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Fall of the Republic - Kaufmanstad

15-09-2004, 03:50
Coast City, Kaufmanstad

The television faded in, and there was a hazy picture of President Boudinot, not dressed as sharply, however, he was visibly angry.
"After the fall of Kaufmansburg, I put forth a call for aid to put down the communist revolt. Unfortunately, these calls were not answered, and now the so-called 'Soviet Socialist Republic of Kaufmanstad now enjoys membership in the Communist International. To the International community: you let this happen. The communists were backed by war-mongering megalomaniacs, whose resources easliy outmatched the small, lightly trained Army of Kaufmanstad."
Boudinot wiped his forehead. "As a result of these recent events, and due to the fall of the capital, Stuville, I see no reason to continue this fight. I am leaving with the navy, what is left of Congress, and as many loyal citizens as possible to set up a government in exile. I ask some sympathetic nation to answer our plea for a home."

At the same time, Chairman Charles Matthis entered the President's House in Stuville, whereupon he began to set up the organs of a new government in Kaufmanstad, for better or worse.
Communist Louisiana
15-09-2004, 03:57
TO: Communist controlled Kaufmanstad

We will pay 500 billion dollars for the head of President Boudinot. We would also like to donate another 500 billion dollars to make your military stronger under communist control. We would be more then happy to also help move the communist movement forward in your nation.
15-09-2004, 04:25
Secret IC:

Tyrandis Military Dispatch

TO: President Boudinot, Republic of Kaufmanstad
FROM: General Ayumi Hamasaki, SOCOM

We have received information on your plight, and will deal with the communist scum accordingly.

Do not worry at all; our Pathfinders will bring you the head of the socialist leader, and freedom will return to Kaufmanstad.
Soviet Bloc
15-09-2004, 04:37
A secure transmission was forwarded to the Kaufmanstad leader. Its contents read:
[Begin Transmission]

To: President Boudinot
Subject: Exile.

Comrade President Boudinot,

The Armed Republic of Soviet Bloc and its leaders did not agree with what had happened in your nation awhile back. We sympathize with the former government (you) and wish to extend an invitation to you and your surviving government officials to stay within the ARSB for as long as you see fit.

Contrary to popular belief, the ARSB is NOT a communist nation. To be truthful and honest, we do, in some cases, offer help or assistance to communist nations (it is in our heritage and we have some communist sympathizers in our parliament [but not enough to sway the majority]), but we can assure you, you and your government (as well as other personnel) will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity, the same which would befit the true leader and government of Kaufmanstad. If you do decide to relocate to the ARSB, we will protect you with undying loyalty and an entire unit of OMON Black Berets will be dedicated to your defense along with a battalion of ARSB Marine mechanized infantry.

We await your decision.

Best of regards,
Premier Boris Chlevenkov
Armed Republic of Soviet Bloc

[End Transmission]
15-09-2004, 15:13
Message from the Chairman's House, Stuville:
(The former President's House is now decked out in red bunting and gigantic pictures of Chairman Matthis.)

"Comrades of Kaufmanstad!" begins the Chairman with a grin on his face, "We have succeeded! However, we must arrest that villain to the Revolution, Thomas Boudinot! The Revolutionary Army is now making an assault on the last imperialist strong hold, Coast City! Boudinot must be taken dead or alive!"

To: Communist Louisiana
From: Leonard Metz, Commissar of Foreign Affairs, SSRK

We take your offer, and we will send you Boudinot's head.


[Transmission to the ARSB]
To: Premier Boris Chlevenkov
From: President Thomas Boudinot, Coast City Harbor

My government thanks you heartily for your hospitality. As soon as the government records are loaded we will leave Coast City. We also thank you for the protection. I hope our stay is short and I may soon return to Stuville.

To: General Ayumi Hamasaki, Tyrandis
From: Jacob van den Ende, Secretary of War, Kaufmanstad

Your military aid is greatly appreciated. Our government in exile is being formed in the ARSB, there we will formulate plans to take back Kaufmanstad!
19-09-2004, 02:15
19-09-2004, 02:21
Another success or at least partial success for Letilan agents. The revolution could have been much more anarchist, but we have done what we can.
19-09-2004, 02:33
We will allow any members of the former government to take Asylum in Hallad. We are a socialist nation, however, you have no fear of being attacked in the Federation. Any refugees will be given the full rights of Halladi citizens.

The Commissariat of Foreign Affairs
The Commissariat of Internal Affairs
The Socialist Federation

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19-09-2004, 02:33
The government of Tomzilla has decided to send 3 attack helicopters and 1 "Chinook" transport helicopter to help President Boudinot escape the country. Should they be fired on, we shall take that as an act of war.
19-09-2004, 02:54
Stuville, 2200 hrs

The six man Pathfinder team crept through the darkened streets, each carrying a suitcase with a disassembled USN Mk. 12 Mod. 0 sniper rifle or a M-8 carbine.

Infiltration of the team was quite simple; after all, money and blackmail bought much in totalitarian states. Officially, the Tyrandisan soldiers were there as international businesswomen, seeking opportunites in the newly-formed government.

Of course, thought Captain Koda Kumi, leader of the mission, it's all just a cover-up...

The six made their way to the monolithic palace of the dictator. Once there, the Pathfinders quickly assembled weapons and gear, then began the operation...


Outskirts of the Chairman's House

All of the Pathfinders took up positions, ready to complete the assassination of the vile communist.

As the first sentry group passed by, Captain Kumi snapped the neck of one with a swift move, then knifed the other in the kidney, ensuring that no other guards would hear their screams.

The six then split into two groups, one on the outside, and one on the inside.

1st Lieutenant Natsumi Abe leveled her SPR at the head of a guard in a watchtower, then pulled the trigger, watching with satisfaction as he crumpled to the earth.

Meanwhile, the three on the inside began the plan. They were to make as much noise as possible, as a distraction...


Inside the House

As Matthis slept fitfully, the Pathfinders began the long task of killing his bodyguards, one by one. The suppressors on the rifles certainly helped, ensuring that no one would hear them coming.

While the team moved from room to room, they set up many firebombs throughout the palace...

They crept up to the bedroom, and opened the door with just a crack. Then, Captain Kumi threw a thermite grenade inside. When it ignited, the flames began to spread.

As their mission was pretty much complete, the Pathfinders ran for dear life, and escaped. They then set off the numerous thermite charges inside the house, ensuring that it would burn down, and nothing would be traced back to the government of Tyrandis.


Secret IC:

Tyrandis Military Dispatch

TO: President Boudinot, Republic of Kaufmanstad
FROM: General Ayumi Hamasaki, SOCOM

Mission successful; target was successfully eliminated.
19-09-2004, 03:03
(ooc:Sorry Kaufmanstad, i am a bit late, i hope you dont mind.)

Message to President Boudinot,wherever he may be
Greetings, we at Kihameria have recieved youre plea, we will help you in any ways we can, and we will offer asylum to you and anyone else from youre country, if needed.

(ooc:also, tag.)
Order Out of Chaos
19-09-2004, 03:11
*Also Late*

The Military-Industrial Empire of Order Out of Chaos acknowledges the Communist coup d'tat in Kaufmanstad as being a 'terrible injustice.' Order Out of Chaos does not officially recognize any legitimate government in Kaufmanstad ans will not until the reestablishment of the rightful regime of President Boudinot.

Until then, if the true President of Kaufmanstad, Mr. Boudinot, and his fellow countrymen need any assistance, whatsoever, in reclaiming their Nation from the current illegal Communist regime, the government of O.O.C., led by our spiritually immortal & unrivaled hero, Generalissimo North, shall answer the call to unite against the "Red Threat." In conclusion, we fully recognize and respect the sovereignty of any interim government President Boudinot and his people may form in the ARSB.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Comrade Joseph Keys
- Order Out of Chaos
19-09-2004, 05:17
19-09-2004, 17:43
By the fire in the Chairman's house gutted the venerable old building. Nothing was left, particularly nothing of Chairman Matthis. This event horrified the Communists. They quickly elected a bookish looking man, Gordon Evans as the new Chairman of the Executive Committee. His location was kept hidden from the public.
Evans made an addres on television.
"The vile imperialists have struck again! Killing our noble and forward looking leader! The capitalists will pay! Foreigners found within the SSRK will be shot! Any capitalist sympathizers will be shot!"
His speech went on for another half hour, Evans was not as vibrant a speaker as Matthis was, and the Party leadership behind him were visibly shaken by Matthis's death.
At the end of Evans's speech, twelve "capitalists" were brought before the still smoldering ruins of the Chairman's House, and executed.
Soviet Bloc
19-09-2004, 18:18
As soon as President Boudinot and his government enter ARSB airspace, a series of aircraft including a dozen F-57Cs, a C-19 airborne radar, and two DP-21 EW/interceptors converge over the incoming President at high altitude, watching for anyone who may attempt to intercept them. Six SAH-24 attack helicopters and a single HVN-02 search and rescue helicopter move in to provide cover until they reach the shores of the Soviet Bloc.

Upon landing, the President and his fellow nationales were led to another series of transport helicopters which transported them to District VII, the central district of the ARSB. They were taken to NSF 7-2, a facility deep underground and capable of surviving nuclear attack. Inside NSF 7-2 were conference rooms, bedroom suites, vast storage, exercise areas, everything you'd expect for the leader of a country (it was originally designed to house the Premier in the event of nuclear war or an invasion of the ARSB). The computers were replaced with brand new models that had nothing on them concerning security within the ARSB (The old ones had all of our intelligence on them). Some 12000 men were stationed at the nearby military base at Um-tuvo and an entire battalion of special forces were within the compound to protect the rightful President of Kaufmanstad. Another security measure were the 350 ARSB regular soldiers set aside to provide continuous security, they were given SV-90s, SIV-21s, and T-05A light tanks to patrol and keep the facility safe (the above ground portion).

The facility even held a giant room designed especially for the transaction of business that would normally be found in a Parliament or Congressional meeting. Massive communications relays and satellite uplinks provided them with real-time surveillance and the ability to communicate with people around the world. The transmission was routed through several points so anyone intercepting the transmission wouldn't be able to tell the signal's exact origin so the President was safe in the ARSB.

Any attack on that facility or any soldier guarding it would be taken as an act of war against the ARSB.
20-09-2004, 15:06
I just found out what a Thyrmite grenade was, and I have altered my last post accordingly.
28-09-2004, 02:36