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27-10-2004, 21:55
Valviruis has recently declared "free elections". However, because of certain, undisclosed circumstances, the candidates have dropped out. The government has appointed two new candidates.

Hugen Giestoghfen(Left-Wing liberalist party): He plans to raise federal sales tax by 1% and with this extra money, he intends to strengthen the military.
He Supports:
Gay rights
Increasing minimum wage
Raising drinking age
Ban on alchoholic beverages with greater than 20% alchohol levels
Illegal voting

Kentivugh Garfner (Traditional Grassrootist party): He plans for nationwide bills to give 1.7 billion credits in raises to construction workers. He thinks the military is fine and plans to put more funding into education.
He supports:
The currency-exchanging market
Illegal marajuana
Raising taxes for high-income families
Raise on the driving age
optional, but rewarded, voting
Compulsory gun ownership

Please state who you are voting for.