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OoC: Several homebrewed idea's.(Feedback needed)

28-10-2004, 16:04
Egh, I'm having several homebrewed concepts but I'm gona be needing feedback. Constructive feedback! So "This sucks, go play outside" does not classify as constructive! Remember that this is my first try and that these designs are in no way final. :)

PS: Be nice and don't try to steal any concepts, thanks.

JR-K65 JackRabbit multi-role combat aircraft

Version B: Long Range Interceptor.

Crew: two, pilot and radar operator.
Wingspan: 14.5 m
Length overall: 20m
Height overall 4.5m
Weight empty, equipped : 11010kg / 27,500 kg
Engines: two Dalas X-GH engines both providing 13.000 KG of thrust.
Max speed : 3,110 kmph
Service ceiling : 30,000 m
Range: 7996 km
Radar: CAPTOR long range tracking radar.
Weapons: 1 M61A/A2 Vulcan 20mm cannon and 8 external mounts.

Version C: Ground Attack Aircraft.

Crew: one, pilot.
Wingspan: 13.5 m
Length overall: 18.5m
Height overall 4.5m
Weight empty, equipped : 9010kg / 29,500 kg
Engines: two Dalas X-GH engines both providing 13.000 KG of thrust.
Max speed : 2,160 kmph
Service ceiling : 26,000 m
Range: 3250 km
Radar: GRIFO fire control radar.
Weapons: 2 M61A/A2 Vulcan 30mm cannon, 14 external mounts and 2 internal mounts

RL-M21 Relas main battle tank.

Crew: 4(or 3 with autoloader): Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader.

Length: 9.8 m
Width: 3.7 m
Height: 2.3 m
Curb weight : 69.54 Tons
Ground Clearance: 0.5 m

Maximum speed: 64.3 kmph
Cross country: 45 kmph
Acceleration(0 to 32 mph): 8.9 seconds
Cruising range: 466 km.
Maximum trench crossing: 2.7 m
Vertical Obstacle: 1 m.
Engine: 1500 HP gas turbine engine

130 mm smooth bore cannon
Coaxial weapon
7.62 M240 machinegun
Commander's Weapon
.50 cal. M2 machinegun
Ammunition Storage
50 Rounds 130 mm
7,100 Rounds 7.62mm
900 Rounds 50 caliber
32 Screening Grenades

NBC System incorperated in chassis.

For the trained person: Yes this is a shameless rip-off of the M4A1 but I didn't like its design and weapon load-out.

DRA-1 Pandora's Box arsenal ship.

Crew: 14: 2 officers, 6 sailors, 4 gunnery personal, 2 mechanics.

Overall length: 196.45 m
Length: 176.6 m
Depth 15.75 m
Displacement 12500 tonnes
Load displacement 31,500 tonnes

1 x GEC Alsthom electric drive motor 14 MW.
2 x GEC Alsthom generators 4.69 MW each.
Wartsila V12 VASA32 (Lox Nox) diesel engines.
Single fixed pitch propeller and shaft.
Maximum speed: 12 knots

Two 30mm BOFFORS Anti Aircraft guns.
100 vertical launch tubes.
300 Tactial Nautical Mines.
100/500 drums and crates containing highly toxic and chemical waste.

Note: This ship is designed to leave a lasting mark on a nation that we do not wish to conquer(because it is not worth it or just because we can't) and they are allways part of large fleets of other surface ships. They also use the same frames as our normal troop transports so there is practicly no way of telling the difference untill the deck ports are opened. The tactic with these ships are to rush them in, launch the missles and scuttle the ship. The mines will then drift away from the wreckage and anchor themselfs in random patrons around the scutteld craft. The crates and drums containing the toxics are not realy ment to be in sea water so leaking will comence inmediatly causing much damage to local fora and fauna.
28-10-2004, 16:38
Other than needing more powerful jets, sounds good.
28-10-2004, 18:27
Oh? Do specify Caldaron.
28-10-2004, 18:32
Wait, are those thrust numbers before or after the afterburner?
28-10-2004, 18:35
That is the maximum speed without afterburners.
28-10-2004, 18:37
Not the speed, I mean the 8300 KG of thrust.
28-10-2004, 18:40
Same as with the speed. I'm only putting up the normal version.

That, and I have no idea how much of a boost an afterburner would give.
28-10-2004, 18:41
Lookin' nice. A few points of note, however:

1) Regarding the planes, there are a couple of off points, I think. Firstly, even accounting for errors in my rough calculation, 5,563Km seems a very, very long range for an interceptor, especially if that's on internal fuel only. Also, I'd say your ceiling's too short - 30,000m would IMO be a more accurate figure for such a plane (remember the old MiG-25? As I recall that could reach 93,000 feet, which is about 28,000m) as is the speed - 2,240Kph is only 1,400mph (about Mach 2.1) when again the Foxbat could do 2,100Mph (Mach 3.2) clean. Secondly, using the same fire-control radar for a ground-attack plane and an interceptor is by no means impossible, but it would negate the point of having two types of aircraft, since they could both do the work of the other.

2) I don't think an arsenal ship that size could or should be run off only one propeller. Bear in mind that 31,000 tonnes is heavier than the old Queen Elizabeth or Royal Sovereign-class super-dreadnaughts (so-called because they were an improvement on Dreadnaught; it never ceases to midly irritate me when people refer to "super-dreads" on NS as some awesome new thing, blissfully unaware that they've been around for a hell of a long time...anyway), and they were both triple-shaft propelled.

Other than that, all looks good, and hope this helps. :)
28-10-2004, 18:57
Thanks for the comments!

#1: As for the long range of the interceptor, that is with several external fuel pods. A long range interceptor would be nothing without range to intercept its targets no?

#2 Speed and flight ceiling, uh yes, that was actualy nearly guesswork but I'll up it to 30.000 meters for the flight ceiling and around Mach 3 for the interceptor and around Mach 2 for the ground attack aircraft. I want my interceptors to be fast and my ground attack aircraft to be reasonably slow so they can spend more time over the target. Hope that this makes sense.

#3 Radar, radar, radar....well I'm looking to replace my interceptor's radar with something different, just gota find something that suits it.

#4 This is actualy an existing ship which I have removed the auxilery diesel engine, bow thrusters and anything else fancy. So it should be ok, but I'm open to suggestions.
28-10-2004, 19:15
Your jet engines are generating way too little thrust for the speeds and capabilities you want you really want each engine in the 9,000-14,000kg class
28-10-2004, 19:18
Your jet engines are generating way too little thrust for the speeds and capabilities you want you really want each engine in the 9,000-14,000kg class

And yet again, thanks!
28-10-2004, 20:20
Glorified BUMP.
28-10-2004, 21:24
Bump for the night.
30-10-2004, 11:50
30-10-2004, 16:55
Now your ceiling for the GA plane's too high :P That's assuming you use a conventional GA design of course. Usually those'll have shorter wings and less powerful engines, so they can't make the altitudes of the fighters and especially interceptors. And while I've got what I laughingly call my brain working, I think you oughta remove the gun on the interceptor; she's not meant to engage planes at the sort of ranges where a gun can be employed, after all. Looks good so far though!
30-10-2004, 17:15
I woudl say keep the gun, unless you intend a fighter to fire off a couple of missiles at 100km+ and then runaway a gun is a mandatory requirement.

Also by GA i think he really means a strike version based ont he same airframe as the interceptor ie like the F15 series and the tornado.
31-10-2004, 00:10
The planes are going to get into situations where they will need those guns for close, up and personal dogfights.

Oh and I like my aircraft to have atleast a bit of flexibility, say, what if a ground attack plain runs out of missles and bombs but needs to take out an soft target that is not defended? It could use its cannon but OH NOEZ YOUZ STRIPZED OZ ZE GUNZORS!

Now, I need a set number for the FC of my ground attack plane, I'd say, name a number.
31-10-2004, 01:10
Yeah, but an interceptor will never, ever be able to effectively use a gun. No interceptor can maneouvre like a dogfighter, which is the other kind of gun-carrying plane; the interceptor's function is, as Crook said, to fire off missiles from as far off as can be done and then turn around and get away at high speed from the enemy. IMO at least. :P
31-10-2004, 11:27
Its not always so that targets that must be intercepted are nesecary hostile to our aircraft, our interceptors should be able to take down a target without the need to waste expensive missles.

War is expensive, so you must eliminate as much of the costs without degrading your combat ability.