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Allanea commences project Minuteman

30-10-2004, 03:01
Official Annoucement of Allanean Department of Defense

As the events of the One-Day War proven, the idea of citizen homeland defense suffers a certain setback in the day of powered armour and robotic troops. The setback is that the average citizen is unlikely to possess heavy weapons on a personal basis, seeing is there is little application for them in peacetime (during the ODW it was discovered that only 5% of the Allanean civilian arsenal consists of arms capable of consistedly penetrating the armour of a Federation soldier.

Therefore, the DoD has acquired 150,000 XM-109 25mm semi-auto rifles, 200,000 single-use RPG-18 grenade launchers, and 100,000 NTW-20 20mm semi-auto rifles for handing out to the citizenry, in accordance with the Allanean Federal Government’s lawful authority to arm the militia.

Further, we are inviting Taraskovyan experts to begin teaching our Boy Scouts, and later on college ROTC teams about modern-day guerrilla warfare, especially where it comes to power armour and counter-power-armour tactics.

Moreover, we are reviewing the possiblity of supplying 50,000 Annihilator Mark II machineguns for the same purpose.

We ask all nations to donate arms to this defense of the Allanean people. If you have any surplus anti-material rifles, grenade launchers, mortars, send them in! Donate a gun! Protect an Allanean!
30-10-2004, 03:07
In response to the Allanean operation, the HMD:MA [Hogsweatian Ministry of Defense: Military Armament] has found the following out-of-use weapons and donated them to Allanea:
500,000 Simonov SKS
500,000 Simonov SKS Bayonets
3,000,000 Simonov SKS Full Magazines
150,000 PPSH 43's
600,000 PPSH 43 Full Sickle Pattern Magazines

We will be willing to send Pathfinder's of the 1st Guards to train your boy scouts in the art of guerilla warfare.

To be a Pathfinder in the Hogsweatian Army is to be of great respect - Pathfinder's spend years making themselves at peace with the jungle, learning its ways and tradition. It is said a Pathfinder could steal the ricepot from under your nose in a split second. They are masters of stealth, accuracy, living off the land, and other guerilla tactics.
30-10-2004, 03:10
Thank you for sending your Pathfinders. Allanea suffers no shortage of small arms - remember, we have no gun laws. However, we need, as we mentioned, anti-armour weapons, grenade launchers etc. Do you have, for example, PTRD rifles and RPG launchers?
30-10-2004, 03:29
OOC: I believe Menelmacar I fielding something similar to this…go figure…….Neal Stephenson’s friendly weapon, and it comes with a built-in instruction manual!

REASON gatling
Type: coilgun medium gatling
Manufacturer: Thaumcraft Arms, Inc.
RoF: 10rds/sec
Cost: 41,000 Weyrs/unit (US$53,168/unit)

The REASON class of coilgun multikaster gatlings is designed to demolish everything from massed infantry formations to heavy tanks and bunkers. Capable of fully piercing the armor of a Nimitz aircraft carrier in under four seconds, it is one of the most powerful guns in the Weyrean arsenal.

Like most modern Weyrean infantry weapons, REASON is fully capable of firing a number of standardized round types with the flick of a switch. Common subEtheric rounds are deadly to everything both natural and supernatural. AP rounds shred the best battle armor. Frag rounds explode in deadly shrapnel cones. HE rounds pack more power than a common hand grenade. Incendiary rounds set armor and clothing on fire. Loogie rounds transform on contact into a sticky fibrous mass as tough as the best arachnoweave. REASON can even be specially programmed to fire a type of munitions designed by you, the client. Best of all, every round can be fired from the same ammunition belt.

REASON is packed into a container that can be fitted onto most medium-sized power armors with little inhibition, and can even be carried by a standard human wearing no power armor or special aids. The only downside is the amount of power REASON requires to operate at full capacity. For this reason, REASON comes with its own isotope-Firien reactor, which is good for up to three hours or more.

The Board of Estimates of Weyr would like to subsidize the purchase of this product in order to help Allanea in its rearmament drive.
30-10-2004, 11:33
OOC: Weyr: I am researching your miniguns. I’ll be back at you, just need to find out if my RP partners will recognise them.

Hogsweat: Remember our bet?

Official Allanean Government Announcement

Despite initial difficulties, Project Minuteman continues on its way as thousands of weapons are handed out to the populace. Our noble ally Hogsweat is lending us aid in the instruction area, and we are already making major progress in re-organizing and training the Boy Scout Corps. Furthermore, Allanean Arms, Inc. has started a charity project wherein foreign nations can donate money for the re-armament of Allanea. Do so now! Avoid the rush!

On a related note, we are awaiting a new shipment of XM-109 rifles from Allanean Arms, Inc. When it arrives, we will begin handing out rifles not only in mainland Allanea, but also in Hestonia, Yurka-City, Atlantic Island and our other off-shore policies.
30-10-2004, 15:25
Unfortunately I do. Fortunately, I had my fingers crossed >=D

We do have some spare weaponry- a undeployed batch of 8,000 RPG7 launchers and some 80,000 RPG's. Would you like us to ship them over with the guns?
30-10-2004, 17:13
OOC: Didn't you tell me you had some islands you didn't need?

IC: Sure. Send them along.