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Religious Insurection

30-10-2004, 01:24
"We interupt this program for a Breaking news update..."

The young reporter cleared his throat, snapping to attention as the news camera likewise snapped on. "Good evening, and welcome to this new breaking update by Channel 7 news. Just several hours ago in downtown Corva there were several gunshots fired, as religious terrorists tried to seize control of the Cathedral of Saint George. Currently, we have no idea why such an atrocity would take place, but National Guardsmen troops are now on the scene, trying to put down this unexpected travesty of imperial authority.

"The identity-" the young reporter stopped abrubtly in mid sentance, just as an outstreched hand handed him a small paper scrap. "I see." he muttered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems the culprets are a Jesuit terrorist group semt here by the Roman Catholic Church to quell our 'heresy' and belief in the true church of the Anglican faith. The leader, of whom our sponsers have dubbed the 'black cardinal' is said to-"

There was a single gun shot and the reporter collapsed dead, as a bullet was fired execution style to the back of his neck. "You keep those cameras rolling!" barked a tall figure, robed in the clothing of a jesuit priest, his cowl drawn as to obscure his visage.

"This is Father Christo, representitive of the black cardinal. I want you to know that we have taken 40 heretics hostage and will shoot, I repeat, will kill, if you do not answer our demands. We ask that you dissolve the anglican church of Tharra, and reinstate Roman Catholisim, which has long been oppressed. We also wish for the freeing of the serfs. If these demands are not met..." the friar let that sentance hang, like the corpse he had just made.

"Sir." said a young soldier as he entered the office of the Grand Marshal of the Empire.

"Yes?" the marshal answered lazily.

"The national guard's captain has informed me that the so-called 'rebellion' has been the expense of several score of commoners."

"It matters little." the marshal replied.

"The black cardinal has also been captured for interrogation, and we have arrested most of the jesuits...that survived anyway. It appears that the rebellion was the result of the pope's interfernce...and possibly some anti-serfddom extremists."

"Mark my words...more of this will come. However, I will inform his majesty, amd he'll likely declare a state of emergency...also, I will ask his majesty if he intends to send delegations to other nations for help with our situation."

(OOC: My apologies if this is crude, i'm in a time crunch.)
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