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Viking warmaster price listings

Viking Yak Herders
15-09-2004, 00:22
Hello, this thread is an attempt to standardise price listings for countries who have lower tech. standards than the modern nations, and desire to make warfare using ancient technologies.
NOTE: This thread was designed to help me and my friends in warfare. You don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to of course, but feel free to use it. I have done a level of research that reflects a certain area of accuracy. We use basic European weaponry. Nunchaku, scimitar, ken, and shuko (if you want to use ninjas) are not described here. However if there is a high enough demand, I wouldn’t mind researching it.


I’ll spork you so bad…
Price listings for weaponry

Of course, one of the best weapons at the viking's dispo sal was the ever popular sword. Swords were the ultimate art, usually passed downthroughout the family. They were also expensive. On average, a sword would cost about 20 gp per.

Armor was essential, furred berserkiir clothing is free, just kill an animal, however chain mail is 200 gp per suit. On the plus side; anyone wearing chain mail is likely to still be alive at the end of the fight.

Shields are also good in battle, but not essential. If you can equip them to your troops, they might just throw them away in the heat of battle. Good for archers though, considering they carry nothing else. The estimate for a shield is about 2 gp

The spear! One of the best weapons, and the most affordable is the ever popular pointy-stick-with-a-piece-of-metal-attached. 3 gp per. They are used by the standard foot soldiers and are the bulk of any arsenal.

One of the minor weapons is the bow and arrow. Though they have been highly romanticized, the truth is that they are mostly used for distracting people. The thick furs that the Vikings wear keep the missiles from harming them, however they are useful if troops only wear light armor. 5 gp is the standard cost. They require a high amount of skill to make.

The final weapon in the arsenal of the standard army is the staff, mostly used by monks. Frankly, they’re mostly useless. In light armor, guerilla fighting or in skirmishes they could make fair weapons, but in charges, or large battles, you have better chance with a spear. However, the plus side is that they cost no money.

Ride to battle!
Viking means of getting to the fight

The yak is an unlikely transportation animal, but they can carry heavy loads, and they’re good eating too…
They can go farther than horses, I recommend them if you’re going to travel long distances. If the word ‘yak’ is in the name of your nation, I’m guessing that you would have enough of them to be free. Otherwise, 10 gp.

The horse, I don’t like them, but what the heck. Good for rushing into battle. They don’t taste very good though, and you would be better off with a donkey or a yak if you want to travel long distances. Same thing goes for them as it does for yaks, if your nation’s name has the word ‘horse’ in it, they’re free. If not; 19 gp.

The longboat is another definition of Viking warfare, they could construct one out of anything, including leather. There are three major classes of longboat, described below with price listings in accordance.

Poor (made from scratch within several days to travel short distances, little protection) free, can’t travel more than 100 miles
Medium (made by qualified shipbuilder within several weeks, can travel wherever you want to go, moderate protection for warriors) 75 gp.
Excellent (Made by expert ship builder over a month. Complete with custom design allowing archers to be protected while firing, warriors can board easily, you don’t want to mess with this ship) 300 gp

The war camp is constructed from scratch, however addition such as walls and makeshift towers can be constructed as well for a reasonable price.

Vikings! HAHAHA *Chop*
The Viking specialties and peculiarities

The berserkiir warrior is essentially invincible in combat, but is likely to die as soon as its over. Viking berserkiirs were legendary, they would run into battle (sometimes naked) and take tremendous amounts of damage without dying. To get into this state of ferocity, they drunk heavily… big surprise.

Viking mead isn’t that hard to buy, however only 0.5% of your nations people can be berserkiir. Even less if your nation isn’t a warmongering one, or a heavy drinking one.

Though divine intervention can be used, you should declare with your opponent if such things are to be allowed. Don’t use it too often or it makes for poor gameplay. To use divine intervention one must have;

-monks, and lots of them
-some kind of sacrificial offering (to have an equalizer)

there are essentially three kinds of divine intervention commonly used
-divine footstomp- thor, odin et all essentially deal damage directly to your opponent by thunder, cold, or a giant foot descending from the heavens to smash your opposition.
-the divine vacuum- drains the opponents moral, energy and strength
-the divine case of beer- boosts morale of your own soldiers, may double amount of berserkiir, which become doomed to die after the battle

Give me all your gold!
Our system of economy and your available monies

(by the nomadic peoples of pape, many thanks for your work)

You would need to figure out the numbers of your army as well. My suggestion is max 10% of your population can be recruited as soldiers/warriors.

Income spendable is 0.1 gold piece per capita per RL week. If you have a positive descriptor to your economy, you get 0.2 gold per capita. a negative descriptor means you get 0.05 gold piece per capita. You get a 50% discount on any product that is listed as something your economy specialises in.

this thread doesn't have any picture that I included, if you wish to see the version with pics in microsoft word, email me, we might or might not have this page set up on 'the viking realms' website
Mystic Vikings
15-09-2004, 00:25
good job VYH, this thing could be really helpful, make sure to save your copy and put it up int he website
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