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Feazanthian Fleet Assembles

28-10-2004, 13:48
Rally Point Ecto-Gamma Five, Helthian Ice Fields

Michaels was disgusted with how her flagship was being handled. It seemed FleetCom wanted it to act as a rest and refit station instead of the juggernought it was meant to be. Two of the new MC90 cruisers were docked already, and a Makaan-class supercarrier had just entered the system and was demanding docking clearance. Four Vortex artillery vessels skated past the Neodammerung in a formation exercise. While not the most agile of vessels, their yamato cannons got the job done.
"Neodammerung, this is Hammer requesting deactivation of inhibitor field. We are thirty seconds out."
Michaels sighed and opened the channel for the seemingly thousandth time.
"Confirmed, Hammer. You have a two minute window. Proceed to holding sector fifteen and join up with fire team omega."
She didn't even watch as the three ESDs entered the system and proceeded on sublight propulsion to meet up with their squadron. She hated this new type of warfare, with lots of smaller vessels and not as many heavy capital ships. I've only got a dozen dreadnoughts leased to me! How am I supposed to fight their super destroyers? thought Michaels. There were fighter squadrons on patrol everywhere. annoyance in combat but never a real threat. Ever since the Juria conference everything's been different. Look at those destroyers! She was referring to the nearly six hundred Endeavor destroyers - roughly the equal of an ISD in terms of firepower - assembling, and realized that more were coming every day.
The sooner we mobilize, the better.
28-10-2004, 22:55
The Fedral Union
28-10-2004, 23:01
... *observes*
29-10-2004, 13:27
Michaels wnt through the fleet manifest one last time, and then spoke to her XO.

"Davis, what's with these Curies?" she was referring to the eighteen Curie-class automated landing carriers that stayed in the flagship's shadow. They were specifically designed for carrying Feazanthia's devastating bioweapon, The Flood.
"FleetCom sent them. They said to use them on the enemy capital."
"We aren't going to try and take the world?" asked Michaels, flabbergasted.
"Rebel intel says the world is like one big city, so it'd be urban combat over an entire planet."
"I see your point, but the Flood? There are civilians down there!"
"It's either use The Flood or bombard the world from space. If we use the Flood, we have a chance to go in later and salvage some technology."
Michaels sighed and placed her head in her hands.
"Oh, what I would give for the days when it was warriors, not politicians, that decided how we fought."