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A crackdown on private education in Weyr

29-09-2004, 01:56
WN3, Wye City

<A talking head appears in the corner of the screen/hologram. WN3 logo is visible in the center, befor being replaced by the next image. The talking head begins to speak.>

<Image of a City Watch officer kicking down a door painted with the image of a crucifix.>

As City Watch and High Guard officials raided privately-funded schools and institutions across the Kingdom, the High King Alicia li'Wye issued the following statement:

<Image of the High King>

"For a thousand years, the Kingdom of Weyr has stood for freedom of information, expression, and thought. For a thousand years, the Kingdom of Weyr has guarded these rights. Today, I must announce that beneath our very eyes these beliefs have been corrupted, that we have failed to guard that which we hold dear.

"We have written, a thousand years ago, that 'no person shall be denied the rights of expression, of thought, or of action.' We have failed in upholding this simple maxim. Today, we must rectify this failure. We must ensure that the foundations of our society never be destroyed by the likes of those who have commited the basest crime possible before our eyes.

"I have ordered that all privately-run schools shall be subject to government investigation by the end of this week, or stand in violation of Common Weyrik law. I will not stand by and watch the next generation of Weyreans be corrupted, be tortured, because parents do not have the ability to recongnize their own failings.

I want this to be a lesson to everyone out there. You fuck with our kids, and we'll make death look like paradise."

<Image of a facility set in the middle of a sugar cane 'field'. It appears to be a cross between a prison and a spychiatric institution. several armed people on the roof and outside the barbed wire fence fire at the High Guard before being disabled by non-lethal weapons.>

The Weyrean Common Law permits private organiations to start their own enducational institutions. These institutions have formerly not been subject to government regulation, and have most often served as 'reeducation' and 'rehabilitation' centers for persons between fourteen and twenty years of age, who have been deemed to have psychological disorders. Large quantities of evidence have been gathered over the past decade, which have proven that these private centers are akin to forced labor camps and concentration camps.

<Images of dishiveled, half-naked youths taken out of solitary confinement; images of teens being pulled from pits filled with refuse; images of workers found in a corn field; images of scars; a High Guard soldier hitting a man with the butt of his rifle until he is forcibly separated by his comrades; more teens being led outside, apparently for the first time in several months; et cetera>

The act of the High King, enacted without permission by the High Council, effectively makes any perosn who runs private schools a criminal unless evidence can be gathered proving that the person in question person is indeed not guilty of gross violation of basic sentient rights. Claims have been made that the High King, who originally comes from the Shadowside/Brightiside slums, has a personal stake in the recent events. What that stake is has not yet been discovered.

<Image of the Brightside slum -- rated as possibly the most depraved place in the world>

<Interview with one of the people sent to an unnamed 're-education' facility'>

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The Island of Rose
29-09-2004, 02:13
Official Statement from The Proletariat Commonwealth of The Island of Rose:

Those sick fucks! Kill them! Skin them! That's against basic human rights!
-President Sergei Ilyanov of The Island of Rose