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Ephlain-Missouria War Open rp

27-09-2004, 03:39
Reverend William Scotsford stared at the speech in his hand. The speech detailed the planned invasion of Ephlain. He was preparing to address the council and infrom them of his decision to declare war. The godless corporate machine that is Ephlain must be ended.
For to long across the Alaban river stood the great factories and shops of Ephla capital of Ephlain.

Slowly the men of the council entered the room. Led by Reverend Howard Decker the head of religious policy. Followed by General Allen Camben commander of all Missouria forces. As the rest filed in they sat at the long table and looked towards him.

He exhaled deeply and said "Gentlemen the day has come that Missouria can no longer take the barbarians across the river" he pointed towards a map he had prepared "Gentlemen along with General Camben I have placed all of our forces at strategic crossing points ready to take Ephla. From there we can slowly conquer the rest of the population and free them from their godless corporate lives".

Reverend Decker stood up and said "Brother William I believe first we must convert them to help them get guidance from the Great Spirit in this change of government there lives will change alot and we must ease this with a campaign not of conquering but of conversion".

William turned with his back to the men and said "you are right gentlemen of course you are right. General order the cross in 5 hours".