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Election for Patriarch.

Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 03:48
The Daen Clan Patriarch Michally Daen has recently passed at the age of two hundred- thirty. The Daen Clan controls the mountains of Killmer a very important location stategically. The Daen Clan has put forth three candidates and is asking the opinion of the international community.

Rellgoy Daen 68:
A reform minded advisor to the Patriarch since he was twenty-one this man has helped mold the Daen Clan into the fourth most powerful clan in all of Camel Eaters. He is a stalwart Foreign Investment Party member and plans on concentrating on the economy.

Herzeel Daen 125:
Has seen the field of battle many times and has come out with nary a scathe to his record of military service. He is for the militarization of the clan so as to rival the Hannons. He is a Pub 'n Might Party member.

Lordess Diankel Daen 27:
The youngest candidate by far but has a strange wisdom about her. A Silver Meather she was accepted to this most exclusive society when she was only eleven. A Mahatma Party member she is concentrating on the welfare of her clan and her people.
Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 04:01
lonely and impatient bump.
Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 05:10
Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 13:46
Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 14:02
POST YOU SOBS!!!!!!!!!!
Just Kidding
30-10-2004, 14:15
If the Hannons are not delt with the whole region and maybe even the world will be in danger. I have polled my people, both Christian and Druids, and they agree Herzell must be elected at all costs.
The Ard Re of Celtlund.
30-10-2004, 14:22
as a slash-centric nation, we believe in openmidedness.
being gay is celebrated, and prejudice is outlawed.
human rights are needed for this, there4 our vote stands 4 human rights.

Camel Eaters
30-10-2004, 14:28
The Hannons are the ruling clan and have brought a new power to all of Camel Eaters. Herzeel just wants his clan to be the ruling clan. I guess Slashaholics are standing for Lordess Diankel Daen.
Camel Eaters
02-11-2004, 00:42
Whoop there goes bump. Palms are sweaty ready to throw up mom's spaghetti.
Fruity Loops
02-11-2004, 00:45
go military dude!