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BCN Report: BMM Announces Increased Lifespan of Workers in Leeds

27-09-2004, 18:42
Hello and welcome to Bretonia Colony News.

BMM, the huge multi-system company which holds almost 80% of all mining and manufacturing contracts in Bretonia, today released a report regarding some interesting developments from Leeds. Planet Leeds is BMM's main employment area, with most of the population consisting of miners and factory workers. The Leeds system itself is home to a variety of BMM operations, the most important of which being the MOX processing facility LD-14.

"According to statistical data, we are pleased to announce that the average lifespan of a worker in Leeds has increased from 52 to 57. The average on Planet Leeds itself is 55.
We at BMM are proud of this major accomplishment which is no doubt pleasing to both the workers and their families. Although under no government imposed requirements to do so, we continually aim to improve the living and working conditions of all our workers. The Leeds system gets special treatment because of its importance, and the problems suffered there.
We hope this news will quell any recent doubts about our working practices, after the news that one of our settlements was built on a known toxic waste dump."

Hinted at in the BMM report is knowledge of the toxic waste dump incident. Several days ago it was revealed that the latest BMM mining settlement on Planet Leeds was constructed on a landfill previously used to dump toxic waste from ancient, dirty battleships. BMM at first denied these claims, until the medical effects became apparent among all the residents.

Her Majesty's government has been taking a much stronger interest in BMM's practices after numerous scandal reports and complaints from hundreds of thousands of employees. BMM was previously relieved of any government intervention due to their part in the Great Industrial Evolution. Many analysts believe BMM has now pushed the government too far, and that more stringent industrial laws will gradually be applied to them. Analysts also note that it was BMM who created the vast fields of smog that pollute the Leeds system, fields of smog which are now presenting Planet Leeds with grave environmental hazards. They have caused a new form of trade to exist though, which has benefited the Bretonian economy; ship cleaning services. Any ship entering smog fields must be cleaned before human contact is possible, as they are highly toxic. Various sole traders have set up shop on landing pads, waiting for ships to come in requiring cleaning.

Also today, Bretonian police officially announced the source of the Gaian's new weapons: the Mollys. This radical terrorist organisation in turn gets the weapons from the Corsairs, a well-known hazard of all trade routes. The police are currently looking into ways to disrupt the supply of these illegal weapons to prevent another attack like that on the Camelot. Anybody with knowledge of the Corsairs' source for these weapons is being asked to step forward and present their information anonymously to Bretonia police officials.

Finally, Planet Leeds authorities have issued a warning to all Leeds citizens; another series of acid rain storms are predicted across the northern peninsula. You are advised to stay indoors until they pass.

This is John Evans of BC News, signing off until next time.