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War of the Crucifix- open to all wishing to take part on either side

Glemte Hage
28-10-2004, 20:44
The outline so far

Guffingford kills Satanists
Glemte Hage offers refuge for Satanists
Glemte Hage kills christians
Glemte Hage sells other christians for medical testing
Guffingford condones and declares war
Guffingfordii planes spotted Glmete Hage on radar
Glemte Hage Plea for peace sent to Guffingford
Fails, and the anti-aircraft fire begins
Glemte Hage Plea for allies
Fruity Loops allies with Guffingford
Jurrik begins massacring Christians
Fruity Loops fleet appears
Christus Victor condones Hages actions and offers refuge for Christians before withdrawing all its people from Glemte Hage
Drum Gods condones Hage and Jurrik
Elbonian States condones Jurrik
Jurrik prepares for war
Fruit Loops fleet bombard Glemte Hage- killing 500
Glemte Hage returns fire and moves fleet into position
Dumpster Dan condones Glemte Hage and Jurrik
Blacktower condones threats of nuclear bombardment by Elbonian States
Sladgrad denounces slaughter of Christians
Christus Victor withdraws its people from Jurrik and condemns them
Shazbotdom condemns Glemte Hage
Jurrik announces its new Christian death squads
Evil Woody Thoughts forces trade embargo with Glemte Hage and offers Asylum to Hagen Christians wishing to flee
Evil Woody Thoughts sends fleet to assist Christians
Glemte Hage ends genocide campaign and sends all remaining Christians to north beach to be collected by Evil Woody Thought’s fleet
Drum Gods declares war on Glemte Hage
Marixon declares war on Glemte Hage

Please- we need help to beat the Christian tide
28-10-2004, 20:48
Its Dumpsterdam.

Oh and you forgot at #2: Glemte Hage threatens to use force to stop genocide in Guffingford.
Glemte Hage
28-10-2004, 20:51
Sorry Dam

Oh yeah I did
Drum Gods
28-10-2004, 21:07
We will fight on the sight of Guffingford to annihiliate you and your allies.

Bureaucrat of the Drum God Empire
Member of GDODAD, Allied to Metus
Member of the Right Wing Collective
A January 2003 Nation
28-10-2004, 23:40
and here comes the tag.


The Holy Imperial Empire of Belem will lend its full support to its ally Guffingford and its war against the Heretics of Glemte Hage. As of now a state of war exists between the Imperial Empire and the illegal government of Glemte Hage

ooc: is the war going to be in this thread or another one?
Glemte Hage
28-10-2004, 23:43
The War is over

The Christians may have won- but I drove them from my nation anyway

Death toll

Glemte Hage

Soldiers- 5000 at least
Civilans- close to 300'000

Christians- close to 3000

Fruity Loops-
30-10-2004, 00:20
OOC: It's not a Christian Death Squad......>.< It's a Terroist Orgnzation ran-by the government, and it's called The State.
30-10-2004, 18:36
i dont care if the war is over, im still gonna start doin drive by's with my warthogs to kill christians