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Oil Deposit Discovered

03-10-2004, 07:38
An oil deposit off the coast of Bisacola ( ) capable of meeting the fossil fuel requirement for a population of 3 billion for 27 years was discovered on October 2, by Bisacollian research ships attempting to map the ocean floor.

At this time, no Bisacollian companies have the means to extract the oil. Bisacola is hoping to outsource this massive operation to a country of greater economic capabilities. The country conducting oil-extraction operations would not be responisble for refinement or distribution of the oil, simply the extraction.

As the amount of discovered oil greatly exceeds the needs of Bisacola, the country performing the job would be entitled to a certain amount of oil each month. The exact amount would be specified later in more specific terms. If you feel that your country is capable of undertaking this operation, please respond with the company's name and capabilities. Rights to the operation will be awarded to the company that seems most fit to perform the job.
03-10-2004, 07:43
The Republic of Tessen is very interested in this new oil find.

However, we do not have the means to actually extract it. What we have are the materials and supplies the country that can extract it might have need of using. We would be happy to offer this machinery and raw materials if there is interest. We would ask only a small percentage of the oil profits in return.

If there is interest, feel free and let us know.

03-10-2004, 07:48
If the machinery and raw materials that you will provide will be capable of drilling all of the oil (hundreds of billions of gallons, perhaps even more), then Bisacola would like to begin naming some prices for the use of these materials.
03-10-2004, 08:10
Yes, this should be a workable. We will have to note that by raw materials we unfortunately cannot provide much raw steel for the actual construction of the majority of the platform itself though. We, however, do have an abundance of plastics, most of what you could need in terms of machinery, engines, motors, heavy machinery, cranes, marine ships, digging equipment that sort of thing.

Name what you need, and well let you know if we can provide it, and at what cost.