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Violent Hippies Make

14-09-2004, 23:07
Today in Asmaden, 500 drunken hippies weaved destruction as they walked through numerous cities, setting the buildings a flame. The hippies in question were protesting the sudden act of ridding welfare in the empire of Asmaden, and were marching through the streets. As the police pulled up to investigate, the portesters grew violent as they threw debris at the police men. The debris consisted of mainly heavy bricks and granite. Thirteen police men were hospitalized, and seven were brutally killed.

After an embarrassing defeat, the police men were forced to ask of assistance, and a small force of the Asmaden army came in tanks, instantly attacking the protestors. Some of the protestors wielded guns, and were shooting at the tanks, but to no avail. 332 of the protestors were run over by tanks, and the rest escaped into the heart of the city.

Hours later, the remainder of the protestors were found in a large building, where they made their final stand. The hippies had barricaded the building as best they could, but it was futile as the tanks knocked down the doors, and a troop of 100 fully armed soldiers with the latest version of automatic shotguns and one-handed machine guns stormed into the building, pursuing and engaging all the protestors in combat. It took only five minutes before all the hippies were dead, and their carcasses were shipped to the coast, left there to rot in sewers and to be gnawed upon by rats.

There have been no more protestors since the deaths of the ones protesting welfare restrictions, and it is doubtful that there will be any for a long time, due to Asmaden's forces making an example of what happens to liberal hippies.