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Glemte Hage wishes to purchase armaments

Glemte Hage
29-10-2004, 11:55
We wish to aqquire the following weapons and equipment

300000 M-16 rifles
100 Abrams Tanks
60 APC's
80 Harriers
6 Heavy Bombers
20 Apache Helicopters
5 Aircraft Carriers
16 Hercules Transport Plans
50 Cruise Missiles

Can any nations provide us with anything here-we will pay as much as its required
The Phoenix Milita
29-10-2004, 11:59
i can hook you up with the 60 APC's, 6 Heavy Bombers
20 (better then)Apache Helicopters and 100 (better than) Abrams Tanks
click the link to my storefront in my sig
Glemte Hage
29-10-2004, 12:02
OOC- I can't see the link

IC- Excellent, how much would these items cost?
The Phoenix Milita
29-10-2004, 14:37
OOC- I can't see the link

IC- Excellent, how much would these items cost?
ooc: go to profile>edit options, scroll down and tick "show signatures"

check THE STORE ( for price
29-10-2004, 14:51
OoC: Uh, make sure you check your nation's budget to see if you can even pay it. Especialy seeing as how your in the middle of a freaking war now with five or six nations trying to crush you.

IC:From: Alfarius Damocales, Defence Councillor.
To: Phoenix Militia.
Subject: Glemte Hage.


We have noticed that you are willing to supply the nation of Glemte Hage with weapons and other military equipment. This is on its own nothing to worry about but in this case there is.

A good month ago Glemte Hage began a mass genocide on its resident christian population intent on wiping all of them out, several thousand people have already been killed by the cowardly attacks on churches and monestaries as armed troops entered them and just slaugtered everyone inside, men, women and children. Therefor we ask you to reconsider your delivery since these weapons will be used to kill more christians in the future.

Also take note of the alliance that has gathered to destroy Glemte Hage and is currently doing so. It would be very difficult and near suicide for the order to be delivered to Glemte Hage on its own, let alone to get out of the nation.

Erik Solar, Defence Councillor for the Dumpsterdanian Empire.
Glemte Hage
29-10-2004, 14:54
The genocide has long since finished and peace has being made with all but a few nations
29-10-2004, 14:55
OoC: Hopefully thats OoC otherwise I would like to see where you cracked my incription code?
29-10-2004, 14:58
Check Red Star Industries in my sig for any heavy capital ships you might need, along with a cheap and effective patrol submarine. Also, my aircraft store (inexpensive upgrades for Soviet aircraft and missiles) is here. (