energy drawn from them, some would never move again. Some vanished or imploded on the spot, two or three managed to resist the strange call in their souls and screamed when they died as their minds were torn in two by their will and Charnels call.
The ball (now about the size of Mars) had stabilized, it would maintain itself for now.
Rath was born.
Soon though the really hard part would begin. Charnel willed himself back to Harmonia. Most of his minions seemed relativly unphased by his massive drain of energy, a few had died, but what were individuals next to his purpose? Charnel was a god, or nearly so. He could work his will anywhere in Harmonia, and a few places outside of it. One day, it would be everywhere, he knew. It was his destiny. The Christains, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindu, and even those blasted Zoroastians, their God, or gods, would pay homage to him, the world would bend to his will, and those who resisted would suffer a fate much worse than death.
If Satan existed Charnel promised himself that they would work out some kind of contract.

First off:
You most likely have no way of detecting this unless you are a fantasy nation with rather sophisticated Thaumic detectors of some kind. Some odd things might happen here and there, due to leakage from the huge amount of magic in use.

Basic plan:
Basicaly I plan on making a world for my nation, this will be massively expensive, and rather taxing to my population, as well as my economy.
I will be maintaining my nation on Earth, though, since theres a bunch of cultural history there, and extra land is extra power, for Charnel at least.
The PURPOSE is to get away from Earth, where Harmonia is rather vulnerable to attack by anybody who pleases to destroy it. Rath is in a sort of pocket-universe about the size of the Milky Way galaxy, most of it is space.
If you have CONSTRUCTIVE questions feel free to ask them. If your going to post something along the lines of:
"OMG! Ur s0 stupid! you cant do that because of (insert random science jargon here, possibly add link to a website about the physics of flying saucers no less than three meters in diameter)."

I realize that this is kinda out there, but since people are calling Earth's into existance out of that mysterious realm of Asspace (I-V) for modern nations, well, a world for Futuretech nations sounds good.
Yup, this will evenutally be avalible for colonization by other nations. You can go ahead ahead and pre-claim areas by the numbers on the zones. You can claim one zone for now, except for the sea and artic zones, which will be left open for some interesting conflict later.

For now Rath is basicaly a large ball of magical energy floating in nullspace. After a while it will become sort of earthlike, a bit barren at first, but that can be fixed.

IF you want, two people can claim a spot and fight over it, it might be an interesting RP, since there isnt an environment or population to devastate, and it would be almost totaly flat.

Current OOC Claims:
1-Camel Eaters
9-Harmonia Mortus
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 03:02
On the second day Charnel created Land.
He set to work again, reaching into the vast pool of energy below and willing it to have form. Soon a small point of black was just visible in the mass of shifting colours that stretched on forever, it seemed.
This grew and spread, reaching out fingers of reality into the storm of random freefloating magical power and forcing it to conform. Around the edges of the island of land flames and worse arced into the sky, what sky there was. For here there were no stars, just endless Black from horizon to horizon, seducing and dominating the senses. It seemed to suck at the eyes, creating a sort of horizontal vertigo.
Soon the island had grown to cover the world.
A perfectly smooth plane now covered the ball, slowly working its way inward, solidifying the magic.
It was a simple matter to use the remaining power to cause the top layer to form water, with this vast power Charnel could do nearly anything, creating worlds was just busywork.

On the third day, Charnel made the Islands
This was the difficult bit.
Using your mind to force objects into shape is a risky buisness, because basic physics will cause your brain to fly out of your ears if you try anything too heavy. Charnel had no brain, but this was one situation where pain was present, even in his magical form. It was a sharp, splitting pain. Charnel grit his metaphorical teeth and tried to ignore it, focusing on bringing land up through the waves that now rolled slowly over the planet.
A peak or two came up, then five, six, seven, the number tripled, quadrupled. Now larger massess were coming up, continients, large islands, small islands, those archy-things he couldnt remember how to spell.

On the fourth day, he said 'screw this' and assigned the thing to some underlings.
Now that the really hard parts were over Charnel could rest, some mages were getting on with the whole trees, animals and atmosphere bit.
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 03:10
Seeing as our magic is helping to create this. We would like plots one and two.
31-10-2004, 03:24
OOC: I would prefer plot 3 for myself. It gives more than enough room for my nation to expand into.


The Pentova Netor, a fighter on a scouting mission, was quietly shooting through space. It was doing nothing more than looking for another planet besides the single Earth it had discovered so far. And, yet, discovering quickly that most of space was truly empty. Suddenly, the ship stopped, it's systems powering down.

"What mejnot caused this?" Captain Hathor asked.

"Sir, we can't tell. It appears as though our systems are being drained, but I can't tell by what. Wait, power is comming back," Leutent Tonar said.

"Look for any inhabitted planets! And I mean any! I want to know who did this," the captain said.

"Sir, no need. It appears we are in orbit above Earth. Wait, I don't think this is the Earth we know. It appears our FTL Jump was ended early," the leutent said.

"Open a communication to them. I want to know who it is, how they did this, and if they are interested in an alliance," the captain said.


~Communication to Harmonia Mortus~
We have recently experienced unknown technical difficulties and believe something someone on your planet is experimenting with is the cause. We wish to understand what cause our difficulties.
-Captain Hathor
-Captain of the Most Serene Republic of DemonLordEnigma
~End communication~

OOC: I know this is bad, but I am in a rush at the moment. Please forgive.
31-10-2004, 03:26
(1) Dibs on No.4
(2) @Anyone who challenges my claim to the third most advanced thaumaturgic nation: Only Menelmacar and Melkor have thus far used anything that matches the forces that Weyr has used over the last year or so. Harmonia has used the thaum bomb, but that's nothing compared to what Weyr has done to its own populace over the summer.

"Whoa....." was the thought of the day. Cyclers whined, speeding up and slowing down, pulling and loosening the threads of the Net, the web of thaumaturgic lines that bridged the multiverse. In the depths of The Tower, far beneath the megapolis that was Wye City (, a great hall was a flurry of activity.

"Ever seen anything like this?" Alchemist Josiah Nash asked, looking down from one of the walkways far above the floor of the great hall.

"Yes, twice. Once at Majora's Grave, when the Alchemists and Magi'i created a FLUX storm and wiped out half of Weyr; and once fifty years ago, when the Alchemists melted Southport and created the Corpse," Ash shuddered. He looked down, at the cylindrical cyclers, at the alchemists and magi'i stabilizing the hall that watched the pulse of the multiverse. "I'll send a message," he said, after a moment.

To: Harmonia Mortus
From: The Tower at Wye
Subject: FLUX

Has your nation, or any part of your nation, recently been subject to massive thaumaturgic-spacial-temporal distortions?

Lord Ash, Lord of Eternal Twilight
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 04:15
OOC: Claims are OOC at the moment, ICly nobody really knows anything about this other than theres lots of magical leakage into the 'real' universe.
Camel Eaters, were not drawing from allied states, that would be rather bad taste and might cause some sort of war. Generaly people dont appreciate having their citizens energy drained ;)
Charnel might be mildly insane, but he isnt stupid.

General Dispatch to all parties:
The disruptions you may have noticed are caused by thaumic disturbances initiated in a recently discovered pocket universe. We are currently conducting magically based experiments in this area. No major disturbances should occur, and if anything does happen to happen, reperations can be arranged.
Details on WHAT is occuring will be avalible shortly, our national leader is having a bit of a liedown after certain godlike activities. Its genearly not wise to disturb him after such events. The best thats happened was inceneration, I think the worst was that time after his body got drunk and he wanted to know what a hangover.
31-10-2004, 04:22
OOC: My nation hasn't even discovered magic yet, so to them it's even stranger.


~Communication to Harmonia Mortus~
We understand and await a chance to speak to you about this when your leader is ready for us. Until then, we request permission to remain in orbit while making repairs on our ship.
-Captain Hathor
-Captain of the Most Serene Republic of DemonLordEnigma
~End communication~
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 04:43
OOC: Well the magic is drawn from the forever replinishing land.
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 06:25
Yeah, MY forever replinishing land.
Did I mention that this is in an alternate universe? Sorry DarkLordEnigma. Do you have some sort of hyperdriveish thing that could have dropped you there by accident? Or perhaps your guys were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got sucked in.

DemonLordEnigma Vessel:
You may enter parking orbit of Rath, landing is not advised.

General Dispatch to all parties:
Greetings, people of Sol, the Milky Way and Universe 1.
I am the Keeper Charnel, Lord of Harmonia Mortus. I am here to make you an offer.
With great personal expense the people of Harmonia Mortus have enabled me to create a new thing. Something which before only a god could witness, I have seen the creation of a new plane. A new universe.
Though it is true that this universe is nearly microscopic in comparison to our own, it is about the size of our own galaxy and currently empty except for a single planet.
I have named this planet Rath.
Soon this planet will be ready for habitation, and I extend an invitation to all those who will hear.
Rath is open to colonization. Harmonia itself does not require an entire planet to itself, and we can always use more money. Money is the lifeblood of the world, and with enough money anybody can buy power.
As such, we are offering plots to those interested, there are a few conditions though.

First off, all military conflicts on Rath will be convetional weapons only. There is to be no use of chemical, biological or nuclear arms on Rath or in Rathi space, by or against any party. Enforcement of this policy will be the responsibilty of all parties invlovled. Violation will be met with...measures.

Second, no nations who establish colonies or states on Rath will make war, covert or otherwise, on Harmonia Mortus. Doing so will void your agreement and it wont just be the colony that suffers.

Third, other than these agreements you are free to do what you will with your piece of Rath, provided it doesnt endanger any of the other parts.

Your 'rent' will be worked out based upon your selection, a map has been included in this transmission. For now I request that you limit your choices for zones to one per nation. More may be purchased later.
All unclaimed zones are part of Harmonia Mortus.
You may sell, split, or subrent your zone however you please, it is, after all, your nation.
Carpe Jugulum.

31-10-2004, 06:40
OOC: Actually, my ship is in orbit over the planet you originate on, not the one you created. That isn't, however, to stop you from pulling it in. My reasoning for having the people onboard unsure if this is the Earth they know is simple: I've never interracted with you before.
31-10-2004, 06:52
(1) Are nanites allowed?
(2) Is magic allowed?
(3) Can I bring in my thaumaturgic coilguns of doom?
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 07:02
DLE: Currently Im on Earth, and if you WANT to go to Rath, its your choice.

a. Sure, as long as they dont class as WMD's
b. Definitly. But you cant go around destroying continients. 'Obliterate' is not allowed ;)
c. Only if you share.
31-10-2004, 07:07
OOC: I don't believe in the planet-eating nanites of doom fielded by JJR and friends.......It's (1) godmod, and (2) really bad RP (most of the time). But yeah.....if you want my REASON gatling coilguns, check out the machinegun contest thread....

We are interested in establishing a colony on the landmas labeled as "4" on your map. Colony craft are standing by for your approval, and we are fully prepared to pay virtually any charges that you may request.

Fourth Colonial Prefecture Council
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 07:20
In addition to the terms specified by the Rathi Colonization Treaty a payment of USD 3.5 million per year for ten years, or a lump sum of 40 million US dollars will be accepted.
The planeshift/dimensional coordinates will be provided with the recipt for your first payment.
Carpe Jugulum
31-10-2004, 07:22
OOC: ~Smacks head.~ The FTL Jump Drive is close enough to a hyperdrive for causing this. First sign you really need to read more of the topics is when you miss something this obvious. To add to this, it's late, I've successfully crushed two proposals and argued heavily about vegans, and am involved in two military conflicts. Mind is tired...

Now, for fun, I need to figure out how to get these people between my nation and your universe...


~Electronic communication~
I accept this offer on behalf of my Dictator and express interest in the continent you labelled with the number '3'. It is big enough for our nation to not need more territory for many decades.
-Captain Hathor
~End communication~
31-10-2004, 07:30
In addition to the terms specified by the Rathi Colonization Treaty a payment of USD 3.5 million per year for ten years, or a lump sum of 40 million US dollars will be accepted.
The planeshift/dimensional coordinates will be provided with the recipt for your first payment.
Carpe Jugulum

We will be wiring you 3.5 million USD every Standard Terran Year, in a non-negotiable and non-alterable contract, with no surcharges, fees, or rates attached to the said payment. The net sum over ten Standard Terran Years shall be equivalent to 35 million USD. Before, at, and after the end of the ten-Standard Terran Year cycle stipulated in the contract, no additional payment, monetary or otherwise, may be requested or otherwise asked of any persons residing on the landmass currently labeled as "4".
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 15:24
Here's the 40 million upfront. We would like plots one and two. We'll be bringing some of our own soil to relieve the magical strain on the planet.
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 16:44
1. You can only have ONE plot per person.
2. Most of the plots are going to cost more than 4, since 4 is quite small.

We thank DemonLordEnigma for doing buisness with us, and the terms are similar to the items applied to Weyr.
Agree to the Rathi Colonization Treaty, and...
Send 12 million USD per year (OOC: I would say that '3' is about four times the size of '4'), or a lump sum of 50 million.

Camel Eaters, currently we are only allowing nations to purchase one plot of land.
The plots you chose would be similar in price to those selected by Enigma.
31-10-2004, 17:12
We will go ahead and pay the full 50 million now. It is easier that way and less of a burden on our economy.
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 18:10
Okay we'll take plot number eight. Tell us how much you want for it.
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 18:13
Thank you, the planeshift coordinates have been dispatched, you may begin colonization whenever you want.

Camel Eaters:
6 Million per year, or 65 million lump sum.
31-10-2004, 18:18
We will go ahead and pay the full 50 million now. It is easier that way and less of a burden on our economy.
OOC: It's usually a bigger burden to pay up front than to pay over time....

@Harmonia: Should we RP the colonization here?

NormSpace is defined as anything not in tranSpace or etherSpace.

"Translating to normSpace in"

<<Black turned to white, white turned to black, and the universe twisted for a moment that took an eternity>>

The twelve colony ships flared into normSpace several thoyusand kilometers away from the given kilometers. Fusactors flared online. GravDrives synched, slowing the craft down after rentry as they hurled towards their new planet, carrying twenty million beings representing nearly every race around the multiversal core.

"Rath control, this is Ashkeloh XI Prime, requesting landing vectors," the transmission went out towards the planet on most known thaumaturgic and conventional bands. Almost as an afterthought, a series of tranSpace beacons was dropped along the way.

"Wonder what the place actually looks like..." one of the techs on the bridge of the flattened sphere of Ashkeloh XI Prime coloni ship muttered. OOC: we getting a description of what we bought?
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 18:24
65 million upfront there you go. My good friend.

A tiny hole opened in space as hundreds of ships rocketed toward the planet. Most of the ships were filled with the earth of Camel Eaters nad the rest were colonists and equipment.

They landed and began unpacking every farmer was given a huge chunk of proper Camel dirt. The farmers then swore the fealty to one mage or the other and began setting up land.

Dormant creatures were awakened as the Crafters began evolving to suit this planet perfectly. The Crafters also fixed the plants and trees proper.

Huge giraffe like creatures roamed the planes munching on the sweet nectato trees (nectar/potato). Large white and black and pepper colored wolves protected farms and small towns. Trolls mined and goblins were setting up equipment. Men and women interacted with their long time ally races and lived their lives contentedly...
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 19:44
Right now most of Rath is pretty barren, flat stone/dirt. It is visibly terraforming now though, all the bits are arranging themselves into the right places.
The sky, as I said, is totaly empty except for the ships. There arent any animals either.
RPing colonization is good, I cant really do it now though...parents want something.
Camel Eaters
31-10-2004, 19:46
I brought the creatures with me.
31-10-2004, 21:58
The twelve disks, each a hundred kilometers across, arrayed themselves above the twelve corners of the isle. White shaos, bound in black order, lanced across the land, shaping it according to the will of the Weyrean people. Mountains rose and were leveled, rivers changed their course, until the entire landmass was remade. A great mountain rose in the middle, with rivers running north, south, east, and west. A mighty bay was crafted from the swamps of the northwest ((you can see it on the map)), and it was the first to be settled, and it was named New Paradigm, after the first prefecture of the Kingdom of weyr.

The colony craft disappeared into the first great cities. New Paradigm was chief among them, with Source Victoria at its heart -- a diamond palace on the shore, whose nanite gears filled Feed lines across the isle. Of course, diamond was cheaper than glass or stresglass, which offset the impact of that gleaming magnificence. Boulevards and forests were made, mainly because the geothaumaturgs heard that trees helped the water and nitrogen cycles. In a matter of months, the sky was a mass of great spires and craft. Steamers and highways linked the five cities of Ashkeloh XI.

For defense, aerostats were made, which surrounded the isle in a thick dome that rippled in the wind. Gleaming craft of diamond and plasteel went to explore the surrounding land.

New Paradigm (
Harmonia Mortus
31-10-2004, 23:01
Above Rath, the new World, Harmonia Mortus Service ships hovered in space, slowly descending towards the continient of Insula, not really.
The fleet slowly circled above Arx, the Stronghold.
On the ships, nearly the entire Harmonian Navy of 500 ships, mages were pouring yet more power into the world.
Down on the ground, in a few spots, the ground...changed. Slowly forms rose, the tips of tall buildings, then the houses. Next came the carts and then the people themselves. Like quicksilver the the stone of the ground began to form a nation.
Once the stone stilled colours came. Looks of confusion and nasuea crossed most faces, staring up at the sky in shock. The black colour was gone, now it was a sickly purple-red, storm clouds rolled across it, concealing the massive fleet above.
Harmonia had arrived.

Rath now has a region, if you want to move there, or put a puppet there, TG me for the password.
Harmonia Mortus
02-11-2004, 03:20
Harmonia Mortus
03-11-2004, 04:15
Nobody else interested in cheap land?
Camel Eaters
03-11-2004, 05:47
I guess you need to BUMP it.
03-11-2004, 05:54
Sorry. Working on a plausible way for my ships to get from this universe back to my own and back again.
Harmonia Mortus
03-11-2004, 14:57
Well, could you buy a jumpgate from somebody?
03-11-2004, 16:54
You know anybody selling one within my price range?
03-11-2004, 17:05
Well, could you buy a jumpgate from somebody?

Hitch a ride with one of the outbound Weyrean colony ships...
Harmonia Mortus
04-11-2004, 00:56
Weyrs idea is good.
Harmonia Mortus
05-11-2004, 14:44
Camel Eaters
05-11-2004, 15:20
Yeah his idea was good.
05-11-2004, 17:01
Sorry, I was a bit distracted from this topic by a war.

Yes, I'll go with his idea.
Camel Eaters
05-11-2004, 22:56
The major cities were done. New Tantilla, Elephant Towers, and Gahlon Keep. Each city was dominated by huge hive like towers in which the main populace of the city lived. New technologies were being researched and the population was growing steadily. Clans were establishing huge amounts of land as theirs.

The Colony of Opolis was now a new home...

OOC: Should we start a thread for what happens on Rath or Storm whatever the planet's name is?
Harmonia Mortus
06-11-2004, 04:15
Good idea. And the planets name is Rath.
Harmonia Mortus
04-12-2004, 21:08