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Siesatian Shipyard Storefront (NEW)

14-09-2004, 04:40
Here is our new shipyard. We can sell you prebuilt models, or build whole new ones. Our carriers are top of the line, and we have released a new destroyer to the international Comunity, along with the famous Freestar Class.

I have finally updated this thing

Availiable Fighters:
Raptor P3X10 Series
Crew: 1 – Pilot
Passengers: 0
Speed: Impulse Drive only
Fuel: Nuclear
Life Support: 96 hours Air
Armor: Titanium, 3 inches, not self sealing.
Weapons: 2 Gravity Pulse Cannons (May be changed for Shrapnel weapons)
Other info: Used in the beginning of the Siesatian Space Armada, it had proven itself time and again, however, after 15 years of superiority, it fell to new, and more advanced fighters.
12 Million Dollars apiece.
Raptor P3X20 Series:
Crew: 2 – Pilot and Navigation
Passengers: 6
Speed: Impulse Drive only
Fuel: Nuclear
Life support: 8 days
Armor: Titanium, 7 inches, self sealing. Type I Deflector Shield
Weapons: Siesatian Disrupter Mark I, 2 Torpedoes (Can be outfitted with Non lethal Capture devices)
Other Info: This was the first fighter able to take on craft much larger than themselves with their torpedoes. It is much bigger than the 10 series, but was in use for a shorter period of time. They make great transports. They are still in use today in private security companies, and police forces when they are armed with non lethal capture devices.
26 million Dollars apiece
Raptor P3X30 Series:
Crew: 3 - Pilot, Navigation, Tactical
Passenger: 8
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 5)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: 12 days
Armor: Titanium, 9 inches, Self Sealing. Type II Deflector Shield
Weapons: Siesatian Disruptor Mark III, 4 Torpedo Launchers.
Other Info: Used in the Cherry Ridge Conflict, they were the driving force of the campaign. Armed to the teeth, they can fight to the last ounce of power, and if in an atmosphere, can glide once power is lost.
35 Million Dollars Apiece
Raptor P3X40 Series:
Crew: 4 - Pilot, Nav, Tactical, Engineer
Passenger: 12
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 7)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: 2 Weeks
Armor: Titanium, 9 inches, Self Sealing, Type III Deflector Shield
Weapons: Siesatian Disruptor Mark IV, 6 Torpedo Launchers
Other info: The standard fighter for any operation at the moment, the series to come after this, the 50 series was built just to combat the demons. No history as of late.
40 Million Dollars Apiece

Availiable Bombers:
TRex Bomber:
Crew: 2 - Pilot, Bomb Control
Passenger: 0
Speed: Impulse Only
Fuel: Nuclear
Life Support: 12 Hours
Armor: Titanium/Steel, 6 Inches, Not Self Sealing
Weapons: Type I Siesatian Plasma Scourge Bombs
Other Info: Used in the Kilmanga incedent, they were chiefly responsible for the downfall of Gilgerion City.
Price: 19 Million Dollars Apiece
T2Rex Bomber
Crew:4 - Pilot, Bomb control, Nav, Anti Fighter
Passenger: 4
Speed: Impulse Only
Fuel: Nuclear
Life Support: 36 Hours
Armor: Titanium, 7 Inches, Self Sealing. Type I Deflector Shield
Weapons:Type II Siesatian Plasma Scourge Bombs, 2 Disruptor Turrets
Other Info: Used in the Cherry Ridge Conflict, they decimated the main city.
Price: 34 Million

T3Rex Bomber
Crew: 4 - Pilot, Bomb Control, Nav, Anti Fighter
Passenger: 6
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 4)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: 1 week
Armor: Titanium, 10 inches, Self Sealing. Type III Deflector Shield
Weapons: Type III Siesatian Plasma Scourge Bombs, 2 Disruptor Mark II Turrets
Other Info: No History as of yet. Our newest bomber.
Price: 46 Million a piece

Availiable Carriers:
Paradox Class Pocket Carrier (100 Fighters/Bombers)
Crew: 150 – 100 Pilots, 10 Executive officers, 40 crew
Passengers: 40
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 6)
Fuel: Nuclear
Life Support: As long as the food lasts
Armor: Titanium Steel, 12 inches, self sealing. Type II Deflector Shield
Weapons: 100 Fighters, 7 Defensive Mark I Disruptors
Other Info: This Carrier was the First Siesatian carrier. They where not made to withstand the heat of battle, but to bring the fight to the enemy. It could launch both Raptor P3X10’s and 20’s.
Price: 30 Billion Dollars
Terran Class Carrier (1300 Fighters/Bombers)
Crew: 1500 - 1300 Pilots
Passengers: 200
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 7)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: Indefinate
Armor: Titanium Steel, 16 inches, Self Sealing. Type IV Deflector Shield
Weapons: 1300 Fighters/Bombers, 14 Defensive Mark III Disruptors
Other info: Replaced the Paradox Class. Used in the TFU Incedient, Could Launch Both Raptor P3X 10's, 20's, 30's, and 40's, as well as TRex, and T2Rex Bombers.
Price: 90 Billion Dollars
Freestar Class Super Carrier (1900 Fighter/Bombers)
Crew:5000 - 2000 Pilots
Passengers: 2000
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 9.876)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: Indefinate
Armor: Titanium, 29 Inches, Self Sealing, Type V Deflector Shield
Weapons: 1900 Fighters/Bombers, 30 Siesatian Mark IV Disruptors, 12 Torpedo Launchers.
Other Info: Our largest Carrier until the Freestar II Class. It has been used in too many confrontations recently to count.
Price: 180 Billion Dolars

Availiable Destroyers:

D1L0 IV Destroyer
Crew: 300
Passengers: 100
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 9)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: Indefinate
Armor: Titanium, 14 Inches, Self Sealing, Type III Deflector Shield
Weapons: 22 Type III Siesatian Disruptors, 12 Torpedo Launchers
Other Info: Our Newest Destroyer. No info yet.
Price: 80 Billion Dollars

Availiable Battleships:

TE3X40 Battle Cruiser (Mid Sized)
Crew: 1200
Passengers: 500
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 9)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: Indefinate
Armor: Titanium, 20 Inches, Self Sealing, Type III Deflector Shields
Weapons: 30 Type IV Siesatian Disruptors, 25 Torpedo Launchers
Other Info: N/A
Price: 110 Billion Dollars

Availiable Weapon Platform Addons:

Long Range Missile Cluster Anti Fighter Platform
Crew: None
Weapons: Cluster Missiles
Defenses: Type III Deflector Shields

Missile Defense Disruptor Platform
Crew: None
Weapons: Type III Siesatian Disruptors
Defenses: Type III Deflector Shields

Availiable Civilian Ships:

Specs on the Mariadoc Class Heavy Payload Lifter.
Mass: 10,000 Tons
Length: 1 Kilometer
Width: 300 metres
Hight: 200 feet at lowest 400 feet at highest
Max Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 8)
Crew: 2 Pilots, 20 Engineer, 100 Crew, 50 Marine contingent
Passenger load capability: Unknown
The payload lifter was created with the sole purpose of transport, combat roles would be minor, although, it is able to serve as a minelayyer, and troop Transport. The entire ship is presurized, and it boasts the biggest engines our engineers have been able to create, the drawback, being MASSIVE power consumption, 350% what a battleship uses in battle. However, its powersorces are always close by, and a Ram scoop is standard equipment aboard all Siesatian ships.
Price: 90 Billion Dollars

Tanker G3FRCE Series
Crew: 10 1 Captain, 9 engineers
Passengers: 10 with a squeeze
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 6)
Fuel: Nuclear
Life support: Indefinite
Holds: 400 million tons of any liquid
Armor: None, the hull is Titanium Steel, and is 6 feet thick, and self sealing.
Weapons: any Self Destruct device would be DEVISTATING
Other Info: This ship was at one time, one of the heaviest cruisers in the R@D Navy, however, it was later proved obsolete by the advent of skipper Missiles. It was sold for 200 million apiece, and refitted by our engineers to serve tanker duties for long distance trips.
Price: 12 Billion Dollars

Cyterion Class Salvage Craft
Crew: 20
Passengers: 10
Speed: FTL ~ (Warp 7)
Fuel: Plasma
Life Support: Indefinate
Armor: Self Sealing 7 inch Titanium Hull
Weapons: Tractor Beams.
Price: 20 Billion apiece

Availiable Sattalites:

Solar Collector

Some Clarification...
A Gravity Pulse cannon is a cannon that charges up severe amounts of gravitational stress, and channels it into a sphere of pure gravitational force, and then releases it at a ship. It was our first weapon, and was fairly powerful, but many did not like the ways it would crush ground troops into red goo if they were hit by it.
14-09-2004, 04:45
ooc: You might as well post all the specs for all of them now, since everyone is going to want to see specs before they buy. Prices are also useful.
14-09-2004, 05:30
ok, All specs posted.
14-09-2004, 05:34
You know, the other Storefront owners laugh. In fact, I used to charge people for this. But nooooooooooooooo, you don't want to be spammed.

Spoil sport.
14-09-2004, 05:37
I did laugh, and I had some smilies in that, but they must have gotten eatted.
14-09-2004, 05:48
Damn those hungry forums! They eat everything! Just a few days ago I was eating a sandwhich, went to the bathroom, came back, and it was gone! Of course, it might have just been my roommate, but that would make sense.
14-09-2004, 05:53
Whatcha think of some of my ships? All of em I built up from nothing. They didn't just appear like most countries, theres sorta a family tree.
14-09-2004, 05:56
Now, on topic, there are some things that need to be cleared up.

Max Speed: FTL

FTL stands for Faster than Light. The question is, how much faster than light? Twice the speed of light? Three times? 7,000? Vital for a quality RP.

References for technology. While most is self-explanatory (Such as Armor: Titanium, 9 inches) some requires explanation (How powerful is a Gravity Pulse Cannon?). A small paragraph at the bottom or link to another thread with explanations should do fine. It doesn't even need to be extremely scientific and detailed (mine sure as hell aren't), just a general explanation(Ex. XXX Gun is the primary weaponry of the Fleet, used to combat other Captail Ships)

Pictures. Should be the least important. In actuality, they're the most vital part of the Storefront. While it should be your technology and the thought you put into each ship, it's really the pretty pictures that make peope buy. A simple Google search should give you some suitable starting points.
14-09-2004, 05:59
Whatcha think of some of my ships? All of em I built up from nothing. They didn't just appear like most countries, theres sorta a family tree.

They do look like good vessels. I don't see any Uber-Death-I'm the King-300 Kilometer ships, nor do I see Battleships being sold for a few thousand dollars.

You have good prices, good sizes, good armaments (well, this might not be true. See previous post), etc.

However, my lack of knowledge of your history does interfere with my judgement. For all I know you're the worst Godmodder on NS and just made every one of these ships this morning. I'll reserve final judgement until I've had time to look over your past posts.
14-09-2004, 06:07
And since the old spam was deleted.......

For all your necessary ships, technology, and services feel free to visit the many branches of the Klonor Ship Store. Famous throughout the Space NS Universe, they're sure to surpass your wildest expectations. ( ( ( (
14-09-2004, 12:22
14-09-2004, 21:37
what, no sales? :(
14-09-2004, 23:26
I did mean more explanations than just the Gravity Cannon, but it looks like you've got the idea.

To start you off, we would like ten D1L0 IV Destroyers, five TE3X40 Battle Cruisers, and two Paradox Class Pocket Carriers (Each filled with equal numbers of every fighter & bomber available).
15-09-2004, 01:15
The D1L0 IV Destroyers will be completed in one year.

We have a number of TE3X40 Battle Cruisers on hand, and they will be ready for transfer upon confirmation of money wireing.

Paradox Class Carriers are availiable right now, they have been filled with top notch Raptor P3X40s and T2Rex Bombers, free of charge as my apreciation for helping a bit, feel free to spam every once in a while.

Total Price:
800,000,000,000 for the Destroyers
550,000,000,000 For the Battle Cruisers
60,000,000,000 For the Carriers
$2,010,000,000,000 Total Price.
15-09-2004, 01:25
A freighter has been dispatched with the payment.

I hope this is the beginning of an excellent national cooperation
15-09-2004, 01:31
All the availiable ships are now headed towards Klonian Space, they will stop just inside your borders, and power down to wait for your crews. They are all fully stocked, and ready for anything, but Im sure you want your engineers to take a look first. Nice doing buissiness with you.
15-09-2004, 02:19
Siesatia, we will list the fleet of ships that will be requested here:
500 Raptor P3X20's
500 Trex bombers
2 Terran class Carriers
$211,500,000,000 will be wired to you upon completion of this order
15-09-2004, 02:26
The carriers will be finished and stocked in 6 NS months, and they will be sent your way.

No more piracy for you I hear. Finally, it took you long enough, Welcome to the land of the Legit.
15-09-2004, 02:26
I must say, you have great taste in pictures. A little to good, in fact, since you've picked one of mine.

It's my Valkyrie class Interceptor. Sorry dude, but change or die!
15-09-2004, 02:29
Give me 36 hours to find one, K? The good ones are pretty hard to find, and I don't like using Star Trek ones, cause EVERYBODY does, what happined to origionality?
15-09-2004, 02:35
You could just put up a sign *Picture Currently Under Construction* (like I do when I make a new ship and don't have a pic yet), but I will let you keep that one for 36 hours until you can find a new one.

That means it has to be off by 9:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
15-09-2004, 02:42
Found a Pic Early, so u got it back now.
15-09-2004, 03:07
Cool! Rock on!
15-09-2004, 21:41
I thump this thread with the almighty bump.
16-09-2004, 03:23
16-09-2004, 22:24
No sales, I might cry. :(
16-09-2004, 22:26
The picture for the Paradox Class Pocket Carrier isn't working
17-09-2004, 00:41
I can see it.
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29-10-2004, 03:22
I was just wondering if I can get these without engines. My technicians can adapt our current FTL Jump drives to just about anything.
29-10-2004, 03:55
No engines ehh? Hmm, I could, but it also matters on which ships. I have not updated this storefront in quite a while, so I have a number out, but at the moment, they are only availiable to ESUS members.
Give me a list of the ships, ill give you a list of prices.
29-10-2004, 04:09
I'm looking at the Raptor P3X40 and the T3Rex bomber.

Also, as a bit of comicallity, I've been trying to join ESUS, but they haven't responded to my application in about a week, and then the only response I got was someone telling me to be patient who obviously had not read why I posted my second post in that topic.

Edit: Meh. I'm not bothered by it. If I am not to join the group, it'll be pretty easy to just move on.
29-10-2004, 05:07
I need numbers, how many?
29-10-2004, 05:38
I was thinking something along the lines of 300 of the P3X40 (both military and police will use it) and 100 of the T3Rex (ditto).
29-10-2004, 21:30
12,000,000,000- Fighters
4,600,000,000 - Bombers
16,600,000,000 $
- 20% for no engines
13,280,000,000 $ Total

30-10-2004, 04:40
Bump so you can see
30-10-2004, 04:50
And to think I fooled Merlyns into paying $14 billion for my current fleet. Boy is he going to be mad when he realizes their true worth...

I will enjoy. It'll cost me an additional 4 billion to upgrade the ships with my engines, but it is worth it. And these should have greater jump ranges than before.
31-10-2004, 17:04
Alright, any new sales? Anyone?
Exetonia Minor
31-10-2004, 17:41
The imperial exetonian Navy would like to purchgase the following:

2 x Freestar Class Super Carrier - $360,000,000,000
1900 x Raptor P3X40 Series - $76,000,000,000
1900 x T3Rex Bomber - $87,400,000,000
5 x D1L0 IV Destroyer - $400,000,000,000
1 x TE3X40 Battle Cruiser - $110,000,000,000

Total: $1,033,400,000,000

This will be brought using the entire defence budget of EXETONIA and some of the administration budget. Thank you for your time, money wired upon confirmation
31-10-2004, 20:26
Agreed, the ships are heading to the Extonia Minor homeland. THank you for your order.
11-01-2005, 00:04
RESSURECT!!!!! *Brillient Flash of light and the thread is back*