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Public Hanging Reinstated

27-10-2004, 18:55
It is high noon, and the people of Necropolis, capital of Eisenland, have turned out for what is sure to be a gala affair. Vicious killer and anarchist Charles Hymes, found guilty of the ritualistic slaying of 15 children, (and a coupla'a chickens), is to be hung this afternoon from the large weeping willow located before the Grand Palace. The crowd is an unruly lot; towards the front are the bereaved parents of the lost youth, screaming for Hymes' blood. Beyond are their friends, many holding signs and wielding clubs. Flanking them are the curious onlookers, who perhaps wish to derive some morbid pleasure from this grisly display. Suddenly a hush falls over the crowd as Hymes emerges from the Necropolis Internment Camp, escorted by several heavily armed guards. The man, condemned to die by the Exalted Ruler himself, is led to the gallows. On his face, unshaven and grimy, is a look of quiet serenity. His steel gray eyes stare forward, and in them glows a dim light of fear. He has reached the plank now, and has paused only once. As he ascends the stairs, he glances at the mob who has come to watch him die. In each one, he sees no remorse, only hatred and scorn. He grins to himself, this is what he wanted. To always be remember as the despicable, vile killer he always knew he would become. But his grin quickly vanishes as he feels the noose slowly lower over his head. It tightens quickly, not enough to suffocate, but more than enough to be uncomfortable. Beside him stands the plaintiff, who scowls menacingly at Hymes, then slowly unrolls a document in his hands.
"Charles Frederick Hymes" he reads aloud.
"For the unspeakable crimes you have committed, you have been sentenced to death by hanging."
At this, the plaintiff nods to the executioner, and the rope tightens. Hymes gasps loudly, and there comes a stifled applause from the audience.
"By decree of the Exalted One himself, your death shall be held in public view. May your acts of barbarity receive you in Hell one-hundred fold."
At this the crowd cheered, and many began to chant, "Pull the switch! Pull the switch," in a ferverent frenzy. The plaintiff raises his hands in an attempt to quell the group, but they only answer back in greater number. It was only after the he threatened to stay the execution did the mob slowly wind done. Satisfied, he continued with his declaration.
"As per tradition, the condemned man is allowed a final word. Have you anything to say."
Hymes smirked. Now was his chance.
"Only," he gasped, his voice seeping out in horse gulps.
"Only that I regret I couldn't have done more."
With that, he let out a maniacal laugh, heedless to the great pain and cries of disgust from the crowd. The plaintiff glanced at his watch and signaled to the executioner. The huge man nodded and pulled a large switch. There was the sound of wood on wood, a short drop, something like a branch snapping, and the laughter ceased forever....
27-10-2004, 19:51
Hahaha! Cool!