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Special Republican Guard Boosted in size (18 divisions added)

Decisive Action
30-09-2004, 21:36
"This is Joseph Mladic of the White Peoples Radio and Television Network. The SRG, that is the Special Republican Guard, has been boosted to a total of twenty divisions following the addition of eighteen divisions to their order of battle. The SRG has long been criticized by foreigners as being nothing more than, "The Mississippian SS", however this is not true, the SRG are elite soldiers who fight for their leader the Czar, Roger Fabus. The SS were also elite soldiers, but they fought for their own leader, Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler."

"We are very proud of our SRG soldiers and we are glad that so many soldiers who entered training years ago have survived to form these wonderful new divisions that will march forward and carry the Mississippian standard to whichever corner of the world they happen to be in."

"The new divisions will all be present in the December 4th, White Victory Parade to commemorate the victory of white forces on December 4th of 1984, marking a successful end to the civil war that toppled twenty years of jewish misrule and atrocities against the aryan people of Mississippi and indeed the world."

"The world looks to Mississippi for guidance, as we are a shining example to the truly free world, not the so-called jewish ideal of the free-world, where only liberalism and muddle ideas of human racial equality are taught..."

"But the real free world, where science is not subject to the whims of man, we have long since known that our aryan race is superior to the other races of the world, and as such we have faced much opposition from the jewish-mason cabal that has attempted to combine marxist agitation and finance capitalism to either overtly harm us or to destroy our economy. I am proud to say, not only have their plans failed, we are stronger than ever! Hail Victory! Hail Fabus!"

Ooc- You can find the new SRG divisions listed here:

Approximately 45,150 men per SRG division.
Decisive Action
30-09-2004, 23:23
Decisive Action
30-09-2004, 23:54
Who would like to attend the parade?