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Princesses Available for Lonely Kings or Nation Representatives

29-10-2004, 09:44
Sparklemists 109 million population have been evacuated to Serafimas peaceful region; in this time, our darkest hour, we wish to forge alliances with stronger more domineering nations- therefore 5 princesses are available for marriage in which to forge and alliance.

Please let me know if you will require a princess

Morgaine La Tissier
The Phoenix Milita
29-10-2004, 09:52
What do your princesses look like?
29-10-2004, 09:56
Princesses leaving Sparklemist ( --- Maria --- Helena

I only have pics of these two so far....more to follow later.
29-10-2004, 10:06
He Far Strelso
29-10-2004, 10:09
Hmmm. Our adoption of 3 werewolves has been a resounding success.
A Princess who-
*likes fish
*can scrub potatoes
*enjoys a mildly anarchic clan system and
*doesnt mind were people
-would be quite welcome here.
We'd provide her with
* a small court*
*curious people


We dont expect much, We just offer space to curiosities like Princesses
(werewolves are a whole, different, USEFUL kettle of urm, fish-)

Magnus Aranui, Head Chandler & HearthGuard. Clan Neander, Mist Sea, The Far Strelso
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:09
Emperor Teige has recently ascended to power and requires an heir. Naturally this means he requires an Empress.

The Emperor's Staff, recommend that he meet the Princesses all 5, though naturally only 1 marriage would ever come out of this.

OOC: I hope you get the other 3 pictures up soon, we may be able to play with this
29-10-2004, 10:11
Emperor Teige has recently ascended to power and requires an heir. Naturally this means he requires an Empress.

The Emperor's Staff, recommend that he meet the Princesses all 5, though naturally only 1 marriage would ever come out of this.

OOC: I hope you get the other 3 pictures up soon, we may be able to play with this

'At the moment only two princesses have valid passports to travel therefore only two are available to meet, is that alright?' Morgaine asks.

'by the way Maria, she is extremely fertile' she added.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:16
If the mountain won't come to mohammed...

Emperor Teige, and his retinue, wish to visit your people, in a move that may just bring about a greater alliance, with or without the marriage.

Teige would first like to meet Maria, if he may, and then let us see if the fireworks are ignited.

High Preistess of Herne (F)
Physician (M)
Poet/Scribe (M)
Military Advisor (F)
Cohort (M)

(F marks female and M male)
29-10-2004, 10:19
OOC: lets just have three alright?

permission granted
29-10-2004, 10:24
We are very intrested at the prospect of having Maria or Helena join the family through marriage for the cost of a alliance.

They would be giving free reign through-out The family's many Palaces and would be permitted to travale whenever and where-ever they wanted to. Mariage to one of many suitors is avaible except for The Emperor who is currently involed with someone else, however that may change.

As for the alliance, we offer a robust military with many new additions coming from the IDF ship-yards, an open-season so to speak on trade and devolopment could be benefical to both nations.

We hope you kindly ponder this offer as we remind you that we did come to your defence when your goverment buildings were destroyed by lousy terriost's.

We eagerly await your reply!

Empire of Buben
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

OOC-It's two in the morning and I must go to bed! So please reply and I'll be back in the afternoon :)
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:25
OOC: Sure thing, hopefully this RP will lead, Maria and Teige together, but I wouldn't mind an open rival, willing to lose naturally, I'm thinking a duel for her.
29-10-2004, 10:30
OOC-I'd send a dueller, but I have to go to bed,so if you can wait that would be great :)
29-10-2004, 10:32
I have talked to the princesses, Maria will go to Teige and Helena to Buben.

Heres a photo of the three princesses after the recent Royal Ball

Left: Maria.
Centre: Larrissa.
Right: Helena.


All three princesses waited hopefully at the International Serafiman Airport.
'I hope Teige is nice, from what Morgaine said, he sounds gorgeaus' Maria giggled, holding Helenas hand tightly.
'I am sure he is' Larrissa replied.

An executive jet landed at the airport and a man Maria hoped was Teige stepped down the ladder from the plane and onto Serafiman soil.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:32
OOC- I'll wait for two reasons, one Teige has to meet Maria, secondly she has to fall for him.

Good Night freind, duel you soon, I hope.
He Far Strelso
29-10-2004, 10:35
Why cannot you see the virtues of sending a Princess to a hardship area?
She learns life: we get her labour (such as it is.) MOST of all, she learns
that little out-of-the-way places like The Far Strelso have *extraordinary* weapons & capabilities...and entrapments (heh heh he-kk)

And, quite probably, if your Princess survives (we will not do anything to impede this), we will then offer some kinda trade deal/war treaty with you, right?

Do not despise the tiny nations! MagnusMagnusHearthGuardChandlerX
29-10-2004, 10:37
Maria was wearing normal clothes; short skirt with elf boots and a long sleeved roll neck pink jumper. She walked confidently to the man she hoped was Teige.
'Welcome to Serafima, Teige, I presume' Maria said, her hands clasped onto his, smiling so sweetly.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:40
The door opened, and Teige stepped out onto the runway, he wasn't in his best suit, having expected to arrive an hour or two before meeting the Princess. His Dark Navycoloured Uniform of an Officer in the Royal Marines, was only distinguishable from the next Marine officer by the White Arm Band of Peace which was worn originally by his late Father at the Peace Conference in Knopper.

Since then times had been different in The Celtic Empire, Luparia was stronger, times were more edgy. But that didn't take away any of Teige's rugged looks.

He looked fresh, though his beard did need a little trim to stop him looking more like Ché and more like an Emperor. His Cohort and Preistess followed him onto the hard deck.

"Good Freyr they're here." Andrew, his Cohort murmered to Katherine, "Oh well let's hope his Manners make up for his current looks!" The preistess replied with an edge of cynicism.
29-10-2004, 10:44
'we practise celtic religions, I myself was chosen to be a priestess, but declined, I appreciate our goddess, but I need to live my life not someone elses' Maria said, greeting Katherine.
'You do not look rugged' Maria said, stroking his face gently. Then pulling away knowing she was foolish.
Dargor the Bane
29-10-2004, 10:45

i would be glad to be an honorable friend of your country, a reliable ally.
and our country will be pleased to welcome your princess to the royal family of the kingdom of Dargor the Bane.

I hope we will contact soon to arrange the details

Dargor Bane, the king
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:46
Let me reply to #11 before you respond.

Teige was taken a back, he hadn't expected to meet the young lady for at least another hour, giving him time to have a haircut, wash, and put on his Emperor's Uniform of Crimson with the Green and Blue sash.

But above this, he noticed a sparkle within her eyes, something that told him tha this may just work.

Wiping the shock off his own face, he released his hands form hers and took a step back. He held onto her left hand and bowed before her.

[i]"Emperor Teige O Faolain of the Celtic Empire of The O Faolains, your servant Ma'am."[i]

Let me catch up, please, stop replying to our RP till I catch up
29-10-2004, 10:52
OOC: sorry
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 10:54
"I hate to be a burden my dear but, I should really freshen up before we talk any further, if I don't go wash, I fear I may knock you out."
29-10-2004, 10:55
'thank you, good sire, let me introduce you to my friends- Helena and Larrissa' Maria said blushing and stepping back to let him see her friends.
'I am sorry but we were brought here and told to wait, an hour you say, oh well our driver is a dreadful time keeper' Maria chuckled, tucking hair behind her ear shyly.

'yes i agree' Maria said, taking his hand.
'Back at the palace we can get you all cleaned up?' she asked,
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 11:01
"Thank you." Teige was so engrossed in her eyes that he totally forgot about introductions, "Ahem" Katherine coughed to atract Teige's attentions,

"Oh Goddess, um where are my manners, Princess Maria, may I present to you High Preistess Katherine, Preistess of Herne, and Colonel Andrew MacAllister, Colonel of the Green Hussars, and a close freind of mine."
29-10-2004, 11:03
'Greetings to you all!' Maria exclaimed.
'Yes for your religious rituals our church is nearby nestled in the peaceful forests of Dol Amroth.

Maria wondered if Teige would walk hand-in-hand with her of would he stay back, she outstretched her arm and found his hand.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 11:16
Spotting her hand, Teige quickly undid his glove, and reached out, hoping for all that was above that he hadn't misread the situation. That he wasn't going to make a fool of himself.

He winced as he clasped hi right hand around hers, half expecting her to pull away in disgust.

Andrew smiled, he had seen Teige grow up as he had done, Teige had been his Best-man at his wedding, a strange thing for Teige to be a Best man at a Christian Wedding, Katherine, rolled her eyes at the Companions as they were known throughout the Luparian Area, "Goddess knows what I'm going to do with you two?"

OOC: about Teige, here are his stats:

Athletically built (Rugby Player)
Dark Brown hair and Beard,
Golden Eyes, not brown
Served in the Royal Marines for most of his career,
fought at the Siege of New Paris,
fought in the Railail Campaign,
Headed Royal Naval Section recently
Now Emperor following tragic death of Michael.
29-10-2004, 11:21
Maria held his hand with no disgust and they walked to the car, Teige and Maria sat together in one car and the other staff including Larrissa and Helena sat in other cars they drove to the palace
'Well I will let my assistants take care of you, I will be in the library, find me whenyou have finished' Maria siad letting go of his hand, as they parted company at the top of the stairs.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 11:35
"Andrew I don't care, I need to see her now, listen old freind, just let me pass."[i]

Andrew had tried to keep Teige from seeing Maria deliberatle to stop him making rediculous choices so early, the two had only just met yet there was a chemistry that Andrew was finding hard to control.

[i]"Goddess' sake man, just stop and listen to yourself, you've known her what 5 hours and you're already head over heals."

Teige stood silent, gazing through Andrew, he knew someone else was behind the door.

"Andrew, 241 Mark."

Andrew was curious, he knew exactly what that meant but that was a little over the top. Passing Teige his cutlass, he drew his own sabre and the pair opened the door quickly, Maria stumbled through teh door to face the two Swordsmen.
29-10-2004, 12:05
'what in the name of the goddess is going on!?' she asked as the blade was touching her breast.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 12:18
"I am so sorry sweetheart," Teige didn't have to say a word, Andrew quietly slipped away, in the same movement Teige lowered his cutlass, "Men have tried to kill me when i was away from home, i heard you by the door and well, i think you can gather the rest."

Teige was unnerved, he hadn't meant to frighten anyone, least of all Maria, "Damn" he thought in his head, "I've blown it!"

With that he dropped the Cutlass onto the floor.
29-10-2004, 12:28
'Its alright' Maria said smiling so angelic, she walked up to him and hugged him.
'No such harm will come to you while your here' she whispered in his ear softly.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 12:43
He welcomed the embrace, and held it, breaking only to gaze into her eyes, he could feel her heart racing, and with difficulty, he controlled his own to calm. Her breathing was deep as his was, he could smell her perfumes, her natural scents. He leaned forward from his neck, his face moved towards hers. He didn't say a word.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 16:34
29-10-2004, 16:34
she indulged in a kiss that lasted an eternity, his tongue was warm and soft, she loved it, her hands moved around, ruffling his soft hair.
she pulled away
'was that alright?' she asked, putting her two hands in his backpockets, clamping them together.
29-10-2004, 16:39
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 16:53
The door closed, and the night was long.

Teige emerged the next morning to three faces, and none of them looked happy, "We were about to seal a contract, a prenuptual that would have protected you and Maria for years to come. All you had to do was keep your hands off!"

Teige was taken a back, he looked at Katherine but she shunned him, shaking her head, she turned round and marched off hurling Gaelic insults at Teige as she went.

The third face was a Serafiman Palace Guard

OOC:Your ball.
29-10-2004, 16:55
Maria woke up.
'We didn't....did we?' she asked Teige.
'Oh god whats happened?' she asked, getting up and wrapping herself in his arms, she felt very small next to him, she was only 5'4"
she looked into his face for an answer, his big eyes looked at her clueless, she wanted to kiss him, but she knew he was angry.

ooc: the palace doesnt have guards, just maids.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 17:08
OOC: Have you even a military? if not you really do need to form an Alliance with me.


"Ok so where do we go from here?" Andrew's face lost its anger and turned to pity, he looked at Maria with eyes that told her she would lose someone special before the end of the day.

"Andrew, what is wrong?"

"Your Mother, she heard you were coming here and wanted to make sure you were never taken advantage of, you're not just her son teige, you're the Damn Emperor of your Empire, My Damn Empire. If you've got her..."

"I haven't, No way could that have happened. If I had though?"

"She would look to parliament to recognise the Bastard child, but she was worried you'd do this and then Serafima would demand half of the Empire should you split later, half of my country, my home..."

"It's not your Country, its mine, and I have to worry about it. We will not split, and yes we will marry, and yes I will choose her! Don't get above your station man, you may be my best freind, but you are only a Colonel, I am a Grand Marshall!"

The two had a stand off. For a moment it looked as though Andrew was going to hit him, instead Teige broke the tension.

"Finish the Pre-Nup we'll sign it don't you worry, and we'll be married before the end of the year."
29-10-2004, 17:10
Maria stood shocked,
'we are just a peaceful nation, we don't demand a lot' Maria said, worried a tear trickling down her cheek.
'don't fight' she said, clinging onto Teige.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 17:19
Andrew looked down on Maria again, his anger turned once again to pity,

"Teige get dressed, our Transport comes in just over two hours, it'll pick us up in three hours and we're away in four. Pack up and move out marine."

Teige looked at Maria, he looked back at Andrew walking away, a maid at his heals, he stood a moment, then a flash of lightening broke across his face. New life entered his eyes, it was clear he had an idea. His voice was excited, as though he was a child again about to go on an Adventure.

"Come with me, we'll marry on Holy Island with a propper Preistess, we'll be happy in Lupagrad, you can send for whomever you want to join us there. It's cold I know but you'll adjust. What do you say?"
29-10-2004, 17:20
'yes!' she exclaimed happily. Running and kissing him all over like a happy dog.
The O Faolains
29-10-2004, 17:26
Katherine couldn't believe her eyes, Teige was running down the stairs with a kit bag on his back and a girl in his arms, Maria, she recognised, was carrying a smaller suitcase in her lap. Teige carried on running down the outside steps to a Car that was waiting for him. The driver had a mixture of amusement and confusion on his face as he opened the door for Teige, "Airport man and be as fast as you can!" he shouted over the hum of teh engines.

Mean while...

At the Negotiations

OOC: Put some demands in here, something to fight with, so we can have a little arguement between Andrew and the Serafiman representative.
29-10-2004, 17:28
'i have to say, why don't we just let them get on with it, you cant stand in the way of love' Morgaine said angrily to her counterpart.
Morgaine was angry at how the love between Teige and Maria had been intervened with.
29-10-2004, 22:15
This is Buben Air-Force Flight number one, calling Serafima international airport, are flight is aproximitly one hour outside your capital and request landing for the Emperor and his entouarage-over
30-10-2004, 08:21
'You are allowed to land over' said the muffled control room worker.

After hearing the news, a rep went to find Larrissa.

Larrissa who was in her study, came out and was escorted to the airport.
30-10-2004, 08:38
30-10-2004, 09:53
The Emperor reached for the picture of the ladies, he sat back in his chair and wondered somemore. Could she be the one for him, he had felt lust before but this seemed different. Couldnt quite put his figure on it though,he released a big sigh and thought could he really let his nephaw marrie a women he had feelings for, especailly since....Sudddenly the inter-com rings-Sir we just recieved verifaction from the tower, we are clear to land- The emperor told him to stay his course and went back to thinking only to be intrupted by Brutus(Foreign Affairs Minister) at the door,what is it he said as he put the picture under some papers.Well I was wondering if you had yet infromed young Joush to the purpose of are trip. The Emperor replyed No, He thinks he's here to learn diplomcy and i'm thinking of keeping it that way. As they talked he explained he had feelings for her but really didnt know what to do. Before long the captain reported they were ready to land.

After the plane had taxied to a stop the foreign affairs minister got everyone ready and remined them to be polite and curtious. As he walked down the stairs from the plane he introduced himself as Brutus Canfally Foreign Affairs Minister from The Empire of Buben,He then introduced leftanant Jousha Jaster nephaw to the Emperor, The minister of defence came next Richard Bonin and Finally The Emperor who had to stand dramatically in the doorway before coming down. The whole way down he was looking gracefully into larissa's eyes, as he approached her he instintly bowed before her introuducing himself as Emperor Tyrone Anton Buben, of The Empire of Buben at your formal service ;)
30-10-2004, 10:15
((Serafima shall we continue from the FSI thread here?))
New Imperial Rome
30-10-2004, 10:57
Emperor's son, Prince Darius needs a wife.