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Gladiator Mark IV Main Battle Tank

27-10-2004, 06:45
Aequatian Military Industries releases the all-indigenous main battle tank design. The Mark IV shows improvement over the previous design in a new engine and upgraded weapon and defence systems.
Gladiator Mark IV Main Battle Tank

Crew: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner and Loader/Radio Operator)
Weight: 42,400 kg
(Gun @ 6 O'Clock): 8.2m
(Gun @ 12 O'Clock): 9.6m
Height: 2.65m
Width: 3.4m
Engine: Aequatian Automotive Industries (Propulsion Division) 1,500hp V10 Gasoline Turbine
Range: 600km
Max Road: 65 km/h
Max Off-Road: 45 km/h
Armour Type: Aequatian Military Industries (Armour Division) Composite Armour Mk.1
Aequatian Military Industries 140mm Electrothermal Chemical Direct-Fire Gun (30 rounds)
Aequatian Military Industries M90 20mm Coaxial Autocannon (1000 rounds)
Aequatian Military Industries M90 20mm Turret-Mounted Autocannon (500 rounds)
Combat Systems
100kJ Pulse Power System (ETC Gun)
200 SCFM CleanCool NBC Protection System
Smoke Grenade Launchers, eight each side of turret
Forward Looking InfraRed Sighting System (Commander)
Sights w/Magnification Day A.M.I. EMES-15, 12x/secondary (Gunner)
8x A.M.I. "Inferno" Nighttime Thermal Imager (Gunner)
Neodymium Laser Rangefinder
Price: 1.75 million Aequatian Markes
Desert Camouflage Scheme
Woodland Camouflage Scheme