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Sentient Nanites Go to Strip Mine another world...And look what they find!

Sentient Nanites
28-10-2004, 11:01
OOC:This is a closed RP.Meaning,only me!Basically,it just going to reform my nation totally,turning the nanites into half machine,half organic beings.You are welcome to TAG this,but if you wish to do so,please go to "Thread Tools" at the top,and select "Suscribe to Thread"!Got it?Good.

IC:Ma'Taal seethed over his previous failure of trying to strip mine the organic's world of "Pluto",but now...This was a different story.The planet was overflowing with materials and life,and would sustain the Worldfleet for at least a year.It was large,at least 34.8 times larger than Pluto.The expeditionary force sent down to the surface of the planet reported that there were organics,but no "humans" had been detected.
Assured victory,Ma'Taal had shot down to the surface in his launch pod and found that it was even better than the team had reported.And the resources...
Ma'Taal's readings were at maximum level.

But then,one day,something had gone terribly wrong.Large biologicals had destroyed the perimeter defenses and gone rampaging.Ma'Taal had,of course,powered up his weapons and destroyed several of them,but then one of the larger ones had swallowed his form from behind...

OOC:And I'll leave it like that for now.If you wish to comment,TG me.