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The Dark Years - {Open RP}

29-09-2004, 20:50
Darkness was at its peak here. It was the dead of midnight, and not a soul to be seen. All other sounds were drowned out by the torrential rain, save for the thunder that boomed in the distance. To some, it was almost poetic, in a sad sort of way. Then, like a wayward traveler, a lone man walked slowly down the street; he was in no rush to be out of the rain. He tugged down at the brim of his hat as he passed the quiet bar. His garments were sodden, ripped, and torn in many places, but there had been no effort to mend them. His hands in his pockets, he turned down an alleyway with an unexpected increase in speed. A door lay at the end of the dark alley, that led into an apartment building.The man tried the doorknob, with no luck. Quickly glancing around him, he drew a crowbar that he had concealed in his jacket, and proceeded to wrench the door open.

Once he had accomplished this, he took one more glance around him, then trodded calmly into the apartment. The door was left open. Approximately ten minutes later, a scream penetrated the monotonous, continuous pitter-patter of the rain on the rooftops, a shriek of pure fear. None came to investigate; the neighbors were all quite asleep at this hour. Then, the figure emerged from the inside, wielding a dagger in his hand. It was dripping with blood.

He quickly closed the door behind him, and hastily ran out into the street before darting underneath a manhole cover, disappearing from view.

Many more attacks such as this one continue to plague the downtown cities of Tioszaea. They all seem to be unrelated, except every single one of them had the word "SCREAM" painted on the wall in blood. This has been seen as an act of terrorism, and the Tioszaean government has publicly stated that they will not stand for it. All members of the government have unanimously voted for any and all personnel trained in counter-terrorism be alerted. Help is direly needed.

(OOC: Note that this is meant to be ROLEPLAYED, nothing else. I don't want to see "I send my army and kill all these people," as I'm trying to make this interesting. Please, ROLEPLAY!) The thread is open for any and all who can ROLEPLAY.
29-09-2004, 21:29
Fascist Confederacy
29-09-2004, 21:58
29-09-2004, 22:01
OOC: you mean that we should ROLEPLAY this? :) J/k..

CTU - Counter Terrorism Unit
Hellas, Helveticuz

A phone rang. A tall, well-built man picked it up..

"Yes...this is CTU. You'r speaking with Eric Trafalgar. What can i hjelp you with?"
"Okey, well this is HSFR (Helvetian State of Foreign Relations). We have a code orange in Tioszae. I'll send youa document about it....why didn't you get this information on your net?"
"Ah, the net is down - and ahs been down for a couple of days. That's why...."
"Okey i see, well good luck with the net. "

He hang up the phone on its hanger, and quickly walked away to the big screen in the conference room. After reading the documents with his staff, they decided to give Tioszae a call.

"Hello. this is Colonel Eric Trafalgar, chief of the CTU in Helveticuz.....i've heard about your situation. Maybe we can help out?"
30-09-2004, 00:44
President Kyle sat in his office looking through the Countries morning paper and his current dossier. The president then noticed a memo about recent terror going around in Tioszaea. He felt sorry for the country and knew how he would feel if this happened on Kyleralia soil.

Telegram sent to Tioszaea
I can feel the pressure and pain your country must be going through at this time. I know how i would feel if something like this happened to me. I am offering a helping and and offering any aid you might need.

President Kyle Biedinger
Kylesburgh City, Kyleralia
24-12-2004, 16:14
(OOC: Wow, no one posted on this for awhile, I thought it had died down. Maybe I can bring it back to life, who knows? Anyways, time for the awsome IC part! :D )

The desk itself was nothing. Hundreds of papers were strewn about it, with a computer shedding gentle flickering light on the dark walls beyond. The only clean space of the desk was occupied by a green mug filled to the brim with steaming coffee. A lone man sat before the desk, slowly reading the telegrams in front of him. He made no movement towards the coffee.

The man was unshaven and scarred, but from what was indeterminable. His hollow cheekbones gave him a figure of a ghastly look, and this was amplified by the white light that was dancing upon his face. He had black hair cropped close to his skull, and he had two earings in his left ear. But his most prominent features were his eyes. They were blood-red & bloodshot, darting about as though they were looking for something that wasn't there. The man was Tioszaea's Minister of Foreign affairs, Mark Longjick.

As he finished the first telegram, a slow smile began to draw itself upon his face, even more so as he finished the second. A glimmer of hope dawned in his eyes, just as the phone rang outside. His secretary came on the speaker.

"Sir, we've recieved a call from.. ", she paused for a moment, "an Eric Trafalgar. He says he's the head of the counter-terrorism unit in..", another pause, "Helveticuz. He says he may be able to help."

The grin fully manifested itself then, and Mark hit the speak button.

"Patch the call in, I think we have some allies in this war."
24-12-2004, 16:33
14-01-2005, 21:10

Was that 'creepy', or 'creppy'? :confused: