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Invasion of Thailand (Closed, Invite-Only) [Attn: Kanabia]

29-10-2004, 16:39
Presidential Palace, Invincible Empire of Roach-Busters

President J.L. stood before the podium, pausing dramatically before his assembled audience of military advisors, diplomats, and cabinet members. He cleared his throat, straightened his tie, and began to address them.

"My friends," he said. "What we are about to embark upon today will no doubt be recorded in history textbooks as one of the most controversial ventures in the long, sad history of controversial ventures."

"Mr. President, what are you proposing? A war?" asked a tall, pencil-thin, decrepit geek with thick horn-rimmed glasses, millions of freckles scattered across his face like stars in the sky, and a white labcoat. He had a high-pitched, nasal, slightly squeaky voice.

"Not exactly. An invasion would be a more accurate term," J.L. said. "Our target: the Kingdom of Thailand."

J.L. pointed at a geographical map of the world.

Lester Lindsey, Secretary of War, spoke for the first time. "Sir, with all due respect, invading any Southeast Asian nation is asinine," he said. "The terrain, the climate, the tropical diseases-"

"I am aware of the risks, Lester," J.L. said brusquely. "I'm not a fool. Don't forget, I was General of the Army once."

"Sir, why invade Thailand? What is the purpose?" asked Secretary of Diplomacy Chong Moua. "You do realize, of course, that this could tarnish our image abroad?"

J.L. shrugged. "Maybe," he said laconically, "but my wife, Thiensiri, is from Thailand. Seeing as that she is the most beautiful Thai woman- the most beautiful woman in the world, in fact- I have decided she should be crowned Queen of Thailand. I will stop at nothing to accomplish this. I will let no man, nation, or anything else hinder my cause."

Moua leafed through a thick manual listing all the nations and which superpowers they belonged to. "Sir, it seems that Thailand is a territory of Kanabia, a nation nearly twice our size," he said. "Moreover, they are a communist nation. Surely if we invade their territory, they will be able to incite an uprising of all Marxist nations against us. This would basically be signing our own death certificate!"

"Mr. Moua, I have already consulted with the Congress, and they voted almost unanimously in favor of my proposal," President J.L. said. "Send a telegram to Kanabia notifying our acquisition of Thailand, and state in very polite but firm terms that they must vacate the area or face the consequences."

Everyone peered at J.L. as if he had lost his mind.

"That is all, gentlemen," J.L. said. "Mr. Lindsey, please come with me to the Department of War. There, we will discuss the mobilization and the deployment."
29-10-2004, 16:57
After much deliberation, the Peoples Congress of the SWDK has come through with a reply.

To President J.L and Cabinet

We wish to inform you that via. a popular referendum, Thailand declared itself part of the Kanabian Socialist Commonwealth and thus, your claims are invalid.

By "consequences", we assume you mean hostile force. Our military has been placed on alert. If a single hostile soldier steps foot in any part of the commonwealth, to put things simply, we will bury you.

Have a nice day, Comrades.
29-10-2004, 17:07
Onboard the Submarine Prometheus

"Sir, A new message has's a Code 1 priority."

Source: SubAsia command, under authorisation of Admiral Bashar
Code 1.

New Orders

The Prometheus is to act as the lead ship of the newly designated "Vanguard" flotilla. It is to consist of all available Prometheus class vessels (8 in total), and 12 Akula II vessels.

Orders are to remain on standby in territorial waters along the coasts of Burma, Malaysia, and Thailand.

All vessels flying the flag of Roach-Busters within these waters and determined at your discretion to have hostile intent is to be engaged.

Priority targets are aircraft carriers and landing vessels.

Message Ends.
29-10-2004, 17:14
Kota Kinabalu
The four Hogsweatian Airfields were put on standby in Kota Kinabalu as the Roachian [Roachian?Bustian?] threat was echoed through all major military listening posts. Colonial Fleet "KK" was put on standby and the five division strong military garrison was also put on a state of immediate readiness.

Message to Kanabian Government in Thailand
From: HOI:AD Command
Should Thailand come under attack we will be willing to provide forces for its defense.

OOC- I know its a closed RP but I do have some concerns about somebody encroaching on what would be a peaceful South East Asia. I'm sure you won't mind, will you ; ) We have vested interests in not letting SEA fall to non-Collectivists.
29-10-2004, 17:24
OOC- I know its a closed RP but I do have some concerns about somebody encroaching on what would be a peaceful South East Asia. I'm sure you won't mind, will you ; ) We have vested interests in not letting SEA fall to non-Collectivists.

OOC: I'd be happy to have you as one of my allies in this. It would be good considering that you're right next-door, basically.
29-10-2004, 17:38
To: President J.L.
From: Lester Lindsey, Secretary of War

Mr. President-

The designated vehicles and infantry units you requested are being mobilized as we speak, to be deployed to Southeast Asia. The following, as you specified, are being sent to Haiphong, Vietnam; Georgetown, Malaysia; and Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam, to launch the invasion of Thailand:

7th Infantry Division

20,000 soldiers (each equipped with the Desert Eagle .50 Magnum pistol, the Tychem TK 645 Chemical Suit, and the Kalashnikov AK-47)
250 medics
2 Achelosaurs
500 M1A4 "King Abrams" tanks

12 Infantry 'Deinonychus' Division

15,000 soldiers (each equipped with the 40mm Multi-purpose Grenade Launcher, the M9 9 mm Beretta Pistol, and the Tychem TK 645 Chemical Suit)
210 medics
2 Achelosaurs
300 HHT-3 Roosevelt Heavy Main Battle Tanks
600 HLT-20 Portland Armored Reconnaisance Vehicle/Light Tanks

1st Infantry 'Super Elite' Division

50,000 soldiers (10,000 equipped with the M4 Carbine - w/Under barrel 40mm Grenade Launcher; 10,000 equipped with the TM-93A tactical assault weapon; 10,000 equipped with the RPG-29 launcher; 10,000 equipped with the HK USA MX29 .223 & 20mm Grenade Launcher; 10,000 equipped with the HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun); all equipped with the Tychem TK 645 Chemical Suit)
900 medics
3 Achelosaurs
200 DG-77 tanks
200 DG-78 tanks
150 HOF Defence FV 321 Armoured Personell Carriers
300 Challenger tanks
25,000 Brautwurst Heavy Infantry Guns
100 HHT-1X Chamberlain Ultra Heavy Main Battle Tank/Howitzers

Roach-Busters Air Force 1st Division

250 SZ-1 "Vulture" fighter aircraft
200 Skyshark SZ-3 aircraft
700 Raven Multi-Role Fighters
2,500 Blue Thunder Class Choppers
300 F-102 "Numen VI" ZFighter Jets
300 SFF-59 "Striker" Light Fighter Bomber

Roach-Busters Navy 3rd Fleet

2 apocalypse Class Fleet Carriers
25 Zumwalt Class Destroyer (with nuclear fusion reactors)
50 Virginia Class Fast Attack Submarines
2,000 Astute class submarines
3 Tyrant-class Battleships
3 UltorClass Battleship/Carriers
25 Payton Class Battlecruisers
1 Volunteer-class battleship (BBN)
2 Alliance-class super cruisers (CB)
2 Ithaca-class light cruisers (CL)

Lester Lindsey, Secretary of War

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29-10-2004, 17:47
29-10-2004, 17:58
29-10-2004, 18:23
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29-10-2004, 18:30
OOC: I'm still here...damn wireless internet :mad: By the way, you should probably know that Vietnam is the most industrialised and heavily defended republic in the commonwealth and it'll be a tough nut to crack. Malaysia will be easier. Whats an Achelosaur, by the way?

Ho Chi Minh City

The atmosphere was sombre. Rumours of an impending invasion were rife...and the government was considering calling up the reserve forces. The city's inhabitants were blissfully unaware of what was to happen in the future...

[b]Limited Mobilization[/i]

Modified Kirov Class CGN (8)
Orca II CVN (2)
Aurora Class Stealth Cruiser (5)
Dolphin Class Stealth Frigate (22)
Marlin Class Frigate (43)
Sovremennyy Class (18)
Udaloy I Class (14)
Udaloy II Class (6)

Prometheus Class (8)
Akula II Class (30)
Seawolf Class (15)


500 Strategic bombers are available for immediate action, and 700 interceptor aircraft of various models stand ready for action.


3rd Mech. Infantry Division (predominantly BMP-3)
2nd Malay Reserve Garrison Infantry Division (Armed with AK-74's)

Total: 50,000 men.

Ho Chi Minh and surrounds:
1st Tank Division (T-90u)
8th Mech Infantry division, with artillery support (BMP-3)
23rd Mech Infantry division (Type-90u)

Total: 68,000 men, with more available in a period of hours.

Hanoi and surrounds

5th Tank Divison (Leclerc)
1st Mech Infantry division, with artillery support (BMP-3)
1st Shock Troops Brigade (T-1 MBT and BMP-3)
39th Light Infantry divison (Armed with Steyr AUG rifles)

Total: 88,000 men.

(Sorry I didn't go into more detail with what each division has...anyhow, the Navy figures are just what is currently at sea at the moment, not necessarily in the combat theatre. Anyhow, its 3:30 AM so I best be getting to bed in a minute.)
29-10-2004, 18:38
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29-10-2004, 18:50
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29-10-2004, 20:32
[OOC: Hey Roach-Busters... I think this war would be one that Sarzonia wouldn't want any part of. We'd consider it an attempt at imperialistic conquest that we don't want any part of.]
29-10-2004, 20:52
[OOC: Hey Roach-Busters... I think this war would be one that Sarzonia wouldn't want any part of. We'd consider it an attempt at imperialistic conquest that we don't want any part of.]

That's okay. :)
29-10-2004, 21:12
OOC-Malaysia won't be easier. My IRL roots there mean I am not going to give it up >=D
30-10-2004, 18:23
Reserve Army/Air Force Warehouse Complex No.43, Phnom Penh

The roller door on one of the warehouse doors rolled upwards slowly. The moonlight illuminated the sihilouettes of hundreds of aircraft fuselages, stacked ontop of eachother on massive steel shelves, accessible by ladders.

"This is some ancient looking stuff..."
"Yes, to state an example, the MiG-21's here aren't much use. They could be fairly easily updated for defensive patrol missions, however."
"Hmm." The Intelligence Agent shrugged his shoulders, walked over to an aircraft fuselage, wings detached, and wiped dust off the side.
"MiG-19." The warehouse attendant said.
"Do you have anything useful at all?"
The attendant grinned and walked over to a keypad, entered the code, and the door to an adjoining warehouse opened.

The sight of about a hundred Mirage F1 aircraft, in pristine condition, and a further fifty or so MiG-29C's greeted the men. "Better." the Intelligence Agent grinned.

And so it was all across the country, as reserve equipment began to be placed on active duty once more...
Warta Endor
30-10-2004, 19:29
In the Department of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, a meeting is going on between the Prime Minister Ryunzao Johnsen, Minister of Defence Karl Rightburg and Minister of Foreign Affairs Quinten Zang.

Ryunzao:"What should be our status in this conflict."
Karl:"Well, our army isn't big so I wouldn't advice an offensive role. We could send a couple of Submarines to check out the situation in the Gulf of Thailand. They will stay in international waters."
Quinten:"I agree, we should maintain a neutral position."
Ryunzao:"Ok, we send a few submarines and we remain neutral. What is our maximum number of troops?"
Karl:"25000 regular troops are on active duty, we can go to 130000 at a most. Our Navy is fully active. (1 small carrier with 45 planes, 2 battleships, 20 Frigates, 25 destroyers, 65 Diesel subs and 10 nucelearreactor subs) The Air Force contains 450 Mig 29, 35 Elite Gripens(check Nirevas military storefront for info) and 10 Elite B2 bombers."
Ryunzao:"Mobilize 65000 more troops and send 2 Nucelear subs and 1 Diesel sub to the Gulf of Thailand and 2 Diesel subs to the Andaman Sea (West of Thailand. They must remain in International waters."
31-10-2004, 04:01
31-10-2004, 09:46

OOC: I'm waiting for you to get those ships into my territorial waters, RB :)
31-10-2004, 20:02
I think there's a regiment of aircraft in Kota Kinabalu.. 2 Su 33 Squadrons and 2 Tu-160 squadrons. Plus three infantry divisions, a mechanised division, and an armoured division.... that is;
18 Su 33's
18 Tu 160's
44,000 Infantry
2,500 Tanks
2,000 APCs
31-10-2004, 20:04

OOC: I'm waiting for you to get those ships into my territorial waters, RB :)

(OOC: Oh, sorry. I'll get to it right away. Please give me just a sec.)
31-10-2004, 20:44
(OOC: I'll let you know right up front, I'm a sh**ty naval RPer. You have been warned)

Gulf of Tonkin, 2:37 A.M.

Under cover of darkness, the Ohio class submarine rose from beneath the tepid waters and crept toward the shore like a fox toward a chicken coup. Amid the tropical foliage was a small unit of Kanabian soldiers on stand-by, patrolling the area in case any Roach-Busterians came to "make trouble."

They would get some trouble, all right.

Silently and stealthily the submarine approached the shore, slowly, ever so slowly. Every so often, it would briefly submerge, to avoid being detected by the keen-eyed Kanabians.

They look bored, the submarine commander thought, peering into the scope. Mebbe this'll "lighten things up"

He typed rapidly, entering a series of commands, and watched as missiles streaked through the air, disappeared into the foliage, and exploded in a burst of orange light, immersing the jungle in flames.

The submarine quickly submerged beneath the waves before anyone saw them.
01-11-2004, 11:23
(OOC: It's alright, i'm not too good myself)

Private Dinh saw a flash, a smoke streak...then all of a sudden everything went white, the flesh on his back was burning, he screamed, rolled over onto the ground and saw a horrifying image. One of his comrades stood in front of him, covered in flames...the skin peeling off from whatever flammable chemicals were in the missiles. The rainforest burned faster then he could get up and run...His back stung as flames licked it, but all he could do was keep running.

He got on his radio and shouted into the common band: "Missile attack! Missile attack!! From the ocea..."

He tripped and fell headfirst into mangroves...Then rolled into the water. The water seeped into his burns and he went into shock instantly from the pain, unable to stop himself sinking underwater.

Underground Military Facility, Troung Song Mountain Range

An airbase near the site of the attack relayed the alert to the base's computer.

The computer then downloaded and analysed thousands of satellite pictures within a matter of seconds...

Then identified the source of the missiles from a single photograph taken 5 minutes before the attack.

An Ohio class submarine.

The computer then relayed the target information back to the airbase.

Within 3 minutes of the attack, a TU-22M was launching...fortunately it had been loaded and prepped for combat actions recently. Another two would follow it, prepared to carpet-bomb the bay with hundreds of depth charges.

Then, "Helix" ASW helicopters would follow and finish the job.
01-11-2004, 23:21

(Awesome post, Kanabia! :))
02-11-2004, 02:24
(OOC: Thanks :))

"Beginning initial run." The TU-22M streaked through the sky.
"Weapons armed..."

"Bombs gone, lets have another run at it."

Some 60 depth charges scattered throughout the bay, set to explode at varying depths.

It would do it one more time, then the other aircraft would follow...
03-11-2004, 04:02
Georgetown, Population 8,433

Country Fire Agency firefighters fought the blaze...but there was little they could do for the people. A missile had landed nearby, and within a minute, most of the town was ablaze...

Fire Sgt. Richards went into a crumbling house and began to vomit at the smell of burning flesh...

"Get a camera here." He said after he had stopped. "Now!"

A journalist from a Hanoi TV station began filming the devastation...using live feed.

Charred corpses in the street...

A dead woman clutching a child, skin burnt off...both in a fetal position.

The only thing that couldnt be filmed was the smell...the most revolting he had ever experienced. The air was so thick with it that you felt you were breathing clouds of incinerated people.

Then, a child began stumbling out of a house, screaming at the top of its lungs. It was hard to tell whether it was male or female hand had been burnt away. A woman firefighter ran to aid the child, but upon touching its arm, skin and muscle were torn off the bone.

Many millions of Kanabians had just seen that live, on TV...

And none of them would ever forget it.