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Allanea introduces civilian spacecraft.

29-10-2004, 11:31

Allanean Arms, Incorporated is proud to introduce the AAI Liberty class spacecraft. Unlike previous AAI designs, this is a civilian craft. About the size of a small suburban home, the Liberty can, and is built to be, operated by a small family.

Obviously, a standard middle-class family cannot afford a [i]Liberty[i]. But we at Allanean Arms care about the little man. You can buy the ship with just $100,000. Yes, we know it's the cost of everything you have. Don't fret. The ship holds all the amenities of a normal home and also serves as a nice vehicle
(d'oh). It is ridiculously overpowered (4 huge engines on the back). Which brings us to the catch: the ship is equipped with powerful monoweave nets and ropes to be used in harvesting asteroids. This is how you will earn the money to pay for the ship (you wil owe us 50% of your monthly income until you pay us back. Hell, some countries have income tax that size!) For an additional cost, we will install tractor beams to make your life easier.

Armament: Two twin particle beam cannon turrets,
Cost: 200 million
Crew: 3-6
Cargo Capacity: Internal capacity is small, but it can tow incredible amounts of stuff.
Engines: Cold Fuzion
Shield: Xanthal Type B
Athmosphere Capable: Yes
Landing: Yes
Accel: Up to 3.5 g
Sixe: About the size of a small suburban home.