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Return of the Nazgul, Purification of worlds commences

14-09-2004, 10:32
Commander Erevlin of the Caradian planetry defences repressed a shiver. Something was not right, there was something happening, and his force was being sent out of the way. He was puzzling over this when a squadrn of A-11 Caradian fighters passed over head. He swore, then turned back to his men.

"TURN BACK" He yelled in a voice very close to panic. "THEY HAVE GAINED A FOOTHOLD, THE NAZGUL HAVE GAINED A FOOTHOLD!" Imiddialy the force turned and followed the fighters, but in his heart he knew what he would find. THe Nazguls people, those of Naggeroth, had begun to take their people more seriously, and only last week had launched the first major attack since the last war. Now they showed intelligence, and the Commander shudderd. He crossed the ridge and froze. On the vally before him, a gate stood, and all around it stood the Naggorthians fighting their way out, allowing the gate to spill forth more men. The Commander almost threw up, but stoped himself. He issused his men and yelled. "ATTACK!" and then, pulling out his rifle, ran down shooting at the enemies. His people followed, their heads full of fury, so none stoped when the Nazguls armies fired into the new force, cutting them down as if they where not there. The lasst thing Erevlin remembered was the feeling of extream heat in front of his head, before the laser oblitorated it.

The Naggorthians stood on the feild, drinking the blood of those they had slain. The Nazgul, the most pure of races, stood atop the ridge, watching the scean that looked like it had come from a horror movie. THey stood in silence, until one spoke in a voice that chilled to the bone, that never seemed to come from the mout, but arrived straight to the head.
It has finally begun, we have purified the race, thus we will make our worlds perfect, like Naggeroth, we shall be rulers of this universe, and this univrse shall be perfect. The others made sound in agreement, before leaving the hill to feast with their children.

OOC Ok, this nation has a very big pop, but that is besides the point. A comman Naggortian stands 7 to 8 feet. THey are savage, and hold every other race in dissregard. They belive themselves perfect, and attempt to create the universe in their image. I ask not to amnyy people attack them, because I want to make this interesting ad not number wanking. THanks.

14-09-2004, 13:20
OOC: You could of a more original name than nazgal! They're from LOTR, so that's cheating really, isn't it?
Lessr Tsurani
14-09-2004, 13:38
Why does it matter? I mean, they have a similar name, And no one comments when nations ri off names from other things.
14-09-2004, 13:44
Maybe... but... Ok, fair point. Is this an on going story, or a '1 post wonder?'
14-09-2004, 14:11
Hopfully your a Nation, cause I feel like Hydrogen Blasts for a few days....

Dang Nazgul, they came before when I was Nodea Rudav...heh....

Just tell me where you are, ok? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
14-09-2004, 14:53
OOC It is an ongoing story, you would not know at the begining but the Nazgul will all need to be wiped out, and they are very good at hiding, witch means, until I say, there will be a Naggrothian People.

Feel free to post.
Napoleonic Empire
14-09-2004, 15:15
This is Hannah O'Lana here at Imperial News Directorate, bringing you the latest international news today.

Tonight we look into the terrorist threat of the "Nazgul," an extremist movement that claims that they are superior to other races. We will interview a Nazgul that was captured in Bayou Teche earlier today by the Grey Knights. It will be broadcasted on private channel 93.3 later tonight. Please stay tune for more developments on this threat as we gain more information.- Announcement Made Today by Public Loudspeaker Radio
15-09-2004, 06:10
The Vorta Hadar
15-09-2004, 06:27
Purification of "worlds"

I take it ur a space based nation?
15-09-2004, 08:53
OOC Yes, And as for Napolionic Empire, The Nazgul are the leaders, not the people, so to catch one would be really hard, almost impossible, unless you fought quite a bit. And I resent being called terrorists, we fought them on the ground, as an army, I willl allow you to have capured a Naggrothian But not a Nazgul. And I realised I did not describe the NAzgul, will do that in this post.

IC The Naggrothian looked at his captors with open hatred in his eyes, his large body fitting badly in the small chair made for humans. It seemed to have lost its mind, for it actually tried to bite anyone who came to close. If someone had been looking, they would have seen two fangs hangig from behind the insisores. The Nazgul had made many changes to their smaller brothers, including the addition of natural weapons. The warrior looked at them with wild eyes, waiting the one he would kill.

Hethor look at his captors with fear in his eyes. They sat at their table, looking over maps of the system they now would be taking, adding to the perfect realm. He looked once again at his companions, they whee feasom figures, all stadning at least 10 feet tall, with raven black hair and intensly colored eyes, a color all would see. They all where heavily museled, and had claws intead of finger nails. THey all wore white robes, and they watched the movement of their forces with intrest. SHowing no outward signs they talked, they seemed to be able to hear each others thoughts. Hethor looked waatched them while they seemed to stand, watching their forces move while doing nothing at all. Them as if a switch had been pulled, they all looked to him, and seemed to agree on something before advancing on the imperfect creature who had shown resisance to their effort to being unity to the universe, to bring perfection. When their first knife touched him, he screamed, and his screaming could be heard long into the night.
15-09-2004, 10:43
15-09-2004, 11:47
OOC: how far will the Nazgual threat spread! Because if they are a threat to our space, then you can have our support!
15-09-2004, 11:57
OOC Their intention is to purify everything. So, if they win sufficiant battles, they will be a threat to you. At the moment I am working on conscipting other nations to get them as puppets. No Succese so far.
15-09-2004, 12:04
Moleland hereby offers some military support against these 'Purifiers' Do you accept our support!?
Lessr Tsurani
15-09-2004, 12:28
OOC Ok, I will be using this nation as the defenders for the moment, but Lessr Tsurani is NOT doing this. We represent the Caradian People. And yes, Naggeroth IS my puppet. I will creat the Defenders now.

Message to the Moleland Empire.
We reatly accept your sopport, as well as any other nations support. Be ready for a hard war, for the Naggrothians feel no fear, and their masters care for nothing but their warped viw of PErfection. We have already lost over 100 worlds to the Nazgul return. We ask you meet us at the Caradian homeworld, where we gather the fleet to fight this new meance.

Captin Honu waited above the homeworld, waiting for their enemies. Their enemies used advance skills, and their natural defences where just as bad. Soon the Black Angles would be awakened, and a repeate of the First Naggrothian war would be, and this time they might not make it.
Napoleonic Empire
15-09-2004, 12:31
OOC Yes, And as for Napolionic Empire, The Nazgul are the leaders, not the people, so to catch one would be really hard, almost impossible, unless you fought quite a bit. And I resent being called terrorists, we fought them on the ground, as an army, I willl allow you to have capured a Naggrothian But not a Nazgul. And I realised I did not describe the NAzgul, will do that in this post.
[OOC: Oh, I thouhgt you meant that the Nazgul were the Naggerothian people. No worries. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to drop out, not a future tech player, heh *points to his sig*]
15-09-2004, 13:26
'Prepare the fleet!' The order rang around the spaceport on Moleland

Troops were loaded onto their starships. The 20 ships left the spaceport, and entered hyperspace.

The crews were unsure what danger would face them, howeevr they were expecting a quick victory

'We are expecting to land soon at our destination. All units stand by for inspection. ALL HANDS TO STATIONS!'
Lessr Tsurani
16-09-2004, 07:25
The Captins of the Caradia fleet, as well as the Commanders of the Caradian army stood in a room in the Government complex. They waited, as did the army outside.
"There is no way we can win without the help of the Black Angles." Said a Commander to the others. "Our land forces are underpowered, and while Our fleet is very powerful, they will smash throught if nessersary. And then Our land freoces are doomed. If we awaken the Angles, then we have SOME sort of chance. If we do not awaken the Angels, it will be a repate of the Second Naggrotian Confilt, and that is VERY bad. I suggest we vote on it." WIth that, the men all nodded in agreement. A large majorotiy choose green for yes.
"Very well, we shall awaken the angles But lets wait a while, see who else comes to help." With that the council ajornened, and the third inspectrion that day Began.

OOC Moleland, how big are your land forces?
16-09-2004, 10:15
The NAggrothian Fleet stood at the ready, but could not move forwards. Infront of them was their first major obstical, a massive amount of Space stations positioned so 9 could help if one was attacked. Then the problem of the fact the Sations could move out of positin oif the entire fleet attacked one place. THe commanding Nazgul, twelve in number, where tryting to work out a way to smash throught before the Enemy fleet managed to Gather, and more importantly, they Awoke the Black Angles. If the Angles where released, then the Nazgul would have to fight an equal enemy, and they where not willing to do that. THe Nazgul ordered shots fired at stations while they thought.
17-09-2004, 11:51
'This is Moleland, our forces are ready to land, and are ready for inspection'

OOC: i'll assume that you'll allow me to land


2 MDC (Mole Class Destroyer)
3 Interdictors
4 Frigtaes
5 Strike crusiers
6 Corvettes

STARFIGHTERS (Can double up as aircraft)*
87 Mega fighters
69 Missile boats
69 Turbo laser figthers

20,000 Light Infantry
1,750 APCs
7,000 Mechanised Infantry
1,800 'Formidable' class Tanks
90 Crack commanders
500 'Monster' Class Tanks
50 MUSRUMs (Mega Ultra Super Robot Ultimate Mole)
100 'Invincible' Class Tanks

* Can be resupplied, but is irregular and takes some time
** Regualrly resupplied

Will these be any help?
Lessr Tsurani
17-09-2004, 13:44
OOC THats fine, WOuld you please take control of the Good people? I really don't want to RP myself. I will have the Black Angles, but that is becausethey are unquie. I will use Lessr TSurani, but the Empire is NOT involved.

IC The Caradians went to the forrbiden sector, heading to wards the home world. In truth, no Captin control this sector, as if it was attacked the enemies would be delt with. But Now the Caradians came with a pourpuse, FOr the Second time, the Black Angles would be awakened. THe Captin in charge was worried, for the Angles where very powerful, each one a match for a Naggrothian. But, for all their power, they would not make the war in their favor, for the Nazgul had started hiering Mecenaries, who where not aware of the changes they where undertaking. Thus, the Black Angles would cancle out the Naggrothians, and the MEcanaries the Human numbers, now, there was one more problem, the Nazgul themselves took perfection to the extrems, and each one was very powerful. He sighed, he was ment to awaken the ANgles, and,with that, he pressed the button that sent out the signal.

The Entire sector awoke, and millions of warriors steped out of their pyrimids. Soon they would go to fight their enemies the Nazgul, and thus the Was would truly begin.
17-09-2004, 13:46
OOC: my forces are waiting for orders!
Lessr Tsurani
19-09-2004, 03:29
OOC I just asked YOU to cntrol the Caradians. Just remember a captian outranks a commander, and the rest you can make up. I will be controling the Black Angles, no time to post now
19-09-2004, 03:46
OOC: I'm hoping that this thread has nothing to do with me.
20-09-2004, 10:47
No, I can't command people I don't understand. Why can't you do both? They are your bad guys. OR, get Nazguul to control the um, Nazgul???