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TICNAN Declares Feminany a Ridiculous Sham

Arizona Nova
14-09-2004, 21:24
In a highly publicizied press release today, Emperor Anithraldur of the Arizona Novanian Empire declared that "the Feminany situation has gotten past the point of outrage or sympathy or whatever. People should just ignore morons and concentrate on true genocidal wackos, like nazis, or mimes for that matter." He also expressed disgust at the event that caused the "extremely moronic" response. "It would be better if we didn't react to morons so insanely. While forcing men to become women and evicting those that don't is internationally offensive and morally repugnant, it doesn't merit the treatment is has gotten; neither the threat of total war from many nations or AMF's curious stance of support for them. Let us get back to things that truly matter, like building battleships the size of small continents and anti-n00b crusades, the stuff that makes this universe of ours grand."

Seriously, though, this is stupid. Who gives a rats arse if some feminazi wacko like Feminany does what she (he?) does? Nations founded on irrational and ultimately futile ideas are destined for destruction anyway, in the case of NS once we all get over this moron most likely she will pop up a few more times trying to incite another fire-fight, and when she realizes that she can't get the attention she once got, then she'll lose interest in the game and disappear into the NS dustbin of history, and perhaps merit a sentence's mention in Arizonan history books. Besides, ic she can be ignored (if you cared that much) for genetics godmodding, the means she uses to procreate her people are far too advanced for a modern nation (besides far too expensive for her already crippled economy), which, when I last cared enough to check, she was billing herself as.

Let Sanity Reign!

~Emperor Anithraldur, September 14, 2004