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The Last Crusade? (space RP)

29-09-2004, 00:01
ic> This was the day in which the AoN was preparing for years. The AoN army was larger and stronger than ever, and its navy numbered higher than ever before. Within Gronde, the flame of nationalism was feuled even more with the return of the colonial fleet after 12 years. They returned with an even larger fleet than the one they left with; filled with pirates, mercants, and outlaws that were recruited into the navy. They brought loot and slaves back with them. Meanwhile, the imperial navy and space marine chapters were conducting regular naval drills. No one knew why, no one asked why.

ooc> Right, for a first post, I am leaving it rathar open-ended. I will post the link for the ooc thread in my next post.
29-09-2004, 23:29
ic> The Warp Fortress:
The great weapon on the fortress had been silent for over a year now. But finally, it came to life. The fortress began drawing energy from the Warp itself, converting it into plasma more concentrated than most stars. This time, the fortress had a special visitor, Master Kalgar himself.
"So, how long until we have enough energy?"
"About 2 days, sir."
"Good, soon we will be ready."
"Yes, sir."

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29-09-2004, 23:46
Commander Jake Wign of the Federation of Spydudes(F.S.D) command outpost 100967 in command of satelites 6549,1247,9086,1674,7654,and .001.

Nothing usually everhappened, but today was different.

"Sir." said airman jones "I think you better get a look at this."
"What is it?" said Wign
" Sattelites 9086,6549,and .001 seem to be picking up something." said jones.
"But those sattelites haven't picked up anything since The great Dougomania wars." said Wign
"Well they're picking up something today and it looks big." said Jones
"This better be good." sighed Wigns.

He was shocked by what he saw.

(OOC: I'll wait to write until things start hapening.)
30-09-2004, 23:31
New Neo Zeon
30-09-2004, 23:45
A New Neo Zeon Musai class war ship named the Andromeda slowly drifted along it's course in space. It was headed back to Side 3 for resupplying of it's armaments from the first test run, this was one of New Neo Zeon's first space warships developed, so it was still running test runs.

Aboard the bridge, the Captain noticed a faint glow in the distance to the port side of the Musai, it appeared to be coming from what was marked as Gronde territory. The Captain thought it would be a smart idea to investigate, he gave the order and the Musai slowly drifted off course towards teh glow.
01-10-2004, 00:57
ooc> Lol, so you are New New Zeon? Neo=new. . .whatever. Anyways. . .

ic> The system that made up the Warp fortress was under even tighter security than the homesystem. Thus, it was not supprising that the Andromeda was detected and hailed before it even went past the restricted zone.

**Transmittion to Andromeda**
Ship commander, you are entering restricted AoN space. State your business here. If you pass into the restricted space, you will be fired uppon.

Meanwhile, 2 Gronde fleets were deployed to two systems. The first fleet was sent to Vector VI, a system just outside of several ESUS nations, including the Dark Empire. (ooc> assuming Corpsac will take part in this) The second fleet arrived in a system named Grakka by the Orks that inhabited it. The first fleet was medium sized and made up of the best of the navy. 2 Desolators, 14 Apacolypse class battleships, 10 Battle Barges, and 36 Retribution class cruisers formed up the backbone of the fleet. The second fleet was very large, consisting of over 260 capital ships. However, most of them were older models, with older weapons. It still contained 2 Desolator and 10 Battle Barges. There were also 30 Empire Class Battleships and 30 Leviathan dreadnoughts. The bulk of the super capital vessels were Veangance cruisers. With the goal of each fleet still not known, the citizens of Gronde didn't know what to expect.
New Neo Zeon
01-10-2004, 01:19
(OOC: Yea, I'm aware of that, but just plain Zeon/Neo Zeon was taken, so I had to go with New Neo Zeon, heh.)

Captain Dren stopped after hearing the transmission, he ordered the communications officer to send a reply stating that the Musai was there to rendevous with a New Neo Zeon supply ship. After that, he ordered the same man to send another transmission to Side 3, where Admiral Dozle Zabi would receive information about the sudden light they had seen and that htey would need a supply ship to arrive as a cover up.
Wolf America
01-10-2004, 01:50
Aboard the WASF Hulk, a Casena Class Dreadnaught near Earth....

Captain Katherine Darkholme sat in her chair on the bridge.

Captain Katherine Darkholme: "Look like the AoN is planning something. Open channel to the WASF Golden Wolf."
Comms-link man: "Done, madame."
Captain Katherine Darkholme: “Captain Warren, the AoN need us. Follow us to Green Knights‘ space.”
Captain Warren: “Will do.”

The two ship head to Green Knights' space. ETA is a hour.


After a few hours, the WASF Hulk & WASF Golden Wolf arrive into Green Knights' space.

Captain Katherine Darkholme: "Hail the GKSF Green Shade."
Comms-link man: "Done, madame."
Captain Katherine Darkholme: "Where is the Head Knight at?"
First Knight Kogi Beammountain: "In Coreworlds' space right now."
Captain Katherine Darkholme: "Ok. I will call High Commander Johnson."
Captain Katherine Darkholme: "To High Commander Johnson, meet us at this location."
Lessr Tsurani
01-10-2004, 17:33
In the System that the Warp Fortress was in, a major hail was sent to AoN forces in the area 5 minutes before the Tsurani Fleet appered from the rift. Had this been a Science fiction movie, or a book, there would have been a loud bang, as would have happened where sound travles. As Space had no way for this, there was just silence when the ships arrived. There where litterally thousands of ships, For with ten legions there was 5400 that followed. They moved slowly, and fast with most in the latter, for They prefered Speed to armour. They moved towards the Warp Fortress, their weapons disarmed, until needed.

On Board the Imperial Dusk The Emperor Brooded on his lost ship. He sighed, then looked back to the Warp Fortress. He was unimpressed by its size, but when he reconsidered it, he was a Tsurani Mind Carrier, and had seen his nations history. He knew what the titans had looked like, and this ship was nothing compared to them. He stoped thinking, realsing he was ment to send a message to the Warp Fortress. He then realised his NEcrons had gone missing, as had his Alethrians. HE shrugged, they would get here. He readied himself for his message.
02-10-2004, 01:50
ic> The 2nd fleet neared the most populated world in Grakka. There were few Ork space craft in the system, those that were there were poorly built and no match for the Gronde vessels. About 1/3 of the fleet took up low orbit around the main planet. The Battleships and Battle Barges opened fire onto the major Ork settlements and deffences. Admiral Enjire watched the proceedings as teams of dropships were sent down to the planet. He smiled.
"That is all the savages are good for," Enjire said. "Slaves and organic matter. Don't you agree?"
"Yes, sir," his second in command confirmed. "And sir, the entire system should be cleansed within 48 hours. It will then be ready for consumption."
"Good, good. . ." Enjir replied.

1st fleet at Meganna system:

The Meganna system was located in a sector bordering several ESUS nations. It consisted of 8 worlds, 2 of which were inhabitable. There was also a Rougue Trader space station and several independant settlements and colonies on the inhabitable worlds. The station and a moderate Rougue Trader fleet was the protection for the settlements. Rear Admiral Milonovich was meeting with his advisors.
"Sir, the Rougue traders and the settlers are not willing to be annexed into the empire," Milonovich's advisor reported.
"Very well then," the admiral replied. "Destroy the station and their fleet and enslave the settlers. Afterwards, this system shall be devourered just as Grakka will be. They should know better than to defy us." The Rougue trader fleet attempted to mount a defence, but they proved no match for the superior Gronde capital ships. The station didn't provide much resistance either against the might of Milonocich's fleet. During the battle, several civilian craft attempted to escape. The lighter corvettes hunted all of them down except for 1, which was equiped with hyperspace engines and was able to escape.

At the Warp Fortress, Semper acknowledged the Lessr Tsurani fleet's pressence. He also warned them not to come to close, as the weapon was almost ready to fire.
03-10-2004, 02:38
ooc> BUMP
The Horned Rat
03-10-2004, 17:12
OOC: Hm, how can I get involved and spray everything with warp-lightning?

Are there going to be any killteam/deathwatch missions in this, I want to test out my spaven.

If you encounter any space hulks, could I procure them. Think of how many weapons could be fitted on them, and overcharge the engines of all the ships with warpstone. That, and Karak Ungor wants one to prepare for a WAAAGH!.

New Neo Zeon
03-10-2004, 17:57
Not much later, a few more Musais appeared near the first one, a few of them were loaded with extra supplies, mainly weapons to restock the Andromeda. Captain Dren stood in the bridge, watching the men in normal suits leap from ship to ship, pushing nearly weightless boxes of ammunition. The Gronde ships hadn't done anything yet, so they may have started to ignore hte New Neo Zeon ships, or they're waiting for the first move to be made.
04-10-2004, 01:59
Secret ic> The information of the NNZ vessels finnally reached Semper after about 2 hours. With his experiances with intruders into his various secret projects combined with the stress of the recent events, Semper was just about at the end of his patience.
"If they want to see what we are doing," Semper said. "Why don't we show them?"
"Sir?" his assistant asked.
"The MET is already activated, is it not?"
"Yes. . .but sir--"
"We will show them what happens to intruders into our empire," Semper continued. "Draw out about 1/3 of the gathered energy for an attack on the NNZ vessels."

The MET mechanisms strained for a moment as about 1/3 of the gathered energy suddenly disapeared. Moments later, the massive wave of energy was teleported onto the Andromeda and the other NNZ vessels. The ammount and the potency of the energy in the attack would have been enough to take out an entire Gronde Naval division, let alone a few ships.

ooc> Right, MET is an acronym for Mass Energy Teleporter. Preaty self-explanitory. The fortress is located on a Warp tear, providing a massive energy source, which can be teleported places across the galaxy.
07-10-2004, 00:51
07-10-2004, 01:48
The Al-Imvad government recognizes the right of Gronde to expand against the Orcs and any other system it wishes, except those deemed desirable by The Crown. As none of those systems have been openly (or secretly as far as our spy networks know) targeted by Gronde, we will not intervene against Gronde in this legitmate war of expansion.

OOC: I will be working against Gronde, but for now I want to be on good terms.
09-10-2004, 00:07
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