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UCSNE F-133 Valkyrie

New Empire
02-10-2004, 18:08
F-133 Valkyrie Air Superiority Fighter

Many unique design features include new switchblade wings and variable trapezoidal "ruddervators" similar to those seen on the earlier YF-23 prototype that flatten out during supersonic cruise. Rudder action is not aerodynamically controlled on this plane, instead the 3D thrust vectoring nozzles on the new GE F-129 engines handle all of the planes yaw control. The use of canards, a Forward Swept Wing (FSW) design and thrust vectoring makes this plane highly maneuverable.

The Valkyrie's unique wing design owes itself for better low speed control at higher angles of attack and lower landing and takeoff speeds that are connecting with carriers. The fighter's switchblade wings also dual up as decreasing width for better storage. The aircraft uses high strength thermalplastics and Boron fiber on the joints and doors of the variable geometry wings, where much stress is induced at high speeds. These doors also double up as flaps during takeoffs and landings.
This design lends itself to many low-observables features such as masked air intakes, internal bays for weapons, a blended fuselage, and many other aspects that reduce its chance to show up on radar and infrared tracking devices, and the stealth concept of same angles. The use of internal bays is a stealth one too. It has one large payload bay down the fuselage and two smaller "pop-up" bays behind the air intakes. All-composites wing; high proportion of composites and welded aluminium-lithium alloy in remainder of airframe. Extensive use of radar-absorbent coatings, including Ironball and 'Fibersteel'.

The fighter uses the high thrust, variable bypass (like the earlier GE 120 engines) General Electric F-129 turbofans, with three-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles for increased maneuverability. The F-129 engine uses a high temperature core and high-tech combustion parts, as well as a variable bypass design that allows it to act more like a turbofan at low speeds and more like a turbojet during supersonic cruise. Despite all of this, this engine has 40% less major parts and is easier to repair and maintain than the engines of the F-125. Supercruise has been reported at Mach 2.25 during trials, with a max speed of over Mach 3. The aircraft incorporates mission adaptive/aeroelastic wings, meaning instead of using 'flaps', the edges of the wings, ruddervators, and canards bend. The canards themselves can rotate.

The fighter uses SAN/APG-95 'Have Sight' radar, which is similar to the -91, but with improved tracking/identification capabilities, a forward looking solid state pulse doppler radar with a rear looking version with about 50% of the range. Both have NPI and LPI capabilities, along with programming for bistatic function. Another radar pod can be mounted on the fuselage for side looking and bird's eye capability. Forward and rearward looking IR systems are used, along with a rear looking camera. The 'Have Ray' and 'Have Light' LIDAR systems are also mounted. The latest version of Pallas Athena is mounted to aid the Valkyrie's already tiny radar signature. The TSRS (Thermal Signature Reduction System) of Blurred Edges, Flickering skins, and a cooling sheath over the engines helps lower the IR signature. Incorporated into the forward and rearward LIDAR pods are higher powered lasers for 'blinding' IR guided weapons. The F-133 can be equipped with a form of 'active camouflage', usually changing the grey tones of the aircraft to fit best with the sky around it.

Almost all of the instruments availible to the pilot are digital MFD displays, with a few key instruments in the old format in the event that the multilayered systems fail. A fly-by-light fiberoptic system is used, again with multiple 'layers' for saftey. The helmet used in the new G-suit, like on all other fighters, can be linked to any of the MFD displays or sensors for a true 'heads up display'. The F-133 is TARGETS II compatible, meaning sensor and aircraft information is projected into the 'mind's eye' (

There are four internal bays, the forward two capable of holding up to four AAMs each, the rear two capable of holding up to two each. Usually, long range or heavy weapons are carried in the main bays, with the others carrying short range air to air missiles like the Python, AIM-9X, or AIM-121 Banshee. An M-75 20mm Hyveloc gatling gun is mounted under a small door in the aircraft for stealth. There are 6 additional wing pylons that can be used, usually with the EHSP pods to maintain stealth.

Crew: 1
Wingspan (Unswept): 18.59m (61'0")
Wingspan (Swept): 11.58m (38'0")
Length: 21.92m (71'0")
Height: 4.38m (14'4")
Range: 2000 miles (Without Hafnium assistance)
G-Limit: 10+ (With new G-Suit)
Top Cruise Speed: Mach 2.25
Top Speed: Mach 3+ (Wings swept)
Armarment: M-75 20mm HYVELOC Gatling gun, 8 Fuselage internal hardpoints, 'pop up' rear fuselage bays can carry up to four lightweight missiles. There are 6 optional wing hardpoints.
Democratic Colonies
02-10-2004, 18:21
The Federated Union of Democratic Colonies would like to express an interest in purchasing F-133 Valkyries, and would like to inquire as to the price for production rights, as well as the per-fighter purchase price.

- "Tigress", Central AI of the Colonial Department of Foreign Affairs
02-10-2004, 18:32
The holy Republic of Sovriegns would like to inquire as to price, as well as if they can be made to be used in space.
New Empire
02-10-2004, 20:42
The prices are still being determined, but expect them to be in excess of 50 million NEAC (100 Million USD).

As for a space version, here are the things that would need to be replaced or changed:
Several tons of anti-heat coating.
Engine redesign/replaced
Cockpit replaced
Wings, internal bays redesigned/replaced
Electronics redesigned
Space for oxygen
Boosters for Mach 20+ Escape Velocity speed

This is virtually the entire plane.
Democratic Colonies
02-10-2004, 21:06
The Federated Union of Democratic Colonies would like to know if production rights could be aquired.
New Empire
02-10-2004, 21:15
Production rights would have to come in the form of a set run... UCSNE inspectors would supervise the factories to make sure no extra aircraft were made. The rights for the contract run would be at about 100 million NEAC (200 million USD) per aircraft.
Democratic Colonies
02-10-2004, 21:21
Understood. In that case, the Colonial Government would like to wait until a final price is chosen for F-133s produced by the New Empire for sale. A price of over 100 million US dollars is acceptable to us, but not 200 million.
New Empire
02-10-2004, 21:23
According to the Berliston Aerospace lead consotrium that designed the F-133, the only way the export version could sell for 100 million USD was if the radar was replaced with an older variant, and if TARGETS II, Pallas Athena, and several other sensors and stealth systems were removed.
Democratic Colonies
02-10-2004, 21:29
The Colonial Government is willing to pay in excess of 100 million US dollars per fighter, but not in excess of 200 million. We will make our final choice based on whatever price is settled on for the standard New Empire produced aircraft.
New Empire
02-10-2004, 21:30
The aircraft will be sold at 175 million, for the first run. For any additional runs, they will be 200 million.
02-10-2004, 21:31

F-125 wasn't good enough for you eh?

New Empire
02-10-2004, 21:35
OOC: This was a result of offsite RPs... F-125 is good enough to handle anything in it's tech era, but the F-133 has better speed and stealth. Basically, F-125s will perform the role of the F-15 Eagle as air superiority/strike, whereas the F-133 is pure air superiority and sort of an interceptor.
02-10-2004, 21:36
OOC: now we really need another "cortina" RP.
Democratic Colonies
02-10-2004, 21:37
OOC: Could someone link to this "F-125"? I'm in the market for a new carrier based strike fighter, and I'd like to explore a few options.
02-10-2004, 21:37

Super Phoenix


New Empire
02-10-2004, 21:45
OOC: Why, yes, we do. And as soon as I finish inhaling this box of Krispy Kreme, I can start writing good posts.
^F-125 and other aircraft^
New Empire
02-10-2004, 22:18
New Empire
03-10-2004, 12:17
Vestern States
03-10-2004, 12:37
We are intressted in buing some 150 of these planes as a complement to our present Air Forces but we are wondering if it`s possible to make a few modifications.

1. Since we have a cold climate in the northerns parts of the country and since our air-doctrine is to put the planes om road-bases, we would like to modifi the enggines so they can withstad large objects, extreme temratures like -40 C.

2. Since we are using roadbases, and those are quite short, like 500-700 meters. Because of that, pilots are recuired to put the plane down in an steep angle, thus creating large stress to the landing gear, therefore, we would like to improve the suspention and also have parashutes for breaking.

3. Is it possible to aquire 2 extra planes for testing new equippment like sensors, weapons etc.?

Also, our military industry proposes that we could enter a partnership in order to furthur improve the model since we have some unique skills in operationg advanced planes in very very bad/harsh veather conditions

Best regards:

Julian Waters, Vestern Stats Defence minister
New Empire
03-10-2004, 13:12
There may be a slight need to adjust engine tolerances for cold. As for landing, it's capable of landing on a 300 meter carrier deck, so the suspension and gear should be ok.

Your order of 157 aircraft has been confirmed for 175 million each.
Vestern States
03-10-2004, 14:51

Money in coming up.
When can we recive the first shipment?
New Empire
03-10-2004, 15:24
Within a few (NS) months, freighter shipped.
New Empire
10-10-2004, 23:38

Also, check out the UCSNE Artista joint project, the Su-52 Fanatic.
10-10-2004, 23:45
I'll take a small number. Say around 50?

The rich people in my country are burdened enough as it is, they can't afford to spend their money on such luxuries as a people's air force ha ha ha.

Any plans for a Naval variant at all? I'm investing in a new carrier....
New Empire
10-10-2004, 23:55
The F-133 is designed to function as a carrier fighter right off the bat. The only adjustments necesssary would be tailoring the loadouts of the aircraft during carrier operations so that the aircraft can hit the deck without damaging it (Basically, don't put a huge amount of weapons on it). The aircraft has enough lift thanks to it's design, engines, thrust vectoring, and AAW to take off on a Degaulle, Nimitz, and other carriers that can service non VTOL fighters.
11-10-2004, 18:17
Then we'll up the order to 125. Divided equally between the airforce and the navy.

When can I expect delivery of the aircraft? You can expect the first installation of our payments within the next couple of days.
New Empire
11-10-2004, 19:44
Your order has been confirmed, expect aircraft to arrive within 1 (NS) year.