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Empire of Knight Phalanxia's offer to assist and befriend!

Knight Phalanxia
27-09-2004, 04:13
The Empire of Knight Phalanxia services is comprised of Assasins, Stealth Infantry, Elite Sniper Teams, and Special Forces. We also have highly trained special assistance medics, construction groups, tech compounds, and Master communications technology units who are also trained in the way of our kind. Our Empire is the basis of military precision. The civilian populous works hard to facilitate and support our Armed Forces but at the same time the Armed Forces works to support and facilitate our civilians. Our Militaristic Empire is based on a number of specialties that could critically turn wars, construct bases and perform quick and expedient medical/technological research. We would like to hear from countries who would like our assistance and expertise. We do not wage war but we will help out any friend of this great empire. If any alliances or countries would like our services do not hesitate give information.